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Boots made of suede look great in the cold season. We used to oppose suede and leather, but in fact it is one and the same material, differing only in the method of processing. High-quality suede uniform color, dense pile and velvety surface. Today, a large number of shoes are made from suede. Shoe stores offer a variety in color, size and design of the model of suede shoes.

Suede boots. What to choose?

Suede boots – a great alternative to boots made of artificial materials. They're a beautiful fit, create comfort and coziness. Choosing footwear for the autumn, will focus on suede boots. This Shoe always looks gentle and feminine, fits perfect on the leg.

suede boots flat shoes

Current models suede autumn boots remain classic styles with a low platform sole-high stiletto heel. For publication it is better to choose boots with a stiletto heel. They always look gracefully on the girls with shapely legs. Owners of full legs better to choose boots with square heels.

For Those who want to look taller, it does not neglect comfort fit suede boots with a wedge heel. For the daily trip to work or school, you can choose models with a low block heel. These boots will hurt the feet and spine, they are recommended to wear orthopedic doctors.

Suede boots

I Prefer comfortable shoes and want a stylish and chic look? Stop your choice on the suede boots without a heel. Soft, comfortable boots, a model that assumes the absence of a heel, perfect for fans of fashion, if they are all day active.


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Elegant and sexy look high suede boots flat sole-boots. Visually, these models increase the growth of their owner. Boots can be form-fitting or wide shaft.

No less attractive looks of a model low boots flat shoes. You can use them for everyday wear. These boots are very comfortable and beautiful.

What to wear With suede boots?

This fall, suede boots to remain in trend. Aside from comfort, suede boots without a heel universal. Combining these boots with outerwear, you can choose a casual jacket, and dutuyu vest, and fashionable in this season the Park is also nice. More feminine make the look with suede boots flat sole fur vests, short coat, coats, coats.

suede boots

With boots without a heel on povsednevku, you can wear jeans. Sweater or shirt to match with boots, jeans tucked in boots – great image! If you prefer dresses, suede flat sandals will fit sweater dress.

What color to wear suede boots?

White color – classic. Elegant and chic, will look like white boots. One minus-is that stains and scratches will be noticeable. To care for such model will be difficult. Universal tint suede autumn boots considered gray. This is a very noble color, suitable for every day. Grey boots-stockings are perfect for celebrations. Black boots will be practical. They will complement the image and make it elegant. Brown and all its shades combined with different patterns, patterns. Red – a special classic. Perfect for bold images. Burgundy color looks good with jeans.

How to choose quality boots of suede?

The Modern market offers a huge number of products from suede. But it is important to understand where high-quality material, and where an artificial substitute. The high price of products made of suede is the first indicator of quality. When buying, pay attention to the price tag, it is usually attached a piece of leather from which made shoes or other product.

suede boots without a heel

If a natural material, it will keep warm from the touch of your hands, artificial substitutes will remain cold. Try to bend the product made of suede, on the spot will fold room from natural material, which after a while should disappear.

Care for suede boots

Many believe the suede is impractical because of the demands and the need for special care of it. Now the market is full of different means to care for suede boots flat sole, and means for the other models. So, let us examine the intricacies of the care of the chamois.

Autumn and winter shoes suede needs special care. To reduce the harm for your boots from moisture, snow or reagents which are used on the road surface, need to treat boots with a special protective spray. To find one in any store that specializes in selling shoes. Processing is necessary to carry out the following:

  1. Spray the shoes.
  2. Completely dry shoes. Important point: do not dry suede on the battery or near them.
  3. Treat the shoes again and then dry.
  4. Treat the surface again. Total – three times.

Cleaning suede boots, there are special brush-sponges, they need to clean the boots after each use.

what to wear with suede boots

For further care you need to buy a special eraser. It removes stains on suede shoes. If you walk around in wet weather, still put your boots unpleasant chemicals and they were light stains, it is advisable to apply a special to an invigorating spray.

How to clean suede boots?

To Cope with the dirt on the suede shoes at home in several ways. A teaspoon of baking soda must be dissolved in a glass of milk, a solution to treat the surface. Another method: one hundred grams of water dissolve twenty-five grams of vinegar, apply the mixture on the boots then wash with warm clean water.

To avoid white streaks, the boots can be cleaned with a soap solution with ammonia. The remaining solution, rinse with water.

If your boots are soaking wet, put crumpled paper inside and let them dry. Go over the suede brush. If the surface you find grease stains, treat them with gasoline or kerosene. You can sprinkle talcum powder, to withstand a couple of hours, then talcum powder to wipe with a dry cloth.

how to clean suede boots at home

How to clean suede boots at home, if they are very contaminated? If you decide to upgrade your suede boots, use a special compound.

Stick to the rules of care for suede shoes and quality boots will delight more than one season.


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