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The Small village of Yanino is from St. Petersburg just a couple of kilometres. Perhaps that is what attracts developers because, in the last decade with extraordinary panache and an enviable activity was started construction in Yanino. LCD "Cranberry" is one of the new complexes under construction here. Two turns already gone, now the builders complete the third. According to the plan by the summer of this year the LCD will be fully populated. This complex is declared as the economy class housing, but apartments here are not inferior to the comfort-class. We offer you a detailed information, what other features are available in "Cranberry" and whether to invest money here.


There are two Yanino - 1 and 2. The first village is much larger, the second a few quieter and more ecologically friendly, but is located about 3 km farther from the city. In the first there is a relatively well-developed infrastructure, and from the ring road, it is only 1300 meters on the highway, that promises to the residents significant facilities. LCD «Cranberry” is being built in Yanino-1. According to the mystery shopper who visited the complex, it is squeezed into existing buildings, so the nearby houses there is not more than 50 meters. Koltushskoe highway runs from "Cranberry" only 190 metres, but the residents of this complex it will not be much in the way, because between him and the highway, as the barrier arose, LCD “Anninsky” and a number of blocks. The address from "Cranberry", New street, plot No. 14.,


On the one hand, the LCD "Cranberry" in Yanino is located in a convenient in terms of transport.

Motorists will definitely take that as a plus, the location of the complex near Koltushskoe highway and a three minute drive from the ring road, just at the place a large fork. The problem is that Koltushskoe highway has only two lanes, and to expand it interferes with the private sector, stretching along the road. Therefore, the tube there is a frequent phenomenon.


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For those who are going to use public transport, the location of the complex seems to be quite good. 7 km away are three metro station «Ladoga”, “Chernyshevskaya” and “the Prospect of the Bolsheviks". They can be reached by Shuttle bus, which stop is on the highway, two minutes from "Cranberry", but also public transport at peak hours falls into the same tube. Therefore, the path to the subway can take more than half an hour.

It is planned to open new metro station «Yanino”, but it will not happen earlier than 2025.LCD Cranberry in Yanino reviews


People settled belief that the city ecology in better times, because there are no enterprises, and around vast natural areas. LCD "Cranberry" fits into this pastoral picture is not entirely clear. He, as already mentioned, is close to a busy highway, which stretches Anenska industrial area. Here, just 200 metres from the property the plant is located North-West of a concrete company, a little further Leningrad, concrete, and 50 metres to the right have placed their area of the company «Beton-Suite”. In addition, in the industrial area only 350-400 meters from "Cranberry" of the largest in the field of waste treatment plant. It was built 6 years ago, but already takes daily waste more than 500 tons. Some of them the plant is processed into compost, and part buried. While it is difficult to predict further prospects of its development.

For residents of the LCD "Cranberry" an indisputable advantage are residential buildings, enclosing the complex, and from concrete plants, and from MPBO-2.

The Positive sides of the location of the complex in terms of environmental sustainability can be called within 800 metres Rzhevskij forest Park and Korkinsky lake, which reached by car in 15 minutes.LCD Cranberry in Yanino

Who builds

"Neva construction company” is the developer of the LCD "Cranberry". “NSK” – is a group of organizations specializing in the construction and implementation of real estate. Previously called "NSK" acted as a contractor, but now it performs independently from the stage of LCD development to implementation. At this point in her piggy Bank 4 object. It is a complex "Cranberry" townhouse «Smolny» and two apartment houses, one of which is a beautiful name “Ladoga shore”.

Infrastructure and design of the complex

It looks pretty good from the LCD "Cranberry" in Yanino. Feedback investors noted that all three buildings erected on contemporary design, are bright and have beautiful facades, which are the perfect complement to balconies with panoramic glazing. The whole complex architectural project should consist of three eight-storey building. First built in the shape of the letter “G”. In this 4 section. The second building also has an l-shaped, but 3 sections. The third case is the smallest, consists of only 1 section. In the project there is no point of the fence of the complex and installation of security, the entrance to the grounds is free. In the courts it is planned to produce improvement, to build playgrounds, create recreation areas. On the first floors of all three buildings will house various commercial offices. It is already known that there will be a shop and a private clinic. In buildings buildings have one underground technical floor. Construction of underground Parking is notplanned. It will free exterior, has a capacity of 100 cars.LCD Cranberry reviews


Yanino-1 is a settlement of rural type, and therefore particularly well-developed infrastructure here. LCD «Cranberry” is being built nearby other residential such as “Anninsky”, “Ioannina Country”, “Anninsky cascade”, “New Yanino”, which will open that will give you the opportunity to use their infrastructure. It is definitely convenient. But, on the other hand, the village has only one school and two kindergartens, all of which old and new residents is clearly not enough. The situation is similar for health. 250 metres from "Cranberry" is the only available health facility in Yanino – a small clinic, where it takes only a few doctors.

Among other infrastructure can be called shop, which is away 50 meters, post office and Church close to the clinic, the culture House and shop ‘Scummy” behind Koltushskoe highway, gas station, item "Tire" of the store of spare parts, supermarket “Dixie” the store "Norman", which are 400 metres on the in Yanino LCD Cranberry


In the LCD "Cranberry" offers apartments with the following options:

Studio with a total area of, in round figures - from 19 m2 up to 51 m2;

- one - room- from 34 m2 to 59 m2

- two bedroom - 44 m2 66 m2

- two bedroom - 80 m2 up to 85 m2.

All apartments have a ceiling height of 2.8 meters, has a very spacious lounge and kitchen area of 10 m2. A balcony or loggia are provided in each apartment. In the studios, according to the layout, the bathroom is combined with bathtub. In “the one-room” a separate tub and toilet. In “kopeck piece” and «treshka» toilets and bathrooms are split.

The Apartments are without finishing, but it is possible to negotiate with builders on an individual basis.

The buildings of the complex are built on monolithic structures and walls and partitions are built of brick.

In the hallways, intercom feature, will be located at 1 the lifts of firm OTIS, the room of the Concierge is not available.LCD Cranberry NSK


The Cost of apartments in the residential complex "Cranberry" is considered to be very moderate, corresponding to class of habitation. At the stage of excavation 1 m2 cost 53 000. Now to buy an apartment here at a price of 62 300 rubles per 1 m2.

"NSK" collaborate:

  • “Bank of Moscow”.
  • “VTB24”.
  • The lender.
  • “Delta Loan”.
  • “the Bank of St. Petersburg».

The Transaction can be written according to the following schemes:

- from paying 100% of cost (with no discount);

- in installments (only for housing in 3 phases, and only with an initial payment from 50%);

- a mortgage (the terms of issue in different banks, in addition, you can use the parent capital and military mortgage).the construction of the LCD Cranberry


The construction of the LCD "Cranberry" is progressing steadily. The company "NSK" tries to execute work efficiently and to deliver the project on time. Mostly she does it, but sometimes there are slight delays. The project «Cranberry” included 3 stages. The first was scheduled for I quarter of 2016. Tenants of the first building safely received the keys and moved.

Delivery of the second phase (second home) expected in the second quarter of 2016, but was postponed to the fourth quarter. The state Commission there has been, now the house builders eliminate the small notes, and tenants begin to receive the keys.

Letting third stage of the plan should be in the first quarter of this year 2017. Keys the developer plans to give the tenants prior to the beginning of the summer.

LCD "Cranberry": feedback

The whole complex leaves a pleasant impression. Shareholders acknowledge his dignity:

- affordable prices

a good plan;

- the location number of bus stops;

- the presence on the first floor of the infrastructure.

Note the disadvantages:

- weak infrastructure in the village;

- small Parking lot;

- a lot of apartments on each floor (12 units);

- utilization leading to the city track.

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