"Bagration" – cognac real kings. History and international awards


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Cognac "Bagration" – exquisite and popular drink. A favorite of businessmen and successful people, he always serves as a decoration of any holiday table. Endowed with delicate taste and subtle aroma, it has for many years happy customers not only in Russia but also abroad.

A Little history

Made Kizlyar Cognac factory, which is famous for unique and quality products. It is located in the Dagestan Republic, on the territory of the Russian Federation. A real gem of the collection is considered the "Bagration" – cognac, with a few options of spill: porcelain and glass bottles, jars, kegs, gift decanters.

Bagration cognacThe history of the drink began in 1980. Then in honor of the Olympic games, which were held in Moscow, decided to make cognac "Olympic". In oak barrels laid drink with vanilla, floral flavor with notes of chocolate and honey. But the idea failed to realize, so in ten years, the manufacturers forgot about it. In 1994, the "Olympic" pulled from inventory and it has formed the basis of "Bagration".

The Drink was immediately approved customers. This is not surprising: the average age of spirits, which includes cognac "Bagration", – 20 years. The figure is solid and inspires confidence as ordinary people, and higher circles of society. So drink willing to buy the representatives of different classes, social statuses, and religious backgrounds.

General characteristics

"Bagration" – cognac dark amber color. Today he is a rich taste with a slight spicy tinge. The fortress reaches the 40O, which is the norm for any visokogradnja alcoholic beverages. The content of sugar in one liter-10 grams. It's the Golden middle, which made the drink slightly tart and moderately sweet.


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cognac Bagration 20 yearsCognac has hints of tannins with astringent effect, it is faint taste of sherry. At the same time pronounced honey-vanilla composition with hints of nutmeg. "Bagration" – cognac, which you cannot drink in one gulp. It must be savored in small SIPS to fully feel the deep and an excellent taste.

But that's not all. The finish also will not disappoint you. Lips will remain trail of aromas of chocolate and fruit, so the drink is perfect for desserts and cakes. Cognac goes well with Smoking certain varieties of cigars and leisurely pleasant company.


The Kizlyar cognac "Bagration" – a real crown of alcoholic beverages. He has an iron reputation. True lovers dubbed him the "king of cognac and the cognac of kings", which talks about its high and flawless quality.

Kizlyar cognac Bagration

The Drink has been repeatedly noted at international competitions of alcoholic and competitions. He received two top awards "Grand Prix", two Large gold medals, twenty-one prize in the sphere of cognac production. "Bagration" – cognac, which is quoted throughout Europe. In the UK he was awarded the International certificate. To all this we can add that he is recognized as the best in the special nomination "fine drink".

If you have never tried this brandy, don't waste your time. Be sure to buy a bottle of the extraordinary drink. And when, one rainy night, bored and lonely, wrapped in a warm blanket, with your loved one and savour a divine cognac. Pleasantly warm inside, it gives the feeling of lightness and range of positive emotions.

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