Table completeness of the shoes. How to determine the width of the Shoe?


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We All when choosing a new pair of boots, shoes pay the most direct attention to the material from which it is made, be it natural or artificial raw materials, the accessories (Velcro, buckles, lacing, zipper, decorative items), aesthetic appearance. However, not all shoes of the right size sits perfectly on the leg and have a man fit.

It's No secret that if the shoes man picked up incorrectly, it will slide off or, conversely, press (and this factor can lead to poor circulation). What can be the reason? Of course, it all depends on each particular model, domestic or foreign manufacturer. What each of us means by size? Only if the length of the foot? In fact, besides this indicator, such as the length of the foot, there is another term, which is peculiar to the Shoe industry, is the fullness of the Shoe (a table of completeness will be given below). Unfortunately, with this concept we are faced frequently, and many do not have heard about it. However, it is also necessary to rely upon fitting footwear, especially if the human foot is wide or, conversely, narrow. What means this parameter? Why is it needed? How does the table completeness of the shoes? To these and other questions will try to answer in the article.

Full Shoe table USA

What is the fulness of shoes?

It is a measure of the girth of the foot at the place where the bone (that part of the foot is the widest toe). Completeness of shoes depends on the group of pads further divided by sex or age. Table completeness of the shoes described in GOST 3927-88. Today, however, not all manufacturers go to a public standard, as well as often do not indicate this option on their product. It is considered that if the fullness is not specified, it corresponds to the average (normal) value. In addition, many enterprises spetsializiruyutsya in manufacturing and production of shoes and a specific of completeness (very narrow, narrow, normal, wider, medium, wide). This indicator is particularly relevant for sports equipment. This includes skates, ski boots and other athletic shoes.


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table of the completeness of the Shoe

Marking completeness

This index is specified in numerical or literal equivalent. Digital is typical for Russia and European countries. For the UK and the US the fullness of footwear (table will be shown below) – the letter (in the Latin alphabet - A, b, C, D, F at intervals of 5 mm) setting. In our country, according to the common standard, used in gradation from 1 to 12 with a 4 mm interval. The difference between the smallest and largest figure could be as much as 5 cm In European countries, the completeness varies between 1-8 in increments of 5 mm.the Completeness of children's shoes: table

Simple rules determine completeness

To determine the appropriate your foot the fulness of the shoes, you can resort to a simple formula or an online application. It is based on the entered parameters will give you the option (which is relatively quick and easy way). Also for clarity, the helper may become the table of the completeness of the Shoe. And now everything in order.

First we need To know the length of (the most protruding points) and width (at the widest protrusion of the toe part) of the foot (in mm). Measurements should be made for each foot separately, ideally in the evening or at the end of the day and better on a thin sock, because on the bare leg, few people wear shoes, not including summer options - sandals, clogs and other. Next, among the obtained results, the length and width of the foot out is the largest.

Full Shoe: table

The formula for determining the completeness of boots, shoes

This formula will help figure out the measure of recall required footwear for both men and women, and it looks as follows:

W = 0.25 XB - XC of 0.15 – A

Where W – completeness;

B – width (girth) of the foot;

C – foot length;

A ratio indicator, which has a constant value: 16 - women's Shoe size range of 33.5-40 corresponding to 21-27. 5 cm, and 17 for men's Shoe size 38,5-44,5, corresponding to the length of the foot 24.5-30.5 cm (as shown on the drawing figures And, In the formula do not include).

Table of completeness shoes

The Ratio of foot size and width of the foot shows a table for which acceptable interval between adjacent rooms in 5 mm.

SizeCompleteness (rise), mm

According to the table, the completeness 6 – this is an indicator of normal fullness stop. Figures 2-5 describe foot already average, and 7 and further – is wider than medium, broad, full, very wide.

table of fulness women's shoes

Table of the fullness of women's shoes is somewhat different from that of men. The difference is one value that is the number 1 of the fulness women's shoes corresponds to figure 2 in men; the number 2 in women corresponds to indicator 3 in males, etc.

The American system of establishing completeness shoes

As mentioned above, in America has its own systems, which indicates the completeness of the Shoe. Table (USA), below, – visual confirmation.

Alpha-numerical designation completeness

(female /

Men's shoes)
Completeness of the foot for women's shoesCompleteness of the foot for men shoes
4A (AAAA, as well as the SS (super slim))Very thin-
3A (AAA or S (slim))ThinVery narrow
2A (AA or N (narrow))NarrowVery narrow
B (M (medium) / N (narrow))NormalNormal

C (W (wide) / N (narrow))

Slightly wider than normalNormal

D (double wide / M (medium))

WideNormal middle

E (WWW, 3W (triple wide) / W))

Very wideWide
2E (EE, WW, 2W)-Very wide
3E (EEE, WWW, 3W)-Very wide
4E (EEEE, WWWW, 4W)-Very wide

A few words about the completeness of children's shoes

Few words I want to give the kids. Acceptable to them the concept of “completeness of children's shoes”. Table, given in the conventional standard 3927-88, unfortunately, somewhat outdated, and the acceleration of modern children, who in view of the blacker their Soviet peers – a clear proof of that. Self-respecting manufacturers of children's shoes are currently conducting various studies and mass measurements stop kids to recreate exactly the desired block. In addition, they use the simple method of production of the shoes with accessories - Velcro, laces, buckles. This hardware allows you to adjust the completeness within the parameters of children's feet. Therefore, before any purchase is better than once to try on shoes, so as not to make the wrong choice.


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