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“Magne B6” is a product specifically developed to eliminate the lack of the trace mineral magnesium and vitamin B6. It can be used not only for treatment of deficiency States, but also in the preventive purposes. In addition, on the background of drug therapy noted the elimination of the consequences caused by the deficiency of these substances in the body, such as increased nervous irritability, pain in muscles, asthenia, fatigue, depressive disorders, functional disorders of the cardiovascular system, etc.

Magne B6 usage instructions reviews

Reviews of the "Magne B6" will be discussed further in this article.

Existing method of production and composition

Pharmaceutical market, the drug is represented by two varieties: "B6” and “Magne B6 Forte”. They different dosages of active substances. The last of them contains a double dose, he is a strong variation of the drug. That is the only difference them from each other.

There are two forms of release "B6": in the form of tablets and oral solution.

“Magne B6 Forte” presents only one form of release – tablets for oral administration. Mortar shape.

They are composed of the same active components, is represented by a salt of magnesium and vitamin B6.

Below we give a quantitative content of active substances depending on the variety of the funds.

One pill "B6" submitted by:

  • Magnesium lactate in the form of a dihydrate in the amount of 470 milligram, in terms of pure magnesium is equal to 48 milligrams of magnesium;
  • Vitamin B6 is represented by pyridoxine hydrochloride in an amount of 5 milligrams;
  • Auxiliary substances in the form of titanium dioxide, Carnauba wax, gum acacia, kaolin, carboxypolymethylene, magnesium stearate, sucrose and talc.

One pill “Magne B6 Forte» submitted by:


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Magne B6 solution reviews
  • Magnesium citrate in the amount of 618,43 milligram, in terms of pure magnesium is equal to 100 milligrams of magnesium;
  • Vitamin B6 is represented by pyridoxine hydrochloride in the amount of 10 milligrams;
  • Auxiliary substances in the form of these, lactose, titanium dioxide, macrogol, magnesium stearate, talc.

"B6" in ampoules. Reviews about this drug are presented below. One ampoule is submitted:

  • Magnesium lactate in the form of a dihydrate in an amount of 186 mg;
  • Magnesium pidolate in the amount of 936 mg, in terms of pure magnesium is equal to 100 milligrams of magnesium;
  • Vitamin B6 is represented by pyridoxine hydrochloride in the amount of 10 milligrams;
  • Auxiliary substances in the form of sodium disulfite, sodium saccharin, cherry and caramel flavoring, distilled water.

Tablets are presented in a lenticular form, the same brilliant white color. Reviews about "B6" mostly positive.


Pills are in cartons of 50 pieces each. “Magne B6 Forte” presented in quantitative forms of packaging: 30 or 60 pieces in each.

The Solution for oral administration is available in ampoules of 10 ml.

The Number of ampoules in one package – 10 pieces. The solution is transparent brown with a caramel aroma. It describes in detail the manual.

Reviews of "B6" abound.

Magne B6 manual reviews

Therapeutic properties

Magnesium – is an essential trace mineral whose role in various physiological processes of the human body is very important. He is the transmitter of impulses from nerve fibers to muscle. In addition, it provides the contractile activity of the latter. It helps reduce nervous excitability of cells and activates a number of enzymes that play a key role in the correct biochemical chains of metabolism.

Consider the most typical cases, when the body suffers from a lack of magnesium:

  • The violation of absorption of magnesium from the incoming food due to congenital abnormalities of metabolism;
  • Deficiency of magnesium due to prolonged fasting, a meager diet;
  • Violation of absorption of magnesium in the digestive tract due to prolonged diarrhea, some pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Pathologically rapid excretion of magnesium from the body due to polyuria, receiving diuretic medication, chronic pyelonephritis, primary hyperaldosteronism;
  • Increased the body's need for magnesium in stressful situations, with increased physical and mental activity, pregnancy.

Indications for use

The Therapeutic goal of both types of drugs are the same:

  1. The following set of symptoms, preferably accompanied by laboratory-confirmed indicators of magnesium deficiency, a sleep disorder, spasmodic muscular pain, palpitations, increased nervous excitability, spasmodic disorders of bowels and stomach, tingling in the muscle tissue.
  2. As a preventive measure aimed at preventing the development of magnesium deficiency on the background of increased needs (pregnancy, stress, a limited diet) or high vyvodyaschy of magnesium from the body (kidney disease and the need for use of diuretics).
    Magne B6 manual for kids reviews

If "B6" children? The reviews confirm that tolerated the drug is mostly good. We will understand more.

Usage instructions

For adult patients and children older than 6 years, the tool is designed in the shape of tablets.

Children under the age of 6 years appoint the solution.

The recommended daily dosage is usually divided into 2-3 doses with the maximum possible equal intervals.


The pills should be along with food. They cannot crack or be chewed and should be swallowed whole, washed down with the carbonated water.

According to the instructions and reviews for children "B6" great.

The Age criteria for use:

  • Children over 12 and adults - per day is recommended from 6 to 8 tablets.
  • For children aged over 6 years who weigh more than 20 kg per day is recommended from 4 to 6 tablets.

Tablet form "B6" not recommended for patients with a diagnosis of "diabetes" due to the content of tablets of sucrose. For this group of patients suitable "B6" solution.

The Duration of prophylactic administration is two to four weeks.

The duration of the course to eliminate the deficit of magnesium depends on the rate of disappearance magnetocapacitive symptoms. The normalization of the content of magnesium in the blood it is advisable to confirm laboratory.

This specifies the instructions for use. Reviews about "B6" presented at the end of the article.

Magne B6 in early pregnancy testimonials


Each ampoule contains 10 ml solution. The solution is administered orally during meals. It is first necessary to dissolve in 100 milliliters of water (non-carbonated).

In order to open the ampoule, there is no need to netprivate. Ampoules are produced samootkryvayuschiesya. For safe opening of ampoules follow the steps:

  1. Pre-prepare a clean container (glass).
  2. Set the vial in a thin clean cloth.
  3. Using the fingers of one hand hold the ampoule in a tissue, keeping her upright position.
  4. With the Other hand snap off the tip at the top.
  5. Turn the vial open end down so that the solution could turn into the prepared container.
  6. The solution is poured from the ampoules, it is necessary to break off one sharp tip on the other side of the ampoule.
  7. To break the second tip, it is necessary to press sharply to the side, but it is hard to keep your fingers to avoid getting it in the glass.
  8. Liquid freely will result in the prepared container.

Extracted from the ampoule solution must be diluted in half a glass of water. Open the ampoule and diluted with water the solution is not intended for storage even for several hours. The resulting liquid to drink immediately after opening the ampoule.

The Age criteria for use:

  • Children over 12 and adults - in day is recommended 2 to 4 ampules.
  • Children older than 6 years per day is recommended from 1 to 3 vials, which is divided into 3 doses (1/3-1 ampoule 3 times a day).
  • For children aged 1 to 6 years per day is recommended from 1 to 4 vials.

As already noted, the preformed shape "B6" not recommended for appointment to patients with diabetes because of the soda...

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