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Almost every girl in my imagination saw myself in the image of a fairy Princess and wanted at least one moment to plunge into his dream, so the wedding – this is an excellent reason to transform into a Princess. Magnificent wedding outfits probably will never lose its relevance, because without them the image of the crowned heads will be difficult to create.

History and type of wedding dresses with lush skirts

Slender, slim waist, covered with fishnet, satin, silk or chiffon corset and voluminous skirt made of many layers of fabric, petticoat or crinolines – this is Puffy wedding dresses. Now in stores sold a large variety of Quinceanera dresses: cut out (for owners of beautiful legs), straps (these can be two classic straps, and halter, sheath / column, slung from one shoulder to another shoulder straps worn off the shoulder), bow or belt (same color with the dress or contrast), and many others.

First sumptuous wedding dress was made for Queen Victoria, which was combined marriage in the mid-19th century. Her outfit is very much like the girls and they began to wear on their wedding such as dresses, complementing them with a variety of accessories.

The Most lush dresses for wedding are doing in Ireland, as the girls separate ethnic group in this country these dresses are considered traditional. In addition, the dresses here are striking not only for its size, but also cause colors and accessories.

Selection of lush dresses for wedding

As already mentioned, the amount of such dresses creates either a large amount of fabric, folded in several layers, or a variety petticoat, dressed each other like Russian dolls, or the use of Hoop petticoats of different diameters. The first two options is to pick up trained the girls or dress them only in the official part of the event because these dresses will have a significant weight. The best option for creating a lush gowns is the use of crinoline, and more elaborate than I want to have the dress, the greater the diameter needs to be the crinoline.

Just do not overdo it with the size of the crinoline because the dress could be quite short and will be visible rings, on which the outfit is held, and to sit in such a dress would be very uncomfortable: all the design together with the skirt will rise up.

It Is necessary to debunk the myth that wedding dresses fit all. Outfits with a corset and fluffy skirt are not suitable:

  • Stunted girls (the small girls in the lush dresses look like a rag woman on samovar);
  • Girls with overweight (very ugly look  folds hanging over the corset, and the figure looks not with the winning side);
  • Girls with small or very large bust (corset, or simply nothing will hold, or the breast cannot be beautiful “place” in the corset and it is at the slope or in the dance “POPs” outside).


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