Yugoslavia was divided into what state? How many countries broke up Yugoslavia


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Yugoslavia has long been a significant and important country on the world stage: developed economy and industry, especially the manufacture of weapons, vehicles and chemicals; a huge army, the number of which exceeded 600 thousand soldiers... But internal strife and conflicts, plagued the country in 90-e years of the last century reached its climax and led to the fact that Yugoslavia broke up. What state is divided, you know today all the students, who study history. This is Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, a partially recognized state.


Once on the Balkan Peninsula of Yugoslavia was the largest state. The peoples living in these lands, had very different customs and traditions, culture and even religion. But despite this, they all lived in one country: the Catholics and Orthodox Christians, those who wrote in Latin, and those who are in Cyrillic.

Yugoslavia broke up into which StatesYugoslavia has always been a lure for many conquerors. So Hungary in the XII century seized Croatia. Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina was ceded to the Ottoman Empire, many inhabitants of these lands were forced to convert to Islam. Only Montenegro has long remained free and independent. Over time, the Turkish power had lost its influence and power, so Austria took possession of the Yugoslav territories formerly belonging to the Ottomans. Only in the XIX century Serbia was able to be reborn as an independent state.

This country has United all the disparate Balkan lands. The ruler of the Croats, Slovenes and other Yugoslav peoples became king of Serbia. One of the monarchs, Alexander I, who in 1929 organized a coup gave power to a new name of Yugoslavia, which translates as "land of the southern Slavs".


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Federal Republic

The History of Yugoslavia in the XX century was against world wars. During world war II here was created a powerful anti-fascist movement. The Communists organized guerrilla underground. But after the victory over Hitler Yugoslavia never became part of the Soviet Union, as expected. She remained free, but a socialist country where there was only one ruling party-the Communist.

At the beginning of 1946, there were adopted the Constitution, which heralded the creation of a new Federal people's Republic of Yugoslavia. In it consisted of six independent units. Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and two Autonomous province - Kosovo and Vojvodina-formed new power. What country broke up Yugoslavia in the future? It is these small and distinctive of the Republic, among which the leader has always been Serbia. Its residents were the largest ethnic group, with almost 40% of the entire Yugoslavia. It is logical that other members of the Federation didn't like, and within the powers began the conflict, and strife.

The Beginning of the end

Tensions between representatives of different ethnic groups – the main reason why Yugoslavia broke up. What state sent their dissatisfaction and aggression the leaders of the uprisings? First and foremost, on the North-Western Croatia and Slovenia, which flourished as if teased by their high standard of living of the poorer Nations. Anger and tension among the masses grew. The Yugoslavs have ceased to consider themselves as one people, despite the fact that he lived for close to 60 years.

what country broke up Yugoslavia

In 1980, died the head of the Communist, Marshal Tito. After that the President of the Presidium were chosen every may from among the candidates submitted by each country. Despite this equality, men still remain dissatisfied and unhappy. Since 1988, dramatically worsened the standard of living for all people of Yugoslavia, began the decline in production, instead of rampant inflation and unemployment. Leaders of this country, headed by Mikulic resigned, full sovereignty wanted Slovenia, nationalist sentiments tore Kosovo apart. These events marked the beginning of the end and led to the fact that Yugoslavia broke up. What state is divided, shows the current world map, which clearly identified such independent countries as Slovenia, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Slobodan Milosevic

This dynamic leader came to power in 1988, at the peak of strife. Its policy, he first sent to the return under the wing of the Federative Republic of Kosovo and Vojvodina. Although ethnic Serbs in these lands there were many people in the country supported him. The actions of Milosevic only aggravated the situation. He wanted to create a powerful Serbian state or just took advantage of internal conflicts to engage in a warm government chair, so no one knows. But in the end Yugoslavia fell apart. On what state it was divided, is now known even to children. The history of the Balkan Peninsula in the textbooks not designated a single paragraph.

history of YugoslaviaIn 1989 the economy and politics in the FPRY experienced a rapid decline. Ante Markovic, the new Prime Minister, tried to make some reforms, but it was too late. Inflation reached 1000%, the country's debt to other countries grew to $ 21 billion. Against this background, Serbia adopted a new Constitution, which has taken away the autonomy of Vojvodina and Kosovo. Slovenia, meanwhile, has formed an Alliance with Croatia.

Introduction of a multiparty system

The History of Yugoslavia as a single indivisible state ends in the early 1990s. In those years, the country still tried to save from collapse: the Communists decided to share power with other parties who have freely and independently chosen by the people. The will was held in 1990. The Communist party of Milosevic scored the lion's share of votes, but a complete victory it was possible to speak only in Montenegro and Serbia.

in how many countries broke up YugoslaviaAt the same time in other regions of the seething debate. Kosovo opposed the drastic measures taken with the purpose of suppression of Albanian nationalism. In Croatia, the Serbs decided to establish their autonomy. But the biggest blow was the announcement of a small Slovenian independence, voted for by local people in a referendum. Then FPRY began to crumble. What country broke up Yugoslavia? Except for Slovenia, separated as quickly Macedonia and Croatia, then Bosnia and Herzegovina. Eventually became separate States Serbia and Montenegro, which until recently supported the integrity of the Balkan powers.

The War in Yugoslavia

The Government PRNU tried to save the once powerful and rich country. Troops were sent to Croatia for the elimination of the riots that occurred there in the background of the struggle for independence. The story of the breakup of Yugoslavia began with this region and with Slovenia – these two republics were the first rebels. During the years of the war there were killed and tens of thousands of people, hundreds of thousands permanently homeless.

the story of the breakup of YugoslaviaNext hotbed of violence broke out in Bosnia and Kosovo. The blood of innocent people for nearly a decade flowed here almost every day. The so-called Yugoslav node for a long time could not cut neither the ruling government nor the peacekeepers, throw here in the West. Subsequently, NATO and the European Union has waged war against Milosevic's own, exposing his massacres of civilians and atrocities against prisoners of war in camps. In the end he was court martialed.

How many countries broke up Yugoslavia? After years of confrontation on the map of the world was formed instead of one power six. Is Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is also Kosovo, but its independence is not recognized by all countries. Among those who did it first was the European Union and the United States.


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