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Birthmark are modified areas of the skin that appear for various reasons. Depending on the size, texture and other characteristics specialist makes a decision about mole removal.

Some of them appear immediately after birth, others are acquired throughout life. Everyone should carefully monitor their condition, as any changes can cause cancer. If you have a mole, it's a reason to go to the doctor for a full examination of the body. In any case do not suffer pain, this often leads to negative consequences.

It Should be noted that there are factors that provoke and accelerate the process of degeneration of a neoplasm into a malignant tumor. First of all, this long exposure to the direct rays of the sun. This is due to the fact that ultraviolet radiation contributes to the beginning of irreversible processes in skin cells, which leads to various complications.

Another reason is the injured mole. Very often in life people hurt protruding above the surface of the skin mole with various objects (a nail, a sponge, clothing, etc.). In this case, it is necessary to immediately consult an oncologist to treat the damage and to carry out the analysis to exclude infection.

Substantial changes in the skin occur in hormonal failure in the body. Most often, it is pregnancy in women. Of course, any changes should immediately tell watching the doctor, especially if you have a mole. If the mole does not hurt, does not increase, does not bleed and does not cause any discomfort, and you should not worry about the presence of cancer cells. Experts do not recommend to interfere in the natural processes of the body without good testimony.


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Especially dangerous is the case when bleeding mole. You cannot self-medicate, because infected blood can lead to shock and other body parts. Even a slight increase in size, change in texture, formation of inflammation of the skin around the moles, appearance of itching, burning and cracking should be a valid reason for going to the oncologist. Of course, not always the results show the presence of cancer, but it is advisable to be reinsured, than then to treat the disease in advanced form.

Typically, if a sore mole, after examination and analysis specialist assigns a procedure to remove it. It is done surgically. To prevent the appearance of pigment spots on the skin, it is advisable to undergo chemotherapy. His goal is to stop or slow the growth of tumor cells that may remain inside the body. But, as a rule, in the primary stages of melanoma surgery achieves good results and contributes to the complete disappearance of the nevus. The main methods is laser removal, burning with liquid nitrogen, electric current, “radiologia” and others.

It is Recommended not to forget about preventive measures that prevent the appearance of undesirable stains on the surface of the skin. First of all, the reduction in time spent in the sun. In Sunny weather you need to use sunscreen, which prevent the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the skin. This also applies to fake tan at the Solarium. And as often as possible to inspect the surface of the skin to lock in the appearance of new spots or significant changes to existing moles. This will save the health and beauty of your body.

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