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Agree that many women love tights not only because they can protect themselves from the cold. These nylon products make my legs look visually slimmer, giving the skin a smooth, beautiful tone, well-groomed appearance. In addition, they mask some minor flaws. But to wear stockings or tights at all times impossible. For example, in the summer. On hot days in the garb of nylon feet start to sweat heavily. It becomes very uncomfortable. Fail to wear pantyhose and when wearing open shoes, while relaxing by the pool or on the beach. In these cases, additional clothing will evoke puzzled glances.

liquid pantyhose top model secret descriptionBut women in all situations strive to look perfect. What to do in this case, those whose legs are still covered with tan or they are redness, scratches, spider veins or bruises? Today to solve a similar problem, the fairer sex will help liquid tights Top Model Secret.

These products are practical, but at the same time unusual novelty in the world of fashion. Many women look at her still with some surprise, but the popularity of this product continues to grow.

What are they?

Liquid tights Top Model Secret are nothing more than cosmetic. It is applied directly to the skin of the legs, making her tanned, solid and smooth. In other words, we get a visual effect and expensive quality tights.

liquid pantyhose top model secretI'm Sure many have turned their attention to the legs of the models. Because they look just perfect, despite the fact that these ladies are on the podium without the tights. What is the secret to such beauty? The answer is simple. Effect of perfect skin models can achieve with the help of Top Model Secret liquid of tights (see photo above)
Today the secret is out. Liquid tights available. By purchasing this cosmetic product in the online store, every woman will be able to catch admiring glances in any season and anywhere.


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Entering the Russian market

Those women who have not yet heard about this tool, the phrase “liquid tights” is able to confound. Amazing this is nothing. These new-fangled invention is more popular in the wilds of America and Europe. It came to us recently, in connection with which the demand is not yet very high. However, it should be borne in mind that the name “liquid tights” is just the Russian. Made it up our compatriots and released on the Internet.

Why is it called this foreign product? Most likely, this occurred for the reason that our girls often go to tights, especially when the office dress code does not allow you to come to work without them. As for Europe, there is a notion not found. The product we call “liquid tights” known as Spray on or Airbrush Legs. This corresponds to its liquid composition.

To Compare the cosmetic with the traditional products is very difficult. However, the name "tights" in this case, does not correspond to the truth. Because the agent is applied only on the leg to the hip level. Waist, abdomen and buttocks area remain uncoated composition. This can be attributed to the shortcomings of the cosmetic. Between him and naked body border sometimes looks messy.

A Little history

Before wearing the stockings had to be sure. It was required existed in former times the rules of decency. However, not all girls could afford to spend on these little items. To get out of the situation, they had to take an ordinary pencil, which drew on a foot of the lines, imitating the seam. In addition, to make it authentic, ladies added the toe and heel. Thanks to this, nobody could even think that the woman has no stocking.

Of Course, today such stringent requirements in society no longer exists. Nevertheless, every lady always tends to emphasize the image of the elegant legs. That is why modern designers remembered well forgotten old days and suggested amazing new product. The author of this idea was the inventor from Japan, Yoshimi Hamada. They developed a unique spray, appreciated by many beauties.

Who needs these tights?

Who chooses a virtual stockings? A similar modern design just necessary business women who are forced to adhere to a certain style of clothing even in the hottest summer days. In addition, liquid tights need at a corporate party and the ceremony, at an expensive restaurant and at a nightclub. The woman will be flawless, but she will not have to experience any discomfort. She will always feel attractive and confident. But you should remember that in cases where the feet are strong bruises and other visible flaws, and not small spider veins or scratches, to hide their need in another way.

Release Form

What are liquid tights Top Model Secret? Reviews of shoppers confirm that to acquire this unique tool can be in the form of a cream. Products from other manufacturers can be in the form of lotion or spray.

The structure of the Top Model Secret manufacturer (which is a Russian company) produces a soft texture with a light beige color and has a pleasant aroma. Packing for liquid tights serve branded plastic tubes. They are made in black, turquoise and pink colors.

The Tubes are produced of such size that they can be easily carried in a handbag. This will allow at any time to refresh located on the legs layer. As a rule, liquid packing tights Top Model Secret the volume is sufficient for applying it at least 5-7 times.


Once a unique tool applied to the feet, it would seem that a woman wearing tights or stockings. Thereby achieving a similar effect? This contributes to the composition of the liquid Top Secret pantyhose Model, which contains components such as bronzer and baby pearl, ceramide, vitamin-enriched, venotonic and some other active substances.

liquid pantyhose top model secret composition

Each of these components of liquid tights performs specific functions:

1. Bronzer gives legs a tanned look. A wide range of shades may have this component included in a liquid tights Top Model Secret. Reviews of women confirm that a cosmetic, giving the leg a perfect appearance, you can acquire starting from and ending in a pale chocolate color.

2. Pearl dust is needed to eliminate lackluster and dull skin tone, pigmentation and various redness, and vascular veins and small bruises.

3. Ceramide enriched with vitamins, important for skin nutrition. In addition, it promotes elimination of heavy legs.

4. Other active components such as vegetable oil and green tea affect the follicles of the hairs as a sedative, slowing their growth.

What you get after application to the skin Top Model Secret liquid tights reviews? Photo of the legs, presented in the paper confirm the fact that they look well groomed. The impression that the woman had recently been on Spa treatments.

A Similar effect is created by carefully selected ingredients. His stuff, being on the skin for a short period of time form an ultrathin film. She is able to perfectly reflect the external impact and maintain the skin an excellent appearance under all conditions.

Produce the effect

That is capable of a Top Model Secret cream (liquid tights)? Reviews of women acknowledge that after application of the leg just transformed. They are not only imperceptible bruises, scratches and other flaws. A very striking effect of the use of “visual pantyhose” seen in the skin. It becomes velvety, soft and shiny. No wonder this tool is used by many celebrities. In their opinion, beautiful girls are less likely to go to a beauty salon. After all, liquid tights greatly improved the condition of the skin.

Cosmetic tools

The effect produced liquid tights Top Model Secret? Description all the action of this tool is pretty attractive for women. It allows you to talk about liquid tights from the point of view of their caring effect and give a perfect look to the feet. So, after applying visual tights:

is contained in the composition, the active ingredients penetrate into the skin and contribute to its mitigation.
- application of the agents takes the color of the skin;
- the legs begin to Shine through available in a cream pearl particles;
- skin is protected from harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;
- there is a restoration of skin structure.
- disappears irritation that appears after shaving.

 top model secret liquid pantyhose photoLiquid tights Top Model Secret real reviews get as a means, after applying which you can go to work, on a date or to meet friends. Women say that in any situation this cosmetic cream makes it...

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