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Dresses and suede became one of the most unexpected fashion trends of 2015 and continue its triumphal March in 2016. The material was popular in the Renaissance. Suede sewed hunting clothes, shoes, bags, hats. Fabric has always been popular in the autumn-winter season due to its texture and characteristics.

suede dress

In the modern world material enjoyed continued popularity in the context of shoes, accessories and outerwear. What a surprise it was the fashionistas of the world when designers invited to try bright and stylish suede dress?

Model with fringe

How to create a bold and simple way with the use of trends? One of the latest and highly demanded fashion is a suede dress with fringe. This decor gives the look of lightness, freedom, flowing lines. It can be worn every day and for special events, choosing the appropriate accessories.

A-line Dress

This is a versatile style for any figure. Suede a-line dress will keep good form due to the comparative density of the material. Many are due to the presence of abrasions that appear on the product in the buttocks after prolonged wearing. Style a-line avoids the overhead of lonestone due to the loose fit lower part. Note the different versions of the neckline and pick decorations in accordance with its form.

Bodycon Dresses

The Owners of a perfect figure perfectly suited to this feminine design. When choosing suede dress, pay special attention to the quality of the material. It should be soft and subtle, elegant silhouette.


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how to wash suede dress

Sheath Dress perfect for office image. Combine it with a jacket or cardigan in a classic style. As an evening alternative to a complete suede dress (photo below) a long coat or a lace Bolero dressy shoes and clutch. The possibility of a variety of experiments with style also gives you the choice of the length of the dress. It fitted long version of the case will look more impressive in the context of the suede.

Wrap Dress

This is a fairly popular style for every day. Despite the fact that stylists recommend wearing suede dress for special occasions, this option will suit for office, outings, visits or get-togethers with friends in the city restaurant. Suede has one unpleasant feature-it may be a little stretch in juicy places from the surrounding to pay attention. It is, first and foremost, elbows and buttocks.

suede dress photo

It is therefore better not to wear this dress from day to day, and reserved for spectacular public appearances.


This is the best option styling suede dress. Because of the difficulties in caring for this garment style sundress will save you from abrasions and stains of sweat under the arms, and also allows to combine different options of tops, blouses, shirts and even bustier (for the summer). Varies the width of the straps and the shape of the skirt (Greek, Empire, Tulip). Also noteworthy finish buttons, pockets, zippers and fringe.

Suede crochet dress is ideal for pregnant women who wish to wear a fashion trend and can't afford to wear tight clothes.

Shoe Selection

So, in your wardrobe settled spectacular and trendy suede dress? How to wear this trend thing? Stylists recommend to pay special attention to the selection of shoes. Generic version-high suede or leather knee-high boots, tight-fitting leg. For the off-season, pick up the shoes with heels or pumps and a short dress.

suede dress what to wear

For those who like practical shoes in the English style will suit brogues, oxfords or Derby. This is an option for every day. Pick shoes to match the dress or slightly lighter hue, to visually lengthen the silhouette.

How to care for suede dress

A stumbling block when choosing clothes from this material is always expensive and time consuming to care for them. A before purchase question: how to wash suede dress? And if it's washable at all?

Buying a dress, read the care instructions on the label. Traditionally suede is not washable. It is recommended to give items to the dry cleaners. If the dress is made of quality material, you can try these proven home method:

  • Washable suede dress in an ordinary soap solution.
  • You can't use hot water to “cook” material.
  • Wash quickly by hand with a soft brush, not soaking.
  • Do Not RUB or twist.
  • After washing the thing promarinuetsya cloth or towel and hung on a hanger in a ventilated place not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The fabric shrinks not immediately drag her along and up and down. So you save the form.

suede dress

Suede is Usually things are covered with special impregnation, which protects them from moisture. If you put a spot on the suede, in mild cases italso you can display at home. In case of severe contamination it is better to go to the dry cleaners.

Suede dress perfectly complement your winter wardrobe and would be no less relevant in the spring season. Consider the color, the pattern, which emphasize the dignity of the figure and lift your spirits. Weigh the pros and cons associated with the peculiarities of care, and boldly go in search of new clothes!

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