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What makes a woman a woman? What makes her beautiful, happy and welcome in her inner understanding? Of course, this beautiful lingerie. It gives any lady an internal lift and good humor, the belief in its irresistible comfort. Just for this comfort is very important not to make mistakes in choosing the size.

How to guess?

Size lingerie, size chart often does not match reality. Size ranges from different models often are individual and depend on patterns Studio which sewed linen from the country of manufacture, from its measurements. Fully trust tables is not necessary, they can fail. Size chart underwear - not always a reliable guide. The best - fitting. So you will understand if you are suitable for the size, and at the same time get a feel for the shape, a Cup-supporting ability, the appearance of the product. However, this possibility is not always. Let's say you are a man looking for a kit for his lady for the gift. In this case, size lingerie size chart only and will be able to tell. The same situation is with the purchase in the online stores.

the Size lingerie size chart

Sizes used in Russia

Each country has its own sizes. Lingerie sew in Russia, has its own designation, in Poland - its in the US - its and so on. Our market delivered products from many countries, therefore, need to understand all the dimensions at once.

To define bra sizes are two features. Cup volume and the volume of the chest. The first characteristic may be referred to as a digital indicator (1, 2, 3, and so forth) and Latin letters (A, b, C and in the same order). Chest circumference expressed in centimeters. Usually it goes in increments of five centimeters (65, 70, 75...). To find out your chest circumference, simply measure with a tape-meter girth under the chest. You will get your size. Cup size to determine a little more complicated. To do this, put on your most comfortable bra. It is important that it did not have foam inserts and strongly protruding pattern. On top of it measure around the chest at the outermost points. Record the result, subtract from it the chest circumference. If it is 10-12 cm is your size 0 or AA, 12-13 cm - 1 (A), 13-15 cm - 2 (B), 15-17 cm. (C) 18-20 - this favorite of all four (D), 20-22 is 5 (DD) and so on.


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With the size of the panties easier. In most cases the same size as what you have written on skirts and pants. That is the most familiar numbers: 42, 44, 46 and more. Sometimes the label signed in Latin letters size lingerie. Size chart in this case is as follows: XS is a Russian 42. Next come S, M, L, XL, which correspond exactly to our size range.

size chart underwear

Foreign dimensions

In Italy and France, unlike Russia, the size of the chest circumference and chest not averaged. That is, if you have a volume of 63 cm, it will be 63, not 65. The resulting difference is you have to divide by 6. This figure will have to stand on the tag of your new bra.

As for the bottom, there will also be a slightly different size underwear. The size chart starts at them with a 42 and 38. For the rest, also corresponds. That is to know your size, subtract the usual 4.

Sizes underwear womens: table

Online stores offer a size range that is in centimeters. That is when buying necessary measure that was not painfully hurt for nepodochetni kit that will sit on the shelf until the end of time and not worn even once. Consider the characteristics of the body. Sizes underwear female tableAnd the owners of magnificent forms at all is to forget about buying lingerie out of the house. All online stores are designed to standards that you may not fit. Alas, this often happens. But nothing will sadden lots of fun in these stores, where you can touch everything with their hands.

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