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It is Generally believed that beautiful ladies are the most comfortable shoes exclusively borrowed from the male wardrobe. Here, for example, the same loafers, brogues or oxfords. But there are exceptions to the rule. Chelsea boots. This is the legacy of the Victorian era firmly entrenched in the category unisex in the last century. Now both men and women enjoy wearing incredibly comfortable, and most importantly, not coming out of trend footwear. It is easy to remove, easy to wear. No need to spend time fussing with lacing. Will not seize a zipper. And looks these shoes are always in English elegantly.

Chelsea bootsYes, you guessed it, hails Chelsea boots from Britain. In the 19th century why not just have the lace up, zip up and tighten a noble lady. Therefore, the appearance of practical short boots for horse riding and hunting was met with understandable enthusiasm. Some time later the usefulness of the new invention is appreciated and the military. They were equipped with the shoes of some cavalry regiments.

How to identify the Chelsea boots? Their appearance hasn't changed much since the days of Queen Victoria. Tapered toe, ankle-height (or slightly above) elastic inserts at the sides, loop back – these are the signs of the real “Brits”. Classic is considered to be black and brown. Although designers do not propose to dwell, to choose the model of bright colors, and print combined.

To the shoes for a long time, buy products made of natural premium leather. They are also the most comfortable to wear.

So what to wear with Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots womenContraindications for awhile. Unequivocally dismisses frankly clothes sports, wide cargo pants with lots of patch pockets.

Perfectly cropped boots with jeans, pants chinos. And in the office they do not seem to be ashamed. Only in pair with a classic tailored suit is necessary to choose black or dark brown pattern.


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And although the design Chelsea boots women no different from men, but possibilities to combine them the fairer sex much more. And the decor they have is much richer. Lovers just brilliant easily find models with strazikami and shining studs.

what to wear with Chelsea bootsIn Addition to the usual (but not less than this favorite) jeans, chinos, skinny trousers, you can create a good and stylish options with dresses and skirts. Almost sure getting: body the top plus a narrow hem. Play on contrasts, combining light summer outfits with lightweight colored boots and deliberately brutal leather jackets.

And even with this shoes possible to wear a variety of socks. Not necessarily to hide them. Let them peek out a little shy and Flirty on the outside. Just collect them like leggings and a bold move in the world. This accessory even becomes a key in the image. And fashionable, and the legs do not freeze.

Manufacturers have long produced the model for all seasons. There is a Chelsea boots for a hot time of year, winter. And, of course, essential such shoes in the slushy autumn and spring. Your feet will be warm, inside “almost boots” will not get water.

Buy your Chelsea boots, you will fall in love with English classics!

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