How to whip cream? A few tips


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At first glance it seems that it is very easy to whip the cream. But if you do not know some peculiarities and secrets, then you can not get a beautiful and tasty treat. Mainly the whipped cream used to decorate pastries or as an addition to various desserts. How to whip cream correctly? This will be discussed in this article.

For starters take a look at what cream. They are collected from the top of whole milk. They have a high fat content and greatly increase the nutritional properties of foods and dishes, to which are added. If you decide to whip cream, it is necessary to choose them right. They have to be very bold. Choose a product with fat content of not less than 30 percent. Then you will not have the question of how to whip cream, because this process much simpler. If they are less fatty, you can just add them to tea, porridge or coffee.

If you take a natural product with a high percentage of fat, it is possible to beat them without adding other ingredients. But keep in mind that prolonged beating, they can turn into oil. So do not overdo it. They must have air consistency. Whip the cream have at minimum speed so that they are not settled. If you want to sweeten them, add the powdered sugar. You need to add in the process of whipping when the cream will have already some grandeur. In the case when you add sugar, do it before whipping, so he had to dissolve. Other ingredients such as coffee, liqueur, cocoa or flavorings, and add when the cream will be ready only in small proportions.

Before whipping the product to be cooled. Ready cream should be treated very carefully so as not to break the air bubbles that they satisfied in the process of whipping. Only in this case they will air.

Now appeared in the sale of vegetable cream. They definitely whipped with the addition of starch or sugar. The process is not much different from cooking a natural product. Now I'll show you how to whip vegetable cream. Unlike the natural product, they have higher resistance and are ideal for cake decorating. Such cream have a delicate flavor and whipping doesn't cause any problems. They definitely need pre-cooling. If the cream is not whipped, it is incorrect (too high) temperature may be one reason. Also cooled and utensils for whipping: utensils and beaters.

200 ml cream, which is about one Cup, take a tablespoon of powdered sugar with a slide, and one teaspoon of starch without slides. All ingredients, beat with a mixer for 15 minutes. Momentum exhibiting a minimum. In the process of whipping the cream saturated with air and become very airy. Therefore, further carefully use them as directed.

What to replace the cream? If the hand was not cream, take the cream with a high fat content. Technology whip the same as whipped cream.
Usually do not have any particular problems with the preparation of whipped cream, if you followed all the rules. The most important requirement is good quality of the original product. They must be fresh and greasy. Cream with a lower fat content are more difficult to beat in the lush foam. But if they are natural, should ensure that they are not turned into oil. If the cream is not whipped, you can throw them on a sieve and remove excess moisture. Then continue whisking only at the minimum rpm.

Here, perhaps, and all the tips for those who do not know how to whip the cream. If you use these guidelines, you can prepare the perfect addition to any dessert.

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