Funded pension: the order form and payment. The formation of an insurance pension and a funded pension. Who is eligible for payment of pension?


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Contrary to popular belief, a concern for future deductions of the budget includes not just formal employment and payment of mandatory contributions to the pension Fund, but also the possibility to choose the development and formation of future subsidies. In order not to regret the missed benefit and to receive decent benefits when you reach a certain age, you need to understand how to calculate the budget allocations in Russia, what is insurance, and that – a contributory pension, the order of formation and payment of mandatory contributions from the employer. Having defined the choice, citizens will be able not only to know the size of allocations from the budget, but also to index their savings.

Funded pension: characteristics and features

Pension in Russia is divided into 2 types: insurance and accumulative parts. First contributions go to pay benefits to workers who have reached retirement age, and social pensions (not related to old age). Funded part represents the contributions of the employer to the Management company or pension Fund. Payment of pension will be made after the employee's of a certain age.

The Formation of pension (and pension) can be done in 2 ways:

  • 6 % – in UK or NPF for subsequent indexation of accumulated funds, and 10 % – insurance premiums;
  • All 16 % – on payments to pensioners.

In the first case, the employee should contact the branch PF of the Russian Federation in order to write a statement about the transition in NPF or UK. In the second, by contrast, do not have anywhere to come – this would mean voluntary renunciation of the formation of funded pensions with the purpose of calculation of insurance payments for existing recipients of budget funds.


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The remittance of pension contributions to the pension Fund: features

To increase the size of future contributions from the employer to the pension Fund, a citizen must decide in which of the organisations would be his funded pension. The formation, investment, payment and the right of succession of contributions will depend on correct decisions of the employee.

Those citizens who until the end of December 2015 not chose the company that would be engaged in the indexing of mandatory contributions (OPS), are considered to be ‘silent”. Contributory pension, the order of formation and payment for the "undecideds" remain in the past – now all pension payments will be a one-off part and indexed depending on the state of the economy and the size of the budget. From 1 January of the current year 6 % savings will automatically go to the insurance part, which is designed to pay benefits to retirees.

Workers in 1967 (and subsequent periods) that have determined the choice of private pension, the company taking responsibility for the condition of compulsory contributions from the employer.

Choosing between the government and NPF (or Management company), it should be borne in mind that the transfer of the funded share of pension contributions to another management company or Fund are made once a year, and in the event of a change of his decision on “fate” contributions from the budget, you must re-apply to the branch PF of the Russian Federation. However, when you change the NPF with a time interval of less than 5 years index payments received for a period of stay in the previous company, burn.

PFR or NPF: which is better?

When trying to choose how to use the funded part of pensions, the citizens need to decide which direction is a priority for them.

funded pension the procedure of its formation and payments

In case of failure of transfer of pension savings to NPF or UK, the amount of social contributions completely depends on the state of the economy and the size of its budget. The state guarantees the annual indexation of insurance payments taking into account inflation and the correction factors. Contributory pension, the manner of its formation and payments in this case are ignored.

The Level of the coefficients, correcting the final amount of the insurance contributions, the state will be much lower than private companies, since their indexing is the status of the company in the market of insurance services. That is, the citizens of Russia have a choice: to remain in the Pension Fund and guaranteed insurance benefits upon reaching a certain age or transfer cumulative contributions of a private company where they will be further indexed.

If the company's activities over the past year was successful, the amount of trade payables at the funded pension could be higher than proposed by the state insurance part. However, there is a risk of lost profits: in that case, if the NPF or the criminal code were unprofitable campaign, to Supplement payment of pension will not be performed.

How to choose NPF and the criminal code?

The choice of NPF or UK in the first place is to pay attention to the license authorizing to engage in the provision of services for OPS and NGOs. A license guarantees the execution by the organization of its obligations under the pension insurance and social security, namely: indexation of contributions of the employee, taking into account factors of profitability of NPF, relevant information about the level of insurance savings, payment in full in lump sum form ordivision by periods.

The Payment of pension is made by the same company, the employee chose the latter (in case of change NPF). It is important to know that a license doesn't necessarily tell us about the success of the company for the current period, and no company gives you 100 % guarantee that dues payers will be indexed.

In Addition to the license, the worker must carefully review the activities of the NPF or the criminal code, compare customer feedback with the promises of employees of the company, explore the ratings agencies. payment of pension

Independent agencies (for example, “Expert RA”) is assigned and available for viewing online users, a rating of the trustworthiness of non-licensed companies: the higher this value is, the more likely that when the pension age of the citizen will not have problems when receiving the funded part of pension in NPF or UK. The number of clients who have entrusted their savings, the experience in the insurance business and the absence of dissatisfaction on the part of participants in the insurance programs also play an important role in determining the nominee.

What to do if the NPF has selected a license?

From 2015, the Central Bank tightened the requirements for the NPF and the criminal code, in particular to the provision of pension services to the population of the Russian Federation. The consequence of this were numerous reviews of licenses from companies that have not been properly screened.

One of the solutions, caused the deprivation of rights to engage in activities in the field of OPS and NGOs was the failure to follow the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on pension savings of employees guarantee the performance of obligations to the members of the Fund.

Citizens of NPF or UK which have lost their licenses can transfer their contributions to another entity, for example to the pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which will be responsible only for the formation of pension (and the pension in this case will not), or other non-state Fund.

the formation of pension insurance and funded pensions

In 2015, Russia has a system of guaranteeing pension contributions, working on the principle of Deposit insurance, which gives protection to the accumulated funds of the workers who will be paid in full from funds of the RF pension Fund or NPF (UK).

How to know the size of their future pension?

During the transition in NPF or UK funded pension, the manner of its formation and payments will be displayed on the website of the company. You must register in "Personal account" after passing the necessary identification. In any non-state Fund at the entrance to the site must indicate name of employee, contract number OPS or NGOs and SNILS. As additional details may require a registered address, information about the employer and the extract from the employment record.

After registration "Personal account" of the participant of the program will be available the following information:

  • Date of contract OPS or NGOs.
  • Contract Status (active, suspended, closed).
  • The Total amount of accumulated funds.
  • The Amount of interest accrued during the period from the date of joining to NPF or the criminal code at the present period.
  • Statement of operations retirement accounts (receipt from the employer, personal contributions, indexing).
  • The storage part, translated from another NPF (in the case of the transition from one company to another).

For the exact calculation of the size of future pension to the user resource, you can use the calculator online calculate what the payments are provided to the payer after completion of work. The basis for calculations is the age of the participant, gender, the beginning of labor activity and official salaries. The principle of operation of the calculator is simple: the higher the level of remuneration for work, the greater the amount of the pension put to the payer.

 Supplement to the payment of the pension

Calculation of the basic part of labour pension on the website of the FIU is on the same principle.

In addition, users can use a free service: the order of discharge of the PF RF. A report on the status of retirement accounts and accrued benefits is formed once a year. Cumulative part of the pension, the order of formation and payment of the PFR report are not reflected.

How to get a funded part of pension?

After an employee has reached a certain age (60 years – male, 55 – female), he is entitled to the payment of savings to it in the pension Fund branch or non-state Fund (UK). The amount of deductions, the situation of workers, will depend on how long the contract was made the OPS, on the level of wages and the state pension Fund. If the Fund's activities was successful, a contributory pension, the formation of which began from the date of conclusion of the agreement, OPS will be paid taking into account factors of profitability for each individual business organization. If the size of the investment portfolio of the NPF or the criminal code during the term of the contract was small or the company experienced difficulties in the financial market, the accumulated pension with the accrued interest will be small or allowances will not be at all.funded pension formation investment payment

Contributory pension, the order of formation and payment completely dependent onactivities of the company, and, if the total amount of charges of the payer are not satisfied, you can contact the management company with the request to revise the correction factor.

In every company, the payment of the cumulative part is done differently, and any one of the firms gives the program participant to choose a convenient method of transfers: one time in lump sum or in the form of annuity payments, broken down by months.

In order To receive payment the employee must have reached the required age to provide the supporting documents: passport, pension certificate, SNILS and contract OPS. If the payments implies the existence of a Bank account, then you need to get account details for the transfer. In post for the service will be charged in accordance with tariffs of the organization.

The payment of the cumulative part of the pension beneficiaries

The Law on payment of pension provides that in case of death of the citizen of his pension contributions will be paid to the beneficiaries. In order to determine the scope of persons who will be entitled to payment, the participant OPS or NGOs shall apply to the pension Fund (if it is a ‘silent”) or NPF and write a statement about the distribution of the number of persons who will be awarded benefits.

If the employee alone does not determined who is eligible for payment of pension, the priority right to the receipt of contributions belongs to his immediate family: children, spouse, parents.

the rejection of the formation of the cumulative pension

Sisters/brothers, grandchildren and grandparents are a close second persons, which will be paid to the funded pension. The order of formation it will not be different from previous payments to relatives.

For more pension contributions relatives must apply to the branch of PFR or NPF within 6 months from the date of death of the participant and provide documents proving the relationship and the right to receive payments. FIU accepts award/rejection within 5 days, non-state companies – up to 14 business days.

Payments will be made no later than the 20th of the month following the date of receipt of the application.

OPS and NGOs: what is the difference?

Want to index your insurance savings are not just faced with the problem of which way is more profitable non-state pension or statutory retirement pension insurance.

In the first And in the second case, the accumulation of the employee listed in the Pension Fund will be indexed.

funded pension formation

The Main difference between the programs is that in the case of registration of the agreement, the OPS retirement savings are deducted by the employer, and when the NGO employee himself is obliged to make payments (DSV) to the FIU. And if the OPS payments depend on the salary level of the participant, the DSV when the customer chooses the amount of deductions (but not less than the specified contract size).

So, OPS and NGOs are related programs (like the concept of funded pension and term pension payments), the difference lies only in the way of contributions.

The Moratorium of the funded part of pensions

From 1 January 2014, the Government of the Russian Federation “frozen” pension citizens for an indefinite period. This decision was taken in connection with the changes associated with the reorganization of the system of pension funds, each of which must pass the test of the Central Bank to perform all obligations to the parties to the Treaty. The company's audited automatically receive a perpetual license for the provision of pension services to the population and engaged in a program of insurance of pension savings. The extension of the moratorium in 2016 was due to the budget deficit and the dire state of the Russian economy.

Contributory pension, the manner of its formation and payments in 2016 are still not indexed.

Thus, this article was devoted to the topical concern for many pension issue (the procedure for the formation, payment, legal justification) and possible nuances in this field.

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