Simple tips about how to clean gold at home


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Every woman loves and cares for his jewelry. Gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones are also in need of care, like our shoes and clothes. Today we will talk about how to clean gold at home. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive ways to do it without any special effort and without incurring significant costs.

how to clean gold at home

Cleaning gold jewelry with baking soda

So, how to clean gold at home? The first and perhaps the most universal remedy for cleaning gold jewelry is ordinary baking soda. Yes, with the help of a magical white powder that you can buy in any store, your ring, necklace or earring will become original luster. Proceed directly to cleaning: take your gold jewellery which you want to bring back the original brightness and luster, and cover with a thin layer of baking soda (for that earring or ring can be a little wet), then splash it with a few drops of vinegar and a good buff with a soft cloth. Ready! This method is quite easy and accessible, but there are small limitations: it is better not to use polishing with baking soda to products with natural stones or pearls as it can damage their outer shell - simply to scratch.

Clean gold vinegar

cleaning goldHow to clean gold at home still? For example, if your product has stains and visible dirt, but lost the original Shine, give light to your necklace or bracelet will help all the same vinegar. Just put your product in a small container filled with vinegar, and allow to soak 20-30 minutes. Then carefully from all sides and Polish it with a toothbrush with soft bristles (preferably the one used for children), rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. The result will impress you: so shiny and radiant your product looked only at the time of its purchase in the store. Again, the limitation of this method is better not to use for jewelry with stones or pearls.


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For quick clean gold jewelry, use toothpaste

But regular toothpaste, which is in the bathroom in plain sight, will help to bring back the Shine to not only your teeth, but and gold items, especially those that you wear often enough. Just clean your ring using an old toothbrush and a small amount of toothpaste, and it will Shine like new. The simplicity and accessibility of this method you will surely be surprised and the result will please, especially as there are no restrictions.

Cleaning gold onion juice

Perhaps you did not know that onion juice will bring back youth to your gold jewelry. Squeeze a bit of juice (easy to make in the juicer), put it in a container of juice your earrings and rings and leave for 2 hours. Then carefully rinse them with water and wipe with cloth. All!

Using the advice in this articles will Shine like new

what to clean gold at homeNow you don't care about the question "how to clean gold at home". When applying these methods, your product will always Shine like new, and a wedding ring that you wear for many years, will get the original beauty and luster. One tip: store your jewelry in sealed boxes, and next it would be good to put a small piece of chalk. It will absorb moisture and will not allow your products to tucknott due to high humidity. By following the simple rules of care and knowing how to clean gold at home, you will always look elegant.

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