Pills "Betaserc" in cervical osteochondrosis: reviews, instructions for use, analogs


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Osteochondrosis called complex disorders in articular cartilage, with degenerative nature. This condition can develop in any joint. However, most often the person affected disks of the vertebral column.

Betaserc in cervical osteochondrosis reviews

Depending on location of violation isolated cervical, lumbar and thoracic osteochondrosis. For this disease characterized by marked pain syndromes. With cervical osteochondrosis the patient may complain of pain in the shoulders, arms and head. In addition, a person develops so-called syndrome of the vertebral artery, which causes the following complaints: dizziness, noise in the head, flashing “flies”, throbbing headache, colored spots before eyes, etc.

There are many different physical therapy and drugs that reduce the intensity of these symptoms. One of them is “Betaserc”. The price mentioned drugs, their characteristics and indications described below.

Form, description, composition, packaging

Does “Betaserc” with cervical osteochondrosis? Consumer reviews on this account will be presented below.

This medication comes in the form of flat white tablets with bevelled edges and engraved “256” on one side. The active ingredient in this medicine is betahistine dihydrochloride. Also it is composed of: citric acid monohydrate, cellulose microcrystalline, silica colloidal anhydrous, mannitol (E421) and talc.

To Acquire this tool in blister packs contained in cardboard packages.


Why use “Betaserc” with cervical osteochondrosis? Specialists have reported that this drug is a synthetic analogue of histamine. It acts on the H1 - and H3-histamine receptors, which are located in the vestibular nuclei of the brain and in the inner ear.


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Betaserc price

After taking the drug inside improved permeability and microcirculation of the capillaries of the inner ear, and blood flow in the basilar artery. In addition, it means stabilizes the pressure of the endolymph in the labyrinth and the cochlea.

Consider the drug has a strong centralized action. The activity of this drug at the level of the brain stem helps to improve conduction in neurons.

All of the properties listed “Betaserk” appear in the form of eliminating noise and ringing in the ears, reduce the frequency and intensity of vertigo, as well as the normalization of partial hearing loss.

Kinetics of drugs

Once inside, tablets “Betaserc" rapidly and completely absorbed from the intestine. In their blood the peak concentration observed after three hours. In this case the active substance practically does not bind with plasma proteins.

Displays the medication in full by the kidneys per day.


Whether “Betaserc” with cervical osteochondrosis? Feedback suggests that this tool is not intended for the treatment of such diseases. It is used for vestibular and labyrinth disorders, headaches, edema labyrinth of the inner ear, the noise and pain in the ears, dizziness, vomiting, progressive hearing loss, nausea, sickness and Meniere's syndrome, benign positional vertigo.tablet Betaserc

It should Also be noted that this medicine may be appointed in complex treatment of vertebrobasilar insufficiency in posttraumatic encephalopathy and cerebral atherosclerosis.

The Drug “Betaserc” with cervical osteochondrosis

Experts report that the use of this drug in osteochondrosis of the cervical makes sense only in the presence of tservikokranialgii vertebral or vertebral artery syndrome.

As is known, in this disease the patient very often there are painful symptoms such as double vision, dizziness, instability when standing and so on. Such signs are due to compression of the arteries that bring blood to the brain. Because of this, there is a failure of its blood supply, which causes all of the symptoms listed above. Therefore, for the treatment of such disorders many people with osteoarthritis take pill “Betaserc”.


Considered medicine not prescribed for

  • Pheochromocytoma;
  • Asthma;
  • Peptic ulcer disease of the digestive tract in acute phase;
  • In the first trimester of pregnancy.

With caution, the drug “Betaserc”, the readings of which were listed above, should be used in children, ulcers of the digestive tract in history, in the third and second trimesters of pregnancy.

Betaserc the readings

It should Also be noted that this is not allowed to appoint people with hypersensitivity.

How to take “Betaserc”?

Consider the tablet must be taken orally during meals without chewing. Their dose depends on the patient. As a rule, it is 8 mg three times a day (can be increased to 16 mg three times a day or up to 24 mg twice a day).

The duration of the treatment, this tool is often delayed for several months.

In cervical osteochondrosis this drug can be taken occasionally, with the aim of relief of acute attacks, and courses for prevention. In the first case the patient is administered 2-3 tablets (i.e., 32-48 mg). As for a course of treatment, in this case, the drug is used in an amount of 16 mg three times a day, or 24 mg twice a day for 2-3 months.

Side effects

The tool may cause gastric distress. As to the background of its reception sometimes there are allergic reactions in the form of manifestations on the skin. Sometimes the patients had angioedema.

The Price of the app

How much is “Betaserc”? Price is 360-450 rubles (8 mg, 30 tablets). Analogues of this tool are: “Stugeron”, “Asnite”, “Cinnarizine”, “Beaver”, “Wasserk”, “Betagistin”, “Bertran”, “Wastecap”, “Vestibo” and other.

how to take Betaserc


Most people who use the ‘Betaserc” osteochondrosis of the cervical, leave him positive feedback. They claim that the drug is effectively resolves dizziness and tinnitus. It also improves cerebral blood circulation and in short terms normalizes the health of the person. However, it should be noted that the medication does not cure the cause of these symptoms, but only temporarily suppresses them.


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