Why favorite pierced nipples?


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All girls want to look beautiful and fashionable. And not only girls, but also middle-aged women are jumping on the bandwagon. Hell, sometimes you see a lady dressed up so that not just words. Is cheerfully painted up in a hat with feathers, and on the body Busacca – last squeak. Feast for the eyes. So let's think necessarily that beauty and love all ages.

Pierced nipplesOnly wonders you will not see in our time. The girls flaunt the clothes to a minimum, decorate a tattoo, a body art and piercings. Under topics covering the Breasts of young women appear elastic nipples with wearing them on the ornaments. Sometimes you look at such a marvel and I want to ask: "Why did she have pierced nipples?" Although and so the answer lies on the surface. Our weak half very strong in terms of the art of painting your body. Because looks gorgeous female figure with exotic patterns. Let's see why pierce nipples our favorite women? As practice shows, it is now very presentable, in the sense to feed your body the partner was a pleasant surprise. When a girl in an hour location is in the same bed with love in her suitor, and he had never seen her charm, believe me, nipple piercings turn the head of any suitor, even the most sophisticated. If she has pierced nipples and they put there diamond earrings, then know that your girlfriend is in love with you and not thinking about anyone else. If she wore other beautiful jewelry, then charm is also meant for you, but you have to think about a more expensive gift that the beauty glowed in the dark.

Pierced nipples photoThis step cute girlfriend doing in order to experience sensual pleasure in the love games. Piercing for most women, strengthens the sense of touch to their tender nipples. Damsels always want to show and give my body to men, and so know that if she has pierced nipples, this gesture is intended primarily for you. Strong half also tend to make the piercing on the torso. Though considered the most sexy place man-Boobs, not nipples, but in addition to their sexuality males go to such a sophisticated step to capture the heart of his beloved. Here common sense dictates that one way or another, all of these decorations are made with one noble goal - to draw attention to yourself of a loved one. In other cases - it's a fad.


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Why pierced nipplesAccording to statistics, even the strippers in the clubs with pierced nipples earn more than the scenic beauty without the piercing. Nowadays, almost every cosmetic salon has such a service, as a puncture different parts of the body. Therefore, today one can observe the girls pierced nipples. Photos that we see in women's magazines and beauty salons, open is truly amazing images of the female body, decorated with piercing. You can admire it elegance. In any case, it is clear that such temporary trouble, as painful punctures, justify the money invested. And therefore it is not necessary to ask such a question: "Why did she have pierced nipples?" - if your favorite suddenly flashed in the night diamond pendants.

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