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Parameters define the size of the uterus

To some extent these parameters are determined by the body Constitution and age of the woman. In many ways, they depend on the number of pregnancies, abortions, childbirth, illness, and other factors. Thus, the size of the uterus in different women are different. However, there are limits that define normal values of a healthy uterus.

In this case, operate on four main factors:

a longitudinal size, i.e. length;

- cross size-the width

- anteroposterior size

- thickness of the uterus.

One of the most accurate methods for determining the size of the uterus is an ultrasound through the abdominal wall or through a transvaginal scan.

Natural change the size of the uterus: the main periods

The size of the uterus vary according to defined periods and important moments in a woman's life, namely: with the onset of puberty, during pregnancy and postmenopause.

The newborn girl, the uterus is about four inches in length. Followed by a period of involution, during which the uterus reduces in size and approximately to the year becomes almost two times less. Actively grow it starts somewhere in the seven years before the completion of puberty.

For the Mature, but not yet parous women are considered to be the size of the uterus is normal, if the length, including the cervix, is 7-7,9 cm, width is equal to 3-3,9 cm, Antero-posterior dimension is in the range from 2 to 4.5 cm, and finally the thickness of the uterus - from 2 to 4 cm

In the period of carrying a child uterus naturally increases and can reach 32 cm in length and 20 cm in width. In the postpartum period, the uterus rapidly begins to decline and returned to their former size. However, in the case of the first or second pregnancy she would have been bigger than they were before conception, adding one or two inches to each parameter. Thus, it is now the norm for the length of the uterus parous women will be equal to 8 or 9.2 cm, the width is closer to 5 cm, thickness range from 2.9 to 5.1 cm, and the anteroposterior size of 4-6 cm as a result of subsequent pregnancy the uterine size is almost unchanged.


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The Uterus may significantly change in size, if the woman's pregnancy ended in a miscarriage or abortion. This is especially true of length, which can grow to half an inch.

We must Not forget that the size of the uterus is largely dependent on the Constitution and size of a woman, because determining the size for each woman is individual. The framework standards – only the reference, not binding dogma.

Uterine enlargement due pathologies

It Should be noted that the increase in size of the uterus may also be indicative of the occurrence of certain diseases. Such symptom accompanied, as a rule, fibroids, adenomyosis, cancer, ovarian cysts.

A Common reason for the increase of the uterus is a fibroid which is a benign fibrous tumor in the uterus. Small fibroids that are not causing much discomfort, health threats can not be held.

Another disease, common in many women, is the cyst, which is a formation in the ovary, filled with fluid. It usually does not cause much inconvenience, and eventually goes away, but in some cases gives complications, which increase the size of the uterus.

Adenomyosis, in which grows the lining of the uterus, common in women, usually after thirty years. This disease is characterized by severe pain.

A Cancerous tumor in the endometrium of the uterus, which leads to an increase in its size, most often appears during menopause.

About the presence of diseases demonstrate soreness in the back, pelvis or abdomen, as well as during urination or intercourse. If you notice such symptoms should immediately see a gynecologist.

Thus, to determine the size of the uterus it is best to consult a doctor, who based on the testimony of ultrasound at different times, taking into account individual and age peculiarities of women, as well as her history, will be able to answer the question of what size should be the uterus is from this particular woman.

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