Symptoms of gonorrhea in men: to know and not be afraid


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Gonorrhea in men of modern medicine, a cure is not too difficult, but it is dangerous because in a relatively short time can make the man infertile. Therefore, you must consult a doctor soon after the alleged infection, which will allow you to quickly take action and not to worry.

Men should even more worry about their health and about health steady girlfriend or wife, because women this disease leads to more serious consequences. Symptoms of gonorrhea in men include several signs that you can suspect yourself gonorrhea. This frequent desire to urinate, sharp pain or burning sensation during urination and thick yellow discharge from the penis. To this disease in the past not always been taken seriously, and this often led to the loss of the ability of men to become fathers. Symptoms of gonorrhea in men appear 2-7 days after infection and deliver  discomfort.

How to distinguish a gonorrhoea from the banal cystitis? Cystitis is slightly increased temperature in gonorrhea it is normal. Cystitis is not immediately, and symptoms increase gradually, gonorrhea abruptly occurs without prior «bells». In gonorrhea yellow discharge often appear in the morning, cystitis special selections at all. In gonorrhea urine in sufficient quantity, but the man can be so painful to urinate that he's trying to do it as infrequently as possible, in cystitis urine in small portions at a time, and there is no excruciating pain.


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The Diagnosis of gonorrhea in men carried out most often by examining smears, but this method is not the most reliable. If you need health ,and there is reason to suspect gonorrhea, insist on polymerase chain reaction that allows to obtain precise results. However, this analysis is more expensive.

If you have gonorrhea, don't delay treatment by a physician. The fact is that a sick face not only infertility, it is also possible inflammation of the eye, lesion of the large joints and narrowing of the urethra that can make urination almost impossible. It's all very frustrating and significantly reduces quality of life.

How to treat gonorrhea? Only antibiotics, do not trust advertising folk remedies. There are three main drugs that are used to treat. However, they do not always help, some gonococcus, pathogens have developed resistance to antibiotics. So a good doctor will need to check their resistance to antibiotics in your specific case. Allocated for this purpose from a material of your tests gonococci will be tested for sensitivity to drugs, and only then proceed to the actual treatment. That is why it is impossible to treat gonorrhea yourself – you can try to cure the disease improper means, to remove some unpleasant symptoms, but the disease will not be defeated. Symptoms of gonorrhea in men can be smoothed inappropriate antibiotics, but pathogens will remain, and so, all the threats of the disease also will remain.

How gonorrhea treated? Sometimes a single injection or tablets that take one day. Need to treat multiple partners, that is, all who had contact with a sick person. However, this treatment does not guarantee complete recovery. In order to exclude that the organism remained gonorrhea, the doctor uses a special methods that are called provocation. Practically, this could be a shot of gonovaccine in the shoulder, the introduction of active substances into the urethra, or please drink plenty of fluids. If the patient is still sick, the next day, the tests will give a positive result, i.e. will confirm that the person is still unwell. Then the doctor works with another antibiotic to cure.

Symptoms of gonorrhea in men is quite bright, unlike women, so at the first sign doctors look for a good working official – and don't waste your time. And for the future try to exclude casual sex – after all, the probability of contamination by means other than sexual, is not more than 1%.

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