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A Sense of fashion and style should be developed in a person from childhood. No matter, this person a girl or a boy. Modern, stylish and successful parents always follow the latest fashion trends when choosing not only their clothes but also clothes for their kids. What are the main trends will be relevant in the season of spring-summer 2016 and what to pay attention to wear fashionable boy, is to understand in detail. We picked up a few trends, following which, your little man will be the most fashionable and stylish. Fashion for boys has a lot of areas, so consider the most interesting and popular ones.

fashion for boys

The first Trend: focus on naturalness

Despite the fact that more and more fashion houses around the world release a smaller adult collection and strive for absolute copy adult fashion apparel, at the choice of attire for kids has its own quirks. And these include first of all the composition of materials. This summer the popular natural fabrics. Apparel from such materials is extremely comfortable and pleasant to the body, so use them for children dictates the fashion. For boys this season a large selection of shirts and t-shirts made of natural fabrics: cotton, linen, Jersey. In colors also welcome naturalness. Therefore it is not necessary to consider synthetic t-shirts or costumes of bright colors. Prefer cool and organic materials.

fashion for boys

The second Trend: bright prints

In the season of 2016 funny bright prints have become an inherent part not only of children's collections. Increasingly, you can meet respectable men with cheerful characters in the game about angry birds or a spongebob t-shirt. Therefore, if the son asks for things with the toon, then you should not consider them too childish. Boldly dress your little fashionista in bright clothes with his favorite characters. Particularly relevant this fashion for a boy 6 years of age and kids a little smaller ages. At this age there is always hot fans of cartoon characters. Also on trend prints with the image of sweets or funny animals.


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fashion for a boy 6 years

Trend three: adults inherit

Fashion for boy 10 years and older require special attention. The first year, the trend to transfer adults collections in children's fashion. It is topical in this season. This is not surprising: the boy is dressed exactly like a grown man, looks stylish and adorable at the same time. To pick fashionable clothes that may for the fashionista of any age, stylish will look like a year-old child, and teenager.

This season, choosing clothes for a boy in the “adult” style, should refrain from a large number of bright colors. It is better to stay on a combination of two or three basic colors. Relevant for boys are sweaters, pullovers knit, polos, snudy. Jeans or pants is best to choose a dark or classic blue.

fashion for boys

Trend four: rap and brutality

In the Summer of 2016 again becomes relevant military style or military style. For boys 10 years and older trends will be pants and shorts in various shades of camouflage colors. To complement them shirts or t-shirts in white, mustard, gray and khaki. Actual are massive accessories. For boys will fit belts with a large buckle, bracelets and wristbands that can be worn on a few pieces at a time. In the cool time of the year to Supplement the image will help the jackets. Huge selection of different jackets, with plenty of trendy metallic accessories are presented in the 2016 season.

Still need clothing in the hip-hop style for the followers of this culture and simply fashionable boys. Her distinctive features remained virtually unchanged this season. Caps with wide visors, t-shirts and t-shirts bright neon colors, sneakers wide sole with bright elements. In 2016 is becoming increasingly important and classic white shoes in combination with a short narrow jeans.

fashion for a boy 10 years

Trend five: stylish, classic

Classic elegance is always in fashion. No exception and boys fashion 2016 But, as always, this season it has its own nuances. Suits and trousers for boys become more narrowed, it takes practical free. Pants, jackets and shirts get fit ‘slim-fit" and be sure to include good classic shoes and accessories.

Colors for suits and jackets are in this season more diverse. Becoming more and more different large cells and strips. The classic style is now finding its way into everyday fashion for boys. If before a suit can be seen on the child only as a school uniform, now separate costume elements become an essential attribute of the little fashionistas.

fashion for boys photos

Fashion for boys (photo is above) in 2016 offers to pay attention to the vests. They look fashionable and beautiful not only in combination with trousers but also with jeans in casual style. In place of the usual Swissotel and cardigans come in a stylish outwear for little fashionistas. They are distinguished by their slim fit and a variety of colors and textures.

Summing up the review of the trends this season, it may be noted that radical innovations fashion for boys in 2016 is not responsible. Current trends are gaining new features and shades are becoming more sophisticated and distinctive. Choosing clothes for boys, it is worth remembering that young dandy – it is first and foremost a child. And therefore, his attire has to be not only fashionable, but also comfortable and, of course, like the very fancy!


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