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As a rule, in the house of every man there are two kinds of tea: green and black. Other varieties of this drink are well versed only gourmets. However, one kind of tea everyone should learn as much as possible. We are talking about PU-erh.

For a Long time it was circulated only in the Eastern countries, mainly in China. However, recently (due to the promotion of healthy food) tea, which reviews are mostly positive, became popular in the West. The fact that he has a lot of useful properties.tea reviews

Today it can be purchased almost anywhere in the world, Russia including. Tea, the price of which depends on the variety and time of exposure, you can buy for relatively little money, and Vice versa.

This drink has a positive effect mainly on the digestive system. For example, tea is shown to people with gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking just two cups a day, it is possible to achieve normalization of the digestive organs.

By the way, the tea (the reviews about this drink frequently in topics about weight loss) are often administered in the diet of people suffering from overweight. The fact that substances included in its composition, is able to suppress appetite. So during the struggle with excess weight it is good to consume the drink after 7 PM – this will save you from unnecessary “binge”.

tea effect

It is also Important to say that Puer tea reviews, which you can read in many sources, has a slight diuretic and laxative effects. It will help to get rid of unnecessary water in the body, which is often the cause of excess weight and fat. Plus, this drink will make you forget about constipation.


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In addition, PU-erh tea may have a good effect on the nervous system. Therefore, if you notice a tendency to depression and the pill do not want, then tea will be a great release – after all, it is a natural and effective means.

Consumption of this drink will contribute to a stabilization of the level of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, regular tea drinking the glucose level in blood will decline. For this reason, Puer tea (the reviews often rave) should take note of diabetics.

As you know, the tea leaves are fermented – either natural or artificial aging. The properties of the drink of aging are almost independent, but it is known that the older the tea, the healthier. For example, PU-erh, which is more than 5 years, and it has excellent rejuvenating effects. It tones, improves skin, well influences cardiovascular system.

tea price

As you can see, tea – this is truly a health drink, 1-2 cups a day will give you not only a good mood and well-being.

But do not forget that tea, the effect of which may be unexpected, should be taken with caution. It was said above that this drink has a strong toning, invigorating effect. It is for this reason, its use is to give people who suffer from insomnia, and increased irritability. In addition, PU-erh tea should not drink glaucoma, kidney disease, and hypertension.

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