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Literally, the meaning of the words “abuses” is: abuse – violence, and the abuser – people who commit acts of violence beyond acceptable. He insults, demeans, and mocks mentally over loved ones.

this abuser

Christian novel “50 shades of grey” is a Prime example of what abuser emotional type. He controls all aspects of a relationship with Anastasia, using isolation, stalking, threats, and humiliation. Emotional about this pair starts after the first meeting to the last interaction that we see in the novel.

Basic definitions

Abuser – is not just a moral and physical “home” the rapist and the owner that constantly monitors the behavior of the partner. He should know where his woman. Jealousy – the second the name of such person. In a couple lined up so that the woman will always leave somewhere to go and make excuses for the slightest delay or change of route.

Abuser obsessive calling and can start to follow scandals at the slightest provocation. Brings to the hysteria, checks the communication with other people in the phone and social networks. A person with normal self-esteem and psyche there is a painful need for constant monitoring and verification of the behavior of the partner.

what is abuser

Abuser – is the man related inappropriately to a close, exerting pressure on them, often moral and physical.

Painful control

You Can live with abuterol long and not know it, and to justify the behavior of such a person that:

  • It is not out of your mind;
  • Tires;
  • He stress;
  • He's a drunk;
  • His unrestrained character.

The drunk man does not beat passers-by, and raises his hand only for his children and wife. It is due to stress at work does not suit scandals coworkers or friends, and brings to the hysteria of the household. The true reason for this behavior – to gain control over a helpless people over his woman, to destroy her as an independent person and dictate their behaviour. For abuzerov woman – it is a source of hatred, rather than love and respect.


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They are sure to have a certain status in relation to his wife and children, so the chosen one needs to think and care about him. The house is clean, the food is delicious, fresh and served at the exact time, socks washed, shirts ironed. Wife for him the closest person, servants, and which can criticize and devalue her work.

Who is abuser and how to recognize it, or fairy tale with a bad end

It is Extremely difficult to recognize abuser in the beginning of a relationship, when everything is so romantic and beautiful – these people can be subtle and sophisticated in their behavior. On the minor flaws of his men a woman two to pay does not want. And when it is honeymoon time, that noticed from the corner of consciousness, it becomes evident facts.

abuser signs

The Sophistication of abuser is that it gives a woman everything she wants from a relationship. The kindness and care – will be a lot of tenderness, constant SMS, hot blanket and tea on a cold evening. Want of attention – coffee in bed, cafes, restaurants, cinema and of course favorite flowers. It will look like in a fairy tale but without a happy ending.

Bad Habit

Abuser – a manipulator, and he will wait for as much time as necessary, until the victim gets used to suffering and learn to live with them. That's the way the human psyche – failed to avoid suffering, we have to move on. Dangerous moment – when the day will come and a woman will understand that tears – this is their way of life, she even gets the pleasure.

How does it start?

One day a woman will be after work to watch a television programme. He noticed that she was watching a talk show: “Only fools can watch the lives of others”. She will be offended, he goes to sleep.

In a good mood they both go to the store in the car, and the sounds of her favorite music, which is suddenly interrupted by his rude remark: “All of you pricked up my ears and being on the beautiful words. You too!”. The mood is spoiled, she was in hysterics.

One day she will wear makeup before going to walk with him, and he will make “valuable” remark: “Why would you want to paint, I don't understand. You become like a doll, the skin looks old. Want to be terrible, Malaysia on!”. He will be offended that disobeyed him.

an infant is time-consuming, and she does not have time to cook dinner for the arrival of her husband. To which he calmly said: “Millions of women manage everything and not complain, and those who resent matters remain single and have only themselves to blame!”.

who is abuserOnce she gets pregnant, because of his own initiative, refusing protection. Full of joyful experiences, tells him, hoping for a reciprocal delight. But he says that does not want the child and want to have an abortion. The refusal stunned women abuser threatens divorce, abuse, insults, harassment and even beatings.

Abuterol happiness

Gradually breaks down the self-esteem of women, and that male behavior becomes habitual, and it did not seem so bad. It dilutes watch horror moments of happiness and manifestations of cordiality. Personal boundaries violated, and quietly this way of life becomes normal. Moments of happiness necessary for a woman to conceal and justify the behavior of abuser before the environment.

To Endure or to escape?

He continues to scoff, she believes that if you change your behavior, he will begin to treat her differently. Become weak, sick, defenseless victim, not to Express their opinion, to once again not to irritate. To leave abuterol woman also can not because of fear of consequences.

the meaning of abuser

Abuser (signs):

  • Physical and verbal humiliation;
  • Confidence that such relations it is impossible to leave;
  • A mockery of his wife and children;
  • Belief in the inability of women to make their own decisions;
  • Depreciation purposes, wife, Hobbies, attitudes, beliefs, exceeding his abilities;
  • Pointing out the physical deficiencies;
  • Threats of divorce, deprivation of money, parental rights;
  • Permanent control over the movement of his wife;
  • Humiliation and insult family, friends;
  • Abuser – this is a man who always justify his behavior by fatigue, nervous exhaustion, alcohol, stress, hunger;
  • Coercion to sexual intercourse against her will;
  • Coercion to abortion or permanent fertility;
  • The punishment for disobedience.

Only a woman would be good to know man from this side, so with your problems it will have to be on my own. Because the environment is enviable husband, caring father and a good person. What can be done to avoid such relationships? To run and not look back, pay attention to all the markers in the beginning of the relationship, so they will not tighten. Treatment is possible provided that the patient himself really wants. You need to recognize the problem and therapy with a psychologist, not only her husband, but the wife.

At abuser will do its utmost to ensure that the partner was limited to communication and contacts. The less support, the more you can count on obedience. Another characteristic of abuzerov – they are easily offended and will clearly demonstrate its displeasure, slamming doors, stamping on the floor, facial expressions, etc. From them every five minutes, mood changes, and keep track of these trends is almost impossible.

How to recognize home abuser?

Who is abuser? It is believed that up to 95% it can detect if its okay to drink alcoholic beverage. In cases where the person then pulls on feats or “itch” hands of such grooms better to stay away. If the drinker goes to sleep, consider it a potential abuterol no reason.

abuser and how to recognize it

In every relationship, including marriage, has its own nuances, and even if they are not quite simple, it does not mean that the man is abuterol. Woman during a verbal conflict trembling with fear, afraid to assert their opinion, knowing the consequences, even if she's right – a clear sign of abuse. If she clearly defends its position, arguing passionately and tries to get to the truth, it's a banal showdown.


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