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Home Economics is particularly interested in those who have just escaped from their parents ' custody and went to the free bread. And if earlier took care of mom and dad, now we have to do young man. Here is a personal Finance management and will be discussed in this article.

General information

home Economics

Home Economics involves solving economic-personal issues and problems within existing resources. First priorities are human physiological needs – water, food and sleep. After that you need to solve the issue of comfort – what to wear to stay warm, and a place to live. This is the minimum basis, which must be solved in order to exist peacefully. Of course, you can raise more questions and the rest, about self-realization, self-development and a multitude of different moments, but still concentrate on food, sleep, water and clothes.

So that the body was strong, you need proper and good quality food. Also need usable water. All of this needs to be supported by financial investments. Home Economics this almost never has problems, because to capitalize on this is still not problematic. In the extreme case it is possible to farm and to grow food for themselves. But we are interested in what is directly to buy it. In order to save personal Finance should be interested in the place of the fairs, where to buy grown on land with the same farmers potatoes, cabbage, corn and other gifts from the earth. Besides the high concentration of sellers and buying directly from producers contribute to the fact that it is possible to spend less money. This provides savings in home budget.


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First steps

home budget

But how optimally is organized a home Economics? Here is greatly influenced by the planning, optimization and savings. We often like to nod in the direction of American millionaires. That's just from the attention of most people floating away the fact that the state formed by hard work and frugality. The majority of millionaires in the first generation – people who set aside money for your pension and become rich only at a Mature age. So before you manage your personal finances, you need to make some first steps:

  1. Create the household budget. You need to familiarize yourself with the basic methods of control by all means, consider the pros, cons, and to make this process was tedious and burdensome.
  2. Should pay special attention to revenues and costs that fall on the family budget. Moreover, it is very desirable to break them into categories to streamline the process of accounting.
  3. It is best to have a detailed idea of where money is spent. For this you need to document all expenditures. Of course, to do this all the time not necessarily, but you can stay in this mode for several months to have a General idea. And maybe that will come to the understanding that some positions is too much money.

This is Especially true in the first three months of independent life.

Planning, preparation and optimization

So, now need to organize home bookkeeping. Family budget, alas, often does not forgive mistakes, and this should be approached with great responsibility. Initially it is necessary to analyze cash flows that a person receives or cell companies. You must then do the planning. Here it is necessary to allocate short-term and long-term prospects. The first is the solution to the problems that are there now and not going anywhere. So, you need to pay for utilities, food, transportation expenses. These things have to be taken into account and be sure to show in the short term the family budget. This will allow you to develop a balanced budget that will meet the basic needs. What about long term? This should include what you want to become. So, if you have a goal to become a entrepreneur with a multimillion-dollar revenue, then you need to take care of the basis. In other words, it is necessary to provide to some personal Finance was directed to a specific Deposit account in a Bank or in a mattress for later retrieval at the right time, when we will start a new life. In order to evaluate their strength, you can initially create three types of budgets: optimistic, realistic and pessimistic, and then to assess what was better, and act in the framework of the previously used tools. Although you can use a three-pronged approach in the future, if I deem it necessary and effective.

What to bet on in terms of the assistant?

personal Finance management

You can Save data in a notebook (the barn book), or PC (PDA or smartphone). What to choose? The first option is better to use only in those cases where electronics is not available due to certain reasons. In this case, it is enough to draw three columns: income, expenses, total. The first two are necessary to reflect the operations that were performed, and the third – for verification of data. Regardingelectronics we can say that it is necessary for more convenient recording of expenses and then work with them (though here to whom as). Details on this are not going to stop, and pay attention to only a few of the most useful functions:

  1. Report generation. Extremely useful and important function. Computer allows to quickly process the available data and submit the report to further analyze it successfully. And based on the information you can make successful decisions.
  2. Multiple account types. It is very convenient that it is possible to allocate separately a Deposit in a Bank, family budget, mutual Funds and other working moments.
  3. Planning. Allows you to enter the estimated costs and future payments, allowing you to simulate the situation that will be after a certain time.
  4. Calculation of interest on loans and deposits. That much to say – very nice and motivating thing.
  5. Control over the debt. To accurately reflect the financial Affairs here you can write and those who something borrowed. This function will not allow to forget who had the money and who gave you them.
  6. Data Protection. All located in the program information can be protected from prying eyes with a strong password.

Using the software (SOFTWARE)

personal Finance

Many people wonder how to do a home budget notebook. A sample of this approach though and deserves respect, but still has its flaws, and indeed, it is obsolete. Although the notebook allows you to make data less whimsical, but still better to stock up on more ergonomic software. This approach is more comfortable and easily will become a habit because of its comfort. We recommend you to pay attention to such software:

  1. "Home finances".
  2. "Greedy". Not the most functional but simple and without unnecessary frills program.
  3. "Home Economics". Nice software that allows you to conveniently conduct transactions.
  4. Family budget.
  5. The"Home bookkeeping". Multifunctional program with a lot of different settings.
  6. AceMoney.
  7. Family. Great program, one of the best (some assign it number 1) of those that presented on the Internet. It is desirable to use a more recent version because the first had quite a lot of software problems.
  8. MoneyTracker. Multifunctional and easy to use program that you can use for the family budget and personal Finance.

Even as one of the policy options it is necessary to mention software such as Microsoft Office Excel (or equivalent). The advantage of this approach is that information about all the spending and such can be viewed as stationary devices like personal computers and laptops, and mobile tablets and smartphones.

How to save?

Well, the important point – it cost optimization. In our reality for utilities to spend up to 2/5 of all funds. Not to mention the fact that tariffs grow annually by 15-20 percent that can not grieve. So you need to think about how to minimize the size of payments. Speaking about the winter period, significantly helps meter installation and insulation of apartments/houses. In addition, you can monitor their health, to not have to further spend considerable money on medication. If desired and possible, you notice the car/public transport on the bike. Thus, it will be savings, and health benefits.

Separately, there is a marketing in home Economics. It is aimed at identification of needs and their satisfaction. So before going to the stores and recommend to make lists of needed products to not to waste their financial resources on something unnecessary. It is no secret that professional marketers know very well to mislead, and should go to the store for bread as you go out with a bunch of packages. Therefore, it is important to keep your head clear and not to succumb to manipulation. Very good helps in this priority system. If there is sufficient will to do this, define the goals and objectives of home Economics and always keep them within the "stepper" availability. This will facilitate the process of self-discipline.

About the guy who keeps the budget, say a word

pocket money

Initially, you must determine who will monitor the money and their spending. We need to talk about the features of the process of their distribution. It is important to note the type of budget: joint or separate. For mutual understanding and avoid conflicts, you must learn to handle money. For this purpose, the partner in charge of the budget, must understand the importance of planning and be able to make informed decisions. To maximize the effectiveness of the measures taken, should take care of drawing the structure of revenues with expenditures. This is necessary in order to understand how reasonable the money is spent. The management of the budget of a family where only one person very easily. But if the two of them – it already requires some skill. Initially to do the counting of money will be difficult, but after a month or two after zavidnaya a result, it will not seem so burdensome.

Creating a budget

So, you need to evaluatehow much you can count on. Best of all, if during such operations rely on the data of the previous year. This will be approximate based spending. After all, if the budget is prepared for the first time and there is no accurate data, it may be much not taken into account, and costs were underestimated. However, it should be amended, taking into account inflation. As to the official data published by the government, no such thing as a reference point you can take the percentage increase of utility bills. Such elements of home Economics will enable you to make realistic family budget. Also do not need to select the absolutely optimal path of development, care should be taken that there were various sudden expenses. It may be the need for treatment and pocket money for children, and the banal desire for sweets, when things are bad and need to somehow comfort myself. However, more than five percent on this matter should not be outlined. Some of this can be used a little differently. Consider a situation when the parents give children pocket money. It is possible not to restrict but to go a different way. Here, for example, one small option. The children once in a month is given a certain amount they can spend at its discretion. For example, three hundred rubles, although it is possible to dwell on a thousand. It is not regulated, but at the same time will not no more than support. That is, if the child will spend all the money at once – well, he decided, no sweets, toys and other things before the end of the month. In the future he will think about what to do with the funds allocated for him, and learn to be careful with money, building your budget.

Maintaining records of income/expenses

savings household budgetAssume that for this purpose the electronics. How to calculate a home budget then? An important advantage of software is that there is an extensive classification of spending. So, you can record how much went to transportation, meals, entertainment, medicine, communal. Depending on the functionality may be available even a record of what and how much was purchased, for example, three ice cream parlors twenty five rubles. Thus, it is possible to very carefully check out their spending and take appropriate action, which will help to operate more efficiently.

Consider a small example. There is an opportunity to take home a sandwich, which costs twenty rubles, or buy the roll for fifty. The difference seems small, but for a month – five hundred rubles. A bit much, but not too much? Then a year – six thousand rubles. Almost minimum monthly pension. And it's for one year! On one bun! Amazing, right? But if carefully and meticulously calculate your expenses, you will come to the understanding that, slightly changing your lifestyle, you can significantly save. Another example? Let's imagine a small town of 70 thousand people. The fare for a taxi is 10 rubles. The day is spent 20. For example, a job a person drives only 20 days in a month. Total – 400. For the year – 4800. You can buy good quality and reliable sports bike, which will be repaid in 3-5 years. On it, acquiring a proper skill, you can safely accelerate to 100 kilometres an hour (although don't forget about a limit of 60 km/h) and to get to places quicker than by bus. And here still doesn't account for the health benefits that will be received by the cyclist. And needless to say that they are not afraid of traffic?


elements of home Economics

In order to have an idea about the areas of your own life that you can improve, you must first do a careful and detailed analysis of spending. Based on these data, it is possible to make the maximum possible accuracy of his plan. And then financial management will be easier. It's one thing to hear someone say that life can be provided. Quite different – to calculate what you can save and invest, let's say, eight years, so much money that in the future you will live, not busting my butt somewhere on the unloved work, and doing what you love. And to achieve such a wonderful, exciting and the goals have to work hard. You may have to combine several places of work, but believe me, it's worth it. After all, what could be more beautiful than the ability to decide what will go in your spare time? Where to send your work? What purpose to achieve? To be the master of your life – this is the destiny of man.

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