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"Chester" footwear with a rich history. Its production started in the English town, founded more than two thousand years ago. In Russia this brand appeared in 1995 and immediately won the sympathy of customers thanks to the exceptional quality of the products. In the proposed models effectively combined the durability of the Finnish Shoe, the practicality of German engineering, the elegance of the Italian masters and the English tradition.Chester shoes

"Chester" shoes, which is both simple and perfect. The company produces pieces that provide maximum comfort to the user. It may be noted soft materials, elegant decor, comfortable pads. For customers with special needs are shoes and boots increased fullness.

For Those who have decided this year to buy shoes "Chester" of the catalogue spring-2013 will be a good help. Here you can find current models of wedges, including hidden, autumn models on a wide steady heel or no. A distinctive feature of many variants is the combination of several shades of materials and elegant lines that give the appearance of neatness shoes and women's leg - the desired miniaturization.shoes Chester directory

What the upcoming season offers shoes "Chester"? The catalogue demonstrates the tendency of a manufacturer to a classic English shapes and colors. Here you can meet rich Burgundy, emerald, red color palette and all the shades of brick brown. Some models combine almost all of these colors, which gives them a luxurious appearance.


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"Chester" the shoes that is loved by stylish men. The classic shape and lace, combined with lightweight sole make these models an essential component for any wardrobe. In addition to the elegant boots firm offers tablet bags, practical portfolios of large dimensions, elegant belts, gloves and much more. For the young and active are available a boots-style "Cossack", decorated with straps and buckles.shoes Chester catalog spring 2013

For those who are going to tropical countries, "Chester-shoes" provides an extremely light shoes on a small heel leather natural shades. They are reminiscent of the dance model and bring into the daily charm film and theater productions. They can easily go for a run somewhere along the promenade, feeling like a star.

The Company is positioning its products in the price range of the average and above. Many buyers are fans of the brand thanks to the latest developments in the field of forming pad patterns. So pleased with their periodic sales where you can buy your favorite boots at a more than reasonable price. However, some note that the skin products are too delicate for example, to wear in the winter when the sidewalks are treated with aggressive anti-icing mixtures. For this case, "Chester" offers a series of Shoe creams, which protect from further harmful effects and prolong its service life.

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