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Acetoneiso syndrome – a condition often arising in children, especially in the age of 3-5 years, at least in adults. This syndrome appears due to the increase in the blood of the intermediate products of metabolism of fats and some amino acids – acetone, acetoacetic acid and others. Normally, they are formed in small amounts for a short time and, turning immediately into non-toxic substances excreted.

Why there is an increase in acetone in the urine of children?

In children who are prone to acetonemia condition, under unfavourable conditions these transformations are violated, causing acetone and similar in structure to the substances accumulate.

What does the acetone in the urine? In large amounts it has a toxic effect on the Central nervous system and causes clinical manifestations of the syndrome, sometimes even causing disturbance of consciousness. Essential condition for the development acetonemic syndrome is the lack of glucose in the blood. According to statistics, to the development of disease prone children with specific features of the Constitution. Among the reasons for the presence of acetone in urine can be a temporary lack of certain enzymes that participate in the breakdown of fats and certain proteins. These kids are different often manifested by increased excitability, emotional instability, sleep disorders. They can lag by weight, and in its intellectual development, on the contrary, ahead of peers. They rapidly develops it, they are active, inquisitive, well remember and retell poems and stories.


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Starting from 2-3 years of age, they can be pains in the legs, for reasons unknown to occur and to undergo abdominal pain, manifested a tendency to allergic reactions. Analysis of urine for acetone can show an increased amount of uric and oxalic acid (urates and oxalates).

the smell of acetone

When to suspect the presence of the baby disease? If these signs of acetone in the urine:

  • The Child becomes lethargic, or, conversely, restless and agitated, refuses to eat. If at this stage begin to drunk baby, these symptoms often can be successfully eliminated.
  • Kid complaining of nausea and abdominal pain. If he has not said, bad his health will report with crying. It is important to remember parents that abdominal pain may be a manifestation of other diseases, including surgical pathology, regardless of whether there was such a state for the first time or repeated.
  • Natural acetoneiso manifestation of the disease is vomiting, which appeared suddenly becomes many times repeated, is only the baby to drink a small amount of liquid.
  • Almost always at the beginning of the development of the syndrome or later fever, but this symptom, like pain, may be the evidence of increased acetone and any other disease.
symptoms of acetone in children
  • Obvious symptom is the smell of acetone breath in a child, often reminiscent of the smell of apples. The smell is diagnosed difficult, especially at first, but the repetition of the state of moms easily recognize it and immediately start treatment of the baby.
  • Increasing the number of symptoms the child's condition worsens, he becomes sluggish, the skin and the mucous membrane of the mouth, lips – a dry and bright on the cheeks is the blush, baby rarely urinating. Such a condition for a child is dangerous, so mom rarely refuse admission.

What triggers the disease?

It is Important to find out the reason why acetone in the urine of the child appear. Any state that violates the consistency of the child's body and disrupts the normal course of biochemical reactions can trigger the accumulation of acetone and similar products in the body of a baby, especially if there is a tendency to it.

Cause of acetone in the urine can be any disease, even a common cold, food load – an excess of dietary fat or protein meals, meals that are not recommended according to age. In addition, the sharp increase in acetone can be formed by physical or psychological overload, in which the child gets agitated, changes in micro-social environment, and even an excess of positive emotions. All of these provocative points can increase the level of acetone in the blood of a child prone to the development of acetonemic syndrome.

How to help your child?

The Initial symptoms of the disease is important to notice and to intervene as early as possible, not waiting for the coming of the doctor. If the baby suddenly began to give up the food, became lethargic, wants to lie down, at that time, for it is not characteristic, it is necessary for him to take a closer look, to determine whether the flushed cheeks, there are no tongue coating, mouth odor, similar to fruit, test for acetone in urine.

If any such indication exists, you should start the action. In no case do not try to feed your baby something nutritious, this food load would only worsen the condition. In the initial stage of the disease the main task of parents consists in removing toxic substances from the body and normalize the metabolism. First of all, you must clear the intestines of 1% soda solution: 1 teaspoon to 500 ml of water. Because the body to detoxify through the gut, he needs help. Water every 5-15 minutes of teaspoon children under the age of 6 years, after 6 – from a tablespoon.

Recommended for watering solutions: sweet tea (5 % sugar), carbonated alkaline water (“Polyana Kvasova”, “Borjomi"). They should be slightly warmed to remove gas bubbles. In pharmacies you can buy special finished dosage solutions: “Regidron”, “Gastrolith”, “Humana-electrolyte” and others. Babies under one year mineral water is not recommended, better to use ready solutions. Good to use child their compote of dried fruits. Saline solutions should be combined with sweet, since acetone is formed more actively at deficiency of carbohydrates. Before the arrival of the doctor a watering can to improve the condition of the baby, perhaps in this case, the physician prescribed at-home treatment.

Diet and regimen of the day

When the disease is not necessary to keep the child on a starvation diet, but food should not be too fatty. Will fit all types of cereals in liquid form, boiled in water, vegetable soups, mashed potatoes, pudding, baked apples, diet cookies.

mineral jelly

These food restrictions should be followed for at least 5 days if the child has a vomiting. In this state the body also gets rid of the accumulated toxic substances, but the watering of a baby becomes very difficult. In this case, without hospitalization not do.

If the baby is prone to frequent exacerbations acetonemic syndrome, food must be thoroughly reviewed. From the diet completely exclude broths, fatty meats, smoked products, restrict the use of such vegetables as cauliflower, tomatoes, fruit-oranges. It is important to ensure that the child is not overtired, enough was in the fresh air, sleep at least 8 hours. Restrictions must be reasonable and not cause the baby of negative emotions. Should avoid excessive exposure to the sun, to reduce the presence in front of the TV or computer.

As children get older in most cases acetonemia States arise less and milder, and soon entirely disappear. But it should be remembered that the metabolism of the salts may occur in adulthood, in the form of kidney stones or gout. Therefore, the basic principles of the diet it is desirable to preserve in the future.

Pregnancy in the early stages

The Acetone in the urine during pregnancy in women can be detected by the appearance of toxicity, accompanied by repeated and incessant vomiting. A future mother, suffering strong morning sickness in the first 3 months of pregnancy, must be able to distinguish the normal or abnormal nature of the phenomenon. If slight nausea sometimes accompanied by vomiting in early pregnancy – unpleasant, but a natural factor that does not pose a threat to the health of a woman and her not yet born baby then continuous vomiting and malnutrition and drinking regime-this is the reason for an immediate visit to the hospital.

acetone in pregnant women


Found acetone in the urine during pregnancy at a later date is cause for a thorough examination and subsequent treatment in hospital. May reveal a symptom of preeclampsia or gestational diabetes.

Because the high concentration of acetone in the urine of women at this period of gestation provokes the emergence of some unforeseen complications, such as:

  1. Intense dehydration.
  2. Name of the future mom and the baby in the womb.
  3. Start labor prematurely or the risk of miscarriage.
  4. Falling into a coma or death.

If a woman is in the period of carrying a child will not be serious to treat actually...

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