The rosehip syrup. Useful properties of natural drugs


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We have all heard the hips. This spiny shrub, which was imported into Russia from Iran and the Himalayas. Since ancient times, the plant finds its use as a medicinal and decorative element.

rosehip syrup benefitsThe folk medicine recommends the hips to provide a light diuretic, tonic, antiscorbutic and revitalizing effect. This plant helps to stimulate the resilience of the human body the harmful effects that render the environment and improves the functioning of the digestive tract. The product normalizes the metabolic processes in the liver, helps with ulcers and cholecystitis, and intoxicated with alcohol.

Rose hip Syrup, useful properties of which are manifested in connection with the presence of all necessary for the body mineral elements, is produced from fruits of medicinal plants. This product retains all the medicinal properties of the berries.

rosehip syrup reviewsApparently the rosehip syrup-is a liquid to viscous consistency. The taste is sweet. Its color is dark brown. Rose hip syrup, useful properties of which are enclosed in great vitamin composition, can have on the body tonic effect. This tool reduces the permeability of blood vessels, produces anti-inflammatory effect and improves tissue regeneration. Recommend rosehip syrup at the phenomena of stagnation observed in the gallbladder. With the use of the product has a choleretic effect.

Rose hip Syrup, useful properties which occur due to the flavonoids, pectin and tannin substances contained in its composition, is recommended as an immunomodulator. Capable of healing agent to improve cerebral circulation.
Got the rosehip syrup reviews and how a wonderful product, relieves stress and fatigue. It is used in preventive measures to prevent hypovitaminosis. Recommended medicinal syrup to improve appetite.


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rosehip syrup usage instructionsRosehip Syrup, useful properties which are especially evident in the autumn-winter period is an excellent multivitamin tool. This drug enriches the body with many necessary nutrients. This significantly strengthened the protective power of a person increases his stamina, not only in physical but also in mental overload and is stimulated by the balanced work of all organs and systems.

Medicinal product increases blood clotting. Upon consumption improves vision. He contributes to the normalization of blood pressure.

Syrup made from rosehips, – powerful antioxidant. It prevents premature aging and deterioration of the skeletal system and plays a significant role in the synthesis of the desired collagen.

Applies a healing syrup and cosmetologists. He is part of means, whose action is directed on smoothing of wrinkles, improving the functionality of regenerating skin and elasticity.

Vitamin C, which is a large amount included in the composition of the syrup, helps to increase production of epinephrine and protects it from the oxidation process. This allows you to use the drug for relieving nervous tension and stress.

You Should know how to make the rosehip syrup. Instructions for use of the drug indicates prophylactic dosage that for children make a half-teaspoon per day and adults – dessert twice a day. In the treatment of the amount of syrup must be prescribed by a specialist.

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