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Modern man is so stuck in routine matters, he stopped to think about the most important-health. Work, meetings, personal problems – with all that we forget about nutrition. Eating in a hurry, the lack of adequate nutrition – a powerful factor of occurrence of problems with health and figure. Recently, we completely forgot about nutrition. And in fact depends on it very much. A huge number of health problems we get, forgetting about healthy food. What do we eat today? Here are the answers to all the questions.

List of harmful products. News. News

Increasingly popular harmful products. We all know that is harmful, usually the most delicious. Each person in the the day need a certain amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. For different people the consumption figures will be different. The basis is, as a rule, take the data for the average person. The figures of the consumption norms of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and other components you can calculate for yourself based on weight and lifestyle. As though a man was busy he must find time for a full Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not following the correct diet, we endanger not only your figure but also your health. How to follow the simple rules and that is just not worth it to eat? Talk about this today. A list of harmful food products – something with which, perhaps, we should start there.

Fast food

Everyone knows how popular fast food. Fast food outlets every day crowded with people. Almost everyone is forced to eat fast food products. Why? The answer is simple: fast and delicious.


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list harmful products

Based on this, and no one thinks that it is unsafe. I want to eat? Fast food, possibly, will remove the feeling of hunger, but not for long. It's so processed product that in its composition it has no fiber – that helps us feel full. But why do many such products, so it flavors and flavor enhancers. Thanks to them human to say, hold on the hook, forcing them to eat fast food every day. So, if we consider a regular Burger, 100 g, accounting for almost 49 grams of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates, of course, to the right person, but obviously not in such excessive amounts.

No less than adults are attracted to fast food and children. To give children from an early age, fast food is strictly not recommended. It is quite addictive. I want more and more. Fatty foods together with sweet, such as soda, causes a growing desire to eat. At the same time as fast as the person eats, he regains the feeling of hunger. And so the circle.

Excessive consumption of fast food leads to obesity and many other diseases. What are the consequences from these harmful products? The list of diseases that are possible with excessive consumption of fast food: diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, heart attack and stroke, problems with the nervous system. Moreover, fast food leads to cancer. All these diseases are dangerous.

Is it Worth eating this food? It's everyone decides for himself. Not to say that eating fast food are strictly prohibited. He is good when it out a bit. Sometimes this portion does not affect health. That is to eat, but in very limited quantities and is extremely rare. Always keep in mind that fast food should not become the basis of the diet.

Chips and crackers

A List of harmful food products complement the chips and crackers. These products are popular especially among teenagers, carry a very great harm. Not everyone knows that, for example, chips made not from whole vegetables, and potato flour and not fried in vegetable oil and technical grease. Today no manufacturer saves on chemical additives. Simply put, this product, like chips and crackers, do not contain anything natural. But contains a lot of salt and most importantly, is very nutritious product. The average packet of crisps – one third of the daily requirement of calories needed by the person. In General, solid chemistry.

One Cannot deny the fact that when used in large amounts such products are addictive. Needless to say that they are on the list of unhealthy products for children? Even for an adult they may be considered waste in the daily diet. Chips and crackers better to permanently exclude from your diet. By the way, they are not only useless, but also lead to dangerous diseases like stroke, heart attack, disorders of the nervous system, obesity, Allergy, Oncology. Chips are included in the list of harmful products for the liver and kidneys. It is worth considering. Well, the list of hazardous products for human health continue with the next two.

Mayonnaise and ketchup

When Buying such a product, we put at risk the vessels, causing their walls lose their flexibility. Preservatives, added to mayonnaise make it even more harmful. Ketchup, in turn, contains almost no natural tomatoes, but is crowded with flavors and other chemical additives. That is why ketchup should be excluded from your diet, as mayonnaise is better to replace sour cream. It is not only safe, but also very useful product.

Sugar and salt

Sugar and salt can not be in the list of harmful food to human health. Let's start with the fact that the day a person needs 10-15 g of salt. We consume it in 5 or even 10 times more. Excess salt disrupts the fluid balance in the body. This gives rise to problems with the kidneys, heart and blood vessels. Occur quite a serious disease.

unhealthy food list

No wonder people salt called “white death". No less threatening, and sugar. Incidentally, it is included in the list of products that are harmful to the pancreas. In what ways? Sugar increases the amount of glucose in the blood. As a result, the pancreas begins to work more intensely. As a rule, the result is diabetes. Moreover, excessive consumption of sugar leads to obesity, dental problems, disruption of mineral balance.

White bread

It would Seem that this product carries only only benefit. This is not so. White bread is included in our product list. Harmful carbohydrates – so can rightly be called white bread. Today it is difficult to imagine our diet without it. However, the use should be limited. Vitamins, as such, do not exist in this product, but calories galore. Enough in white bread and fiber – substances that regulate bowel function and reduce the occurrence of inflammation in the intestines. If the product is sometimes even recommended to use in small amounts, from the following should definitely refuse. Another worth noting is the fact that modern white bread is baked by adding different chemicals.

Canned food

This product is one of the most dangerous in the list of harmful products. Only today is not canned: vegetables, meat, fish, fruit, dairy products and more.

list harmful products news

Have you Heard the expression ever “dead food"? So you should consider this product. What danger is there? When storing food creates an anaerobic environment, i.e. without air. For many bacteria it is very favorable. This is only the first problem.

The Other is that such products as a result of heat treatment losing almost all nutrients. Different chemicals added to canned food, makes them even more harmful. Is it worth risking your health by eating this delicious, but dangerous to the health of the product? I think the answer is obvious.


Today, no one is against “make life sweeter”, especially as the shelves are inundated with sweet treats. In moderation pastry is not harmful, but their excessive use can lead to sad consequences. Surely everyone has seen the commercial where a chocolate bar replaces regular food to slake the hunger. In fact, our body is very harmful. You can't replace a full dinner, lunch or Breakfast for a sweet snack.

And why we eat a lot of it? To some extent, confectionery products also are addictive, and kids at times and not tear them. So what are they still harmful? Sweets contain large amounts of sugar, and we daily use it in excess. First, a large amount of sugar hurts the figure. Secondly, it leads to diabetes, stroke and heart attack.

Another, everyone knows the problem – tooth pain. Sugar leads to the destruction of enamel and dentin underneath it, and therefore is harmful to the teeth. Candies, meringue, marmalade, jelly, marshmallows, caramel, donuts, chocolate-these treats are definitely delicious, but eat them only in limited quantities.


We used to take the meat products are an excellent source of protein. This product also contains iron and vitamins. Person since childhood need these components to grow normally and to provide the body with the most needed throughout life. This is the case, if we talk about real meat. Unfortunately, today's produce is not a safe meat products. The course is not only natural meat, but also cartilage, skin and various remains.

Even sadder is the case with sausages. All used to use this product for a snack: quick, convenient, tasty. Suck...

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