How to test silver at home. Some practical advice.


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Information about how how to test silver at home quite a lot. List the ways home test, dividing them arbitrarily into three types: mechanical, chemical medium and so-called indirect methods: determination by touch or by smell. Of course, not all options provide absolute confidence in the authenticity. However, not always can be an absolute guarantee and hallmarks of silver. Cases of fraud came to see in the last century.

how to test silver at home

The Most available mechanical methods - scratching. Are the inside of the product with a thin needle: if the resulting trace does not change color, you have silver, and if the band became reddish-yellow, it is brass, covered with a thin layer of silver. You can make a sign. Method reliable, but it requires great care to avoid damage to the product. If you are a lover of Antiques and want to buy antique silver at the flea market, the method using the needles will fit in this case.

The Owners of sense of smell, able not only to experience the nuances of smell, but and remember them, can determine metal-specific smell of silver.

The Simplest way to hold silverware in hand. Being a good conductor of heat, the metal will heat up immediately.

unbranded silver

Taking the silver thing in the palm of your hand, roll it with your fingers. The remaining trace suggests that the silver it contains in minimal quantities. If the skin of the fingers, you hold a quality product.

To Test the metal using ordinary chalk. Quite a small pinch of the chalk powder and RUB over the product. If Mel darkened, that before you is a product of silver.

Silver is not attracted to the magnet. To verify the authenticity of the metal, just put it up to check the subject of a piece of magnet.

antique silver

You Can test silver with acids or iodine. A small drop of the iodine will leave the metal a dark spot. However, with the aim of precaution, in this case, better not to experiment, and to refer to specialists.


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Tips on how to test silver at home with simple household tools, you can find in different sources. Most popular of them are:

- Place an ice cube on the internal or external surface of the object. You can use a teaspoon. Silver is a good conductor of heat. Make sure of the time. Silver teaspoon cooled for 5-10 seconds silver plated - 30 seconds.

- Take a small amount of French mustard. Then get her warm. You can even fire lighters. Place on the product. If the silver is genuine, that mustard stain will darken. You can remove it with vinegar.

In Addition to the specific techniques of how to test silver at home, please note the following information: if the seller focuses on the fact that it's Nickel-silver (or the label contains the inscription), the word “silver” is arbitrary. This product may contain precious metals in small amounts or do not contain at all.

Varieties Such as German or Indian silver, appeared in the West in the 1880-ies. German silver and is now called alloy of copper, Nickel and zinc. Copper physical properties very close to silver. It is added to pure silver to increase the elasticity. Experts call this process alloying.

Fortunately, we live in a world of constantly changing technology. Even knowing a few ways to test silver at home is no substitute for testing with a special reagent, so-called test for silver which are on sale.

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