I wonder whether you can give a cross?


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Often, many people ask themselves the question of whether you can give a cross to anyone. For this reason have long been debated. Popular superstition says that to do this, of course, in any case impossible. Supposedly such a gift is possible only with the baptism. Otherwise people may take on part of someone else's destiny, that is, care, disease, etc. Some believe that it can also lead to the inevitable painful death. That's why you can't give cross.

is it possible to give the cross

The Church doesn't think so!

The Church, on the contrary, rejects all such signs and assures the faithful that there is nothing wrong with such a gift there. It's all just superstition. Because the cross is the only object of the Christian religious cult, which can not only produce but also sell. So if you really want to buy this kind of gift, then do not be afraid, there is nothing so terrible.

The Orthodox Church claims that the cross buy for friends and relatives you can safely. But still there is one rule: if you want to give this thing to someone, then first you need to make sure that the person for whom the gift is intended will be really happy to receive it. For example, practice a different religion of people or just someone who generally takes no faith, will not accept your gift, it may even seem strange. Remember that the cross must be purchased with a pure soul and open heart.

When is the best time to give cross?

In our time, as before, presented with such a gift, usually at baptism. But to give such a thing is quite appropriate and a birthday party.

If you delve into the history, the crucifix began to wear a very long time. They were given a godmother or godfather at the baptism of a child. According to the rules of the Christian faith, the cross is not a decoration. It needs to be one for life. Most likely, because of this there is a saying which says that it is impossible to present as a gift this item.


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whether you can give a cross

Is it Possible to send a cross?

Is it Possible to present to any loved ones pectoral cross? Of course, you can, so if you want to do it, then why not? You can safely go shopping. In any case do not believe the senseless superstitions that say that you can not do that.

The Thing purchased in the store

Whether you Can give a cross, which was purchased in the store? Yes, but it is desirable then to sanctify the Church, otherwise it is an ordinary decoration.

By the Way, some argue that it is also possible to change their pectoral crosses. This is done as a sign of great respect. Like it or not, is unknown. Each adheres to their point of view about it.

A Cross – this is the greatest of the greatest relics of the Christian religion. So if you are a true believer, then you just need to wear it around her neck day and night.

If you look at the origins of the story, you will know that back in the days when people were pagans, the cross is very honored. It brought sacrifices, which were animals. What can we say about the cross which was the sacrifice of the son of God himself-Christ!

why can't you give the cross

Now you know the answer to the question of whether to give a cross. Most importantly – don't believe all of this deep-rooted superstition about this. All this to say, tales. Where they came from, is unknown. Rather, from the belief that the cross should be one in life and it cannot be removed. However, it was not always so, because it could get lost, and then it was replaced by something else.

Is it Possible to give cross? Of course, you, your family and friends will definitely be very happy about this show!

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