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To Have in the Arsenal of your wardrobe quality on attractive shoes wishes everyone, but not everyone knows where exactly is “treasure” can be purchased. The view that the domestic manufacturer has not yet learned to make shoes, which will not concede to import options for all the characteristics – are wrong. And a good example is the factory "Majorica Boots", the reviews about products which filled with enthusiasm, appear more and more often.

A Large range of use in the production of high-quality natural materials and great passion are the key to success is gaining momentum brand. And if you still doubt whether it is worth your attention products of the Shoe factory, we offer you to explore with us the feedback by real customers of the company and of individual units of product.

boots Mallorcan reviews

Ratio "price-quality» works in favor of the buyer

Unfortunately, most modern manufacturers of winter shoes offer us such choices which is hardly enough for one season and again with the arrival of winter we have to think about buying a new pair of shoes or boots. If you want to become the owner of the Shoe store, and that next winter will warm your feet – be prepared to shell out a tidy sum for a pair of these boots.

But "the Mallorcan Boots" (Shoe factory) – is a brand that has managed to establish production of winter boots, the price of which is available even to our compatriot with an income below average. All the reviews about this product agree that the quality of such shoes wonderful, feet will be warm even in the most severe frosts. And because the brand offers boots for women, for men and even for young buyers, the whole family can now have fun frolic in the snow drifts, not being afraid to get your feet wet or to freeze.


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A Little secret high quality – the staff made every pair of CNT manually, and this means that you can control the quality of every single unit of the good they are not difficult and on the shelves always does only good and hardy shoes. And if you heard somewhere that the shoes from the factory "Majorica boots" gets wet, it is possible that these consumers simply do not know how to take care of it and not dried after each wearing.

boots Mallorcan reviews bragging

What materials manufacturer preference?

Boots Mayorskiy reviews admiring often receive because buyers like the fact that this winter boots are made entirely from natural materials, which are known to be capable of better than the most advanced artificial analogues to retain heat.

If we consider the components of each individual boot, they will please even the most sophisticated critic. External finish of the Shoe at the enterprise made only from natural leather or suede. Since this is the products for winter, the manufacturer prefers only thick enough skin, whose thickness exceeds 2.5 mm, so that the heat is better preserved inside the boot. Also, nobody complained that manufactured under the brand "Maori" boots wet.

Externally decorate each model or trim edges (also fur), or stylish applique suede. How diverse are the models, clearly visible to those who are interested in this products, studying submitted by real customers bragging. Boots "Maori" have an additional, hidden from the eyes of the insulated layer – it is a thermal material that is placed over the entire shaft height. It is located between the outer leather layer and an inner insulation-natural fur.

This layering also allows the boots to perfectly hold its shape, that is, even the most active walking did not hurt them, and by next winter you will be ready, because you will have all the same beautiful appearance and a very warm pair of shoes.

It should be noted that for decorating their products, the manufacturer is no less serious than the selection of quality materials, so that the "Boots Mallorcan" reviews admiration get it, and also that satisfy all expectations of the fashionistas.

Warming from the inside – a pledge of comfort in the icy time!

Not only the exterior design of happy customers, there are plenty of reviews focusing on quality "inner world" of the CNTs. Boots Mayorskiy (the production photos confirm this) only insulated with natural wool, which is able to save and warm, and to absorb excess moisture, that is, such footwear can not simply be uncomfortable.bragging boots Mallorcan

Cushioned footbed which is also manufactured at the factory – is not just a part of the Shoe, the extra insulation, because of its external side is made of wool. It is quite thick due to the second layer – a porous material which perfectly absorbs all the excess moisture secreted by the foot. The bottom layer of the cellulose also holds moisture in itself.

Some buyers factory "Boots Mallorcan" feedback gets a little critical, because they would like to in the insole and this Shoe was orthopedic. Not to say that this is a huge minus, which is to abandon the purchaselike this shoes, because those for whom the offered by the manufacturer footbed seems so awkward, no one bothers to buy more and a couple orthopedic.

These boots features quality sole from die-cast material

Many of our compatriots who live in areas where winter time is often “spoils” the severe cold, know that shoes need to buy just for the cast or felt soles. Only then your boots will not slip even on ice, but heat will not come out through the bottom of the Shoe. This is why factory "Majorica boots" to favor options such soles, and if a manufacturer offers you the products under this brand, but not that kind of sole, you can be sure – it is a fake.Mallorcan boots get wet

Not only the boots pleases us factory

The Tastes are different, so it is logical that the preference for different types of shoes will be given to different customers. In order to meet the needs of a larger segment of the market, the producer offers another fine and very warm version of shoes, which is produced under the brand "the Mallorcan boots" - the Mongolian. It is also a winter version of the Shoe that the quality is not inferior to the boots and in fact differs only in design. If boots – shoes, sheathed on the shaft outwardly of the fur, the Mongolian release decorated with appliqués of leather, suede, which can accommodate and fun, bright accessories. Mayorskiy boots-Mongolian reviews and recommendations from customers also receive a positive, because their quality is great, and the appearance – stylish.

So, often business people prefer it to Mongol, because they are closer to the classical idea of winter shoes, but the real fashionistas who are not afraid to be bright and happy the newly acquired boots. Factory "Majorica Boots" reviews, bragging receives from both categories of buyers, and unflinching statistic confirms that they are all more than satisfied.

If you have a high rise, the winter should only buy boots or Mongolian!

Any model from the range presented by the factory of "Majorica Boots", the high vsyem fit just fine. Even people with full feet and a high instep prefer this kind of winter boots, because only in them they feel comfortable. If you believe the reviews from people with a similar problem, too tight shoes does not allow normal blood flow to the foot, and this means that the leg quickly freezes and comfortable on long walks and can be no question. But the boots and the Mongolian – it is quite popular options for winter shoes, besides, due to the fact that all the materials are natural, after just a few toe each Shoe takes the shape of the owner's feet.

boots Maori size chart

Buy no prior fittings

The Modern man needs to save time, so not always we have a few free hours to wander around the city shops and buy a pair of shoes for yourself. A great option – to order such purchases online. But shoes can be a problem, because there is no way to pre-measure.

As we have said, and customer reviews and information from the manufacturer confirms the fact that to buy such a new thing really, knowing only one parameter-the length of your foot.

The majority of the reviews from buyers confirm such purchases safe and always successful, you will be able to buy boots even as a gift for friends and loved ones and be confident that the new clothes they will be satisfied.

Size Guide

The Manufacturer has kindly provided dimensional grid, which even a beginner who has not previously made such purchases, accurately find your size and make the right purchase.

It is Worth noting that there is a size chart for children's boots, boots for men and boots for women. They differ from each other, so, choosing the item for ladies, you should not focus on men's sizes or children's mesh, because the shoes should be neither tight nor too large.

Choosing shoes for the kids, knowing the length of the foot

For the young buyers, the factory offers boots and the Mongolian from the 24 th to 36-th size.

Mallorcan boots are the Mongolian

Dimensional grid is the following:

- if the child's foot is approximately 15 cm – give preference to 24th size;

- foot length 15.5 cm – then the purchase of the 25-th size;

- 16 cm – 26 size;

- if the child has leg length approx 17 cm – you can safely buy the boots or the Mongolian 27-size;

- foot length of 18 cm will feel comfortable in the shoes of a 28-gauge;

- but if the leg has reached 19 cm you should choose at least 29 minutes size CNT;

baby boots are the Mongolian and the manufacturer produces and a 30-gauge – on the foot 20 cm;

- 31 of the size of the largest lines of children's footwear, and suitable for teenagers whose leg within 21 cm.

Choose stylish boots for women!

From the manufacturer "Boots Mallorcan" size chart for women is quite specific kind, so do not rely on the usual Shoe size of import options that you always buy, it is better to spend a few minutes on foot measurements and compare the result withfollowing data:

- 42 womens size suitable for women whose stop is within 27.5 cm;

- 41 size best sit on the leg length of 27 cm, and no more;

- 40-th size – for feet 26.5 cm;

- 39-th size buy those lady whose foot 25.5 cm;

- 38-th size – the most popular among our compatriots, well sit on the foot 25 cm;boots Mallorcan photo

- 37-th size is small enough and suitable for feet up to 24.5 cm;

- if you have a foot like Cinderella and foot length 24 cm – feel free to choose the 36th size.

Will be Able to find a suitable pair for real men

A Short description of dimensional mesh men shoes:

stop 26 cm-size 39;

stop 26.5 cm-size 40;

stop 27.5 cm-size 41;

stop 28 cm-size 42;

stop 28.5 cm-size 43

stop 29.5 cm – size 44;

stop 30 cm-size 45;

stop 31 cm-size 46;

stop 31.5 cm   size 47.boots Mallorcan Shoe factory

As the modern trends of the fashion world is already focused on the fact that the buyer gave preference to only high quality shoes in which he will be comfortable, not only beautiful, it is quite possible that in the near future, the company "Boots Mallorcan" feedback, bragging will begin to get more active.

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