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“Flying walk you came from may”… as soon As we hear these words from a famous song Yuri Antonov, then just imagine a tall, pretty girl in a long, fluttering skirt. Indeed, the fashionista never allowed himself to forget long skirt. They create a certain mystique and help hide flaws. However, before buying this universal and ever-popular things is to examine in detail, what to wear with a long skirt and how.

Long story skirts

Without departing from the canons of fashion, but still a little dive into the exciting world of history. Oddly enough, but the skirt was originally intended for men. So, in the Roman Empire long skirts were worn only by the members of the noble classes: speakers, politicians, scientists and soldiers. Them even (not believe!) adorned with precious stones and embroidery.

long skirts what to wear thing

In the women's fashion long skirt moved from Ancient Greece. Layering, drape, red and white colors-all this characterized Greek style.

But the skirts first appeared more than 30 centuries ago - in the 16th century in Spain. They are distinguished by volume, the hardness at the expense of the rings and elegance. Such a chic skirt could only afford the ladies of the court.

In the 17th century the length is a little shortened, and wear skirts became more convenient.

Skirt to attract a strong half of mankind began to be used in the early 18th century. Then as decor used exciting elements: lace, silk and satin lining, creating a riddle while driving.

Skirt is constantly transformed into new styles. Remained unchanged one – length. And only rebel in the world of fashion, Coco Chanel introduced the boldly cropped skirts. The most ugly part of the body in women she considered knees. That's why she created such models of skirts which will never rise above the knees. However, this style has survived to the present day.


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long skirt history

And only in the 60s the world literally gasped at the sight of the bold and the bold mini-skirts. In skirts and enchanting folds kept a lot of interesting stories.

What to wear With a long skirt: the basic rules

When Choosing a skirt to the floor, should start from such aspects:

  • Cut skirts;
  • Material;
  • Colour.

The Fit of the skirt amazes with its variety: close-fitting, with the extension from the hips, wide leg.

black long skirt

Factors that affect

Among the factors that influence the choice of a skirt, you can list:

  1. Growth. High girls who want to seem a little lower, you should pay attention to the two-tone skirt (with a pronounced pattern or with a wide horizontal stripe at the bottom).
  2. Wide hips. This feature will adjust the figures skirt-Maxi with an Empire waist.
  3. Wide shoulders. In this property you need to balance the figure to do this is to buy a skirt with flounces and ruffles.
  4. If a non-standard figure. Full women suit skirts without pleats, ruffles and big picture. In this case, it will save the situation timeless classics – solid skirt in a subdued colour shades. But with a bright color should be much more careful.

Bodycon skirts

A Sexy feminine skirt, bodycon silhouette, once and for all conquered the fashion Olympus. This style of skirt appeared in 30-40 years, thanks to Coco Chanel. Narrow straight skirt highlights the seductive curves in the hips, thin waist and even a little glimpse of beautiful slender legs.

This skirt gives every opportunity to put the necessary accents in the image.

Girls with perfect shape is best not to choose this model. So suggest stylists. However, the designers offer several reverse solution: a subtle but necessary element of the decor (the belt at the waist, for example) visually add height and elegance to the silhouette. The optimal length-below the knee or to the ankle.

what to wear with long skirt photo

But very thin girls should pay attention to Supplement – Basque. So visually the hips appear a little wider. And tucked shirt or voluminous blouse will add volume to the chest.

One of the most convenient is the denim skirt. The fabric is elastic and pleasant to the touch, so to wear this model a very practical. By the way, denim – a fertile basis for the creative imagination in creating the coolest image.

Another practical and comfortable material-knit. This skirt sits perfectly on the figure. In addition, a knitted long skirt can be easily worn up to that time, until the intense cold. This will allow you to create a stylish look even in the cold.

A Classic of the genre: black long skirt

This skirt belongs to the category of a must-have in the wardrobe. It is practical and versatile. With this color you can create absolutely any look you want: from classics to avant-garde.

Black long skirt the most impressive looks, if it is made of genuine leather. Such a skirt can easily match with any clothes. And the skin does not only help to conceal the error of the shape, but also provide a harmonious, proportionate look.

The Splendor of the long skirts in black color adds pleating. So, plenty of pleats add femininity and lightness.

The front Slit on the long skirt adds not only elegance, but also the temptation.

black long skirt image

This style may afford a girl with perfect parameters. It is this skirt will accentuate the perfection of shapes and sexuality. This style dictates the rules of wear: small neckline. But the main thing-do not overdo it, otherwise, it's tacky and vulgar. Ideally – kept the upper hand.

Patterned skirt: and in the feast and in the world

Long skirts is known for the variety of styles. Thus, patterned skirt (as it is popularly called “corrugated” or “FPGA") practical and attractive. Especially good this style looks on the thin. Their way looks more feminine.

Skirts ripple, made from chiffon or silk, make the way easy and literally flying. Such skirts it is advisable to choose young girls, but older women are more suitable dense fabric.

long chiffon skirt

Pick up shoes and accessories

Skirt, short or long, allows you to choose any shoes. As for skirts, suitable options should pay particular attention to:

  1. Boots, shoes low-soled shoes make the look a little masculine. If you are a feminine, low course you will not do.
  2. Clogs/athletic shoes in combination with a long skirt – ever!
  3. Pumps or high heel sandals will give the image of romanticism.
  4. Platform Ankle boots will add a touch of aggression.
  5. Ballet Flats and sandals – for everyday wear.

The Main thing that was comfortable to conquer street fashion stage.

Winter is not a hindrance skirts

What to do in the winter? The skirt is long and warm usually sewn from natural and synthetic fabrics. Most often, the manufacturer chooses the mixed thread, so that the product turns warm and practical.

long knit skirts

The Most popular “winter” fabric

  1. Wool – a very warm, though the body is not very pleasant. The variant of the skirt can be both fabric and crochet.
  2. Tweed, corduroy – the perfect solution for warm skirt. Due to the relief structure of the material the skirt looks impressive and textured.
  3. Leather always looks expensive and rich, and stylish.
  4. Denim Skirts will fit almost any case (exception – dress code in the office).
  5. Bolonev quilted skirt will be able to protect his mistress from even the most severe frost.

As for the colors, there is better to listen to your “winter” mood. It is preferable to choose always relevant and trendy colors: black, cream, chocolate, steel. These color shades do not need advertising.

Should pay attention to the bright colored skirt. Why not paint a weekday red, blue or yellow skirt to the floor? These colors are today at the top of the fashion pedestal. Unnoticed for sure can't stay.

Long skirt in a cage – all-season model, but usually it's sewn as a winter option. Pretty impressive look flared plaid skirt. Usually designers offer the option of the yoke and with the use of draperies, flounces and peplum. Tall and slim ladies are all to become!

They can afford any color and style...

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