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Vintage Tula - the same age as Moscow, her good friend and sister. These two cities are linked by a chain of important events. In 1503, Tula went to the Moscow Principality and became the southern frontier, the protector against enemies and ill-wishers. In the history of this city was here and nagayskie Tatars, and Lithuanian conquerors. In Tula was built weapons factory, it has always been famous weapon masters and samovars. And in 80-e years there was the USSR's first rock festival, where the jury sat himself Viktor Tsoi. Rumor has it that he stayed in jury for two days and managed to enjoy an excellent Tula cutlets. Yes, Tula generous people, talented and in a gun case, and in Povarskaya street.

Stylish Meeting and intimate conversation

Throughout the history of the city, there are always important events took place. One of them is the recent opening of the restaurant "Sobranie" in Tula, in its center. Outside, the building does not seem so majestic and pompous, but once inside, you will find a spacious hall, ready to take over a hundred guests. Stylish interior in calm colors and beautiful paintings on the walls, clean and soft light invite you to have a rest and intimate conversation. restaurant Collection TulaTo Invite a business partner for lunch at the Meeting will be the right decision. Incredibly delicious food and smiling waiters will indicate your good taste, and therefore you should deal with. It is only in this restaurant for lunch will be served Pike cutlets with stewed in cream with vegetables. And delicate sturgeon? It is served only with white wine to emphasize the great taste of the meat.


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Why is crystallization of honey?

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Cock on a stick. The recipe of the most tasty treats

Cock on a stick. The recipe of the most tasty treats

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Easy and delicious chicken pot pie and potatoes

Easy and delicious chicken pot pie and potatoes

To prepare cakes suitable for any dough - yeast, shortbread, puff pastry or fresh. The simplest recipe is probably sweet potato pie, which is perfect for lunch or for serving guests. It may be cooked quickly and simply. For the filling you can use no...

For couples

Couples will be comfortable at home. To celebrate an anniversary or just to sit together, leaving the children in the care of grandparents. Order your lasagna or pork on the bone with baked Apple, unique taste of these dishes will make you forget about everything. restaurant Collection Tula menuBe Sure to pay attention to the wine list. The menu of the restaurant "Sobranie" in Tula require careful selection of drinks. In this comfortable place often hold corporate parties, family celebrations, anniversaries. Friendly staff welcome everyone that comes here and ready to help everyone with the choice of table or menu. But for the best action or interesting event waiting for you from 12 PM to two o'clock.

The Celebration in the restaurant "Assembly" Tula

The restaurant is ideal for children's parties, whether it be a christening or birthday. And a better place than Meeting for a wedding in Tula to find. As it is located in the city centre, easily accessible by car or public transport. For personal car provided for a dedicated Parking space. The restaurant staff will be happy to help with selection of wedding menu and will prepare a gorgeous cake for the newlyweds.Collection Tula restaurant reviewsFor such events has everything you need, even a stage for musical group. No wonder the restaurant "Sobranie" in Tula feedback friendly. They often thank the staff attentive, and the waiters at that often come to the table. Much like an European cuisine restaurant and fancy dishes, but the chef here universal pet. And most importantly, the restaurant leaves a pleasant enough aftertaste that many visitors want to come here again.

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