Himself a fashion designer: women what type is the emerald dress?


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The color Green has many different shades and hues: bright and tender, juicy and pastel – for any taste and any preferences. Cheerful and uplifting, it appeals to many. But not all ladies are at risk to dress up in clothes reminiscent of the first spring greens.

Developing a sense of taste emerald dress

Emerald – perhaps the most elegant touch of green. Emerald dress could be a truly stunning outfit, if it really comes to skin tone, color of hair and eyes, if it correctly matched the shoes and accessories. Who wear it are shown? The list is quite extensive:

  • Women slim. This color is way too bright and a throw for those who have some problems with figure and weight;
  • Young or young-looking. Ladies of late middle-age, it will look garish and vulgar;
  • Emerald dress is perfect for women brown with a warm tint of the skin and a peach blush, and tender-skinned creatures with pink cheeks, blondes, brunette, brunettes and redheads. Emerald color is very democratic. But they should not be abused for those who have light skin, not pale or with a yellowish tint. In this outfit lady will look simply painful;
  • dress emerald greenEmerald dress would be to face the green-eyed young lady – their eyes will become brighter and more expressive; it is good in it and brown eyes-this color will become richer; black-eyed and gray-eyed beauties also will not remain in the loser. Particularly advantageous in this respect, gray. Next to emerald, he will acquire a greenish hue: the eyes become mysterious, alluring. But blue, unfortunately, loses. Therefore, women with light blue eyes emerald dress to wear a bit risky. But you can try to play with shades and choose the right option.

Models and silhouettes


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If someone believes that the emerald color is not suitable for evening dresses, he is deeply mistaken. His sophistication goes well with simple, classic silhouettes, not burdened with many details. Simplicity and style – that's the motto of this outfit that will be in place at the official Banquet or any other event a certain level.

A social gathering, a reception in honor of awarding someone, the wedding that you invited, or another holiday is a great occasion dresses emerald green, decorated with rhinestones, decorated with lace, color, ruffles, asymmetrical edges, pleated, etc. Due to this model of its owner will be able to look younger than their years, smart and reckless, and at the same time very feminine. Jewelry gold shades, like gold and jewelry, will look very impressive.

dresses emerald greenBy the Way, the traditional “small” can sew and dress of emerald color. Legs in Nude or black stockings, plain or with tracery, under such a dress will clearly attract the eyes of the opposite sex. And elegant shoes, black, will complete the image of a romantic Charmer.

Dresses for cocktail and prom, strict office and frivolous summer, and a fitted silhouette “case” for each type, you can choose your shade of emerald, and it will become a true decoration and you, dear lady, and your wardrobe.

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