Cold dermatitis: symptoms and treatment


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Those who had to deal with cold dermatitis, will not be able lightly to low temperatures on clear winter days. After all, all that is needed for the manifestation of such disease, accompanied by quite unpleasant symptoms, is cold. A more detailed study of this disease will help to understand how to avoid it and, if necessary, to overcome.

Cold dermatitis

This name is used to describe the inflammatory process in the skin, which becomes its redness. The reason for such a reaction of the body is hypothermia of the skin.

cold dermatitis

Most Often this type of dermatitis is manifested by red spots in the area where itching is felt, and their surface cracks and flaking of the skin.

Cold dermatitis on the face and hands are easy to confuse with hives and chicken pox, since, in addition to redness, possible rash and swelling. However, such a disease can have more serious consequences than a similar ailments. Some cases were reported fainting, shock and even death.

General symptoms

Cold dermatitis can be identified by certain characteristic signs.

First of all, it should be noted that the reaction may occur a few days after the moment of exposure of the skin. But in the end still appear reddish spot, the shape and size of which can be completely different. In these areas there is burning pain and itching.

This process does not end: a few days later, perhaps the appearance of cracks covered with pus (sometimes). Often, people who are faced with such a problem as cold dermatitis, there is a desire to strip that appears on the affected areas crust. You should not do that. The point is that such education protects the skin from infection through cracks in spots.


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 cold dermatitis photo

If we talk about the manifestation of disease in the arms and in particular brushes, it is worth noting that sometimes this process is accompanied by formation of eczema. When struck by the face, in addition to stains, can be observed and related symptoms: release of liquid from the nose, and quite intense, and redness of the eyes.

If a person is faced with the manifestation of the disease and in this condition were exposed to the cold, there is a risk of disruption of the lungs that are exposed to low temperature. Such a complication provokes shortness of breath, and even suffocation, but this happens only in extreme cold.


It's a very unpleasant experience - discover the cold dermatitis on the face. Photo Of people with this disease - a direct proof. So it makes sense to deal with those, the reasons appears this disease and prevent it.

Virtually any disease is the result of exposure to external or internal factors. As for the cold dermatitis, regarding the source of this disease doctors have not yet figured out, or rather, come to a consensus.

According to one version, the red spots on the skin after exposure to the cold can occur due to the connection of proteins that subsequently irritate the skin. Also, some experts tend to believe that people with dry skin are more likely to face such a problem as cold dermatitis on the hands. Looks like such an unpleasant problem, it is possible to learn with pictures.cold dermatitis on face

It is Worth noting the fact that similar irritation of the skin may develop when the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract fails. Common causes of disease can be attributed to a trivial violation of thermoregulation of the skin, which sometimes occurs due to insufficient insulation of the hands and the lack of protection of the face in the frost. But in this case the positive is the fact that the irritation does not last long.

How to diagnose

In order to this issue, as the cold dermatitis, the treatment was most effective, it should be possible to quickly identify the disease. This, of course, have to use certain techniques that will ensure the quality of diagnosis.

cold dermatitis on face photo

To obtain the exact result will not, therefore, initially should consult a dermatologist, who specializiruetsya to work with such problems.

First, you have to take the General tests of urine, blood, as well as a detailed analysis, which can determine the body's reaction to different allergens and the immune system. Only after all the data about the patient's condition will be obtained, the doctor, after a thorough inspection of the spots, makes the decision regarding treatment. In some cases it is even possible direction to other professionals.

What you need to know about prevention

In order to prevent the development of such diseases as cold dermatitis, and adults, need to follow some preventive guidelines.

First of all, according to the experts, you need to drink a complex of vitamins that can improve blood circulation and the condition of the body. If you follow this advice, then the treatment cold dermatitis may not be necessary.

The Following, what should be given attention is the gastrointestinal tract. This means that in winter you need to prepare. Even before the onset of cold weather you should use in your diet foods that are a source of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. This can be carrots, oatmeal, spinach, liver, eggs, vegetable oil, etc.

As for winter walks, in order to avoid negative reactions of the skin it should be covered by a special protective cream. Such nutrient media can be used and protect to treat cold dermatitis


Despite the fact that the main cause of irritation on the hands and face when cold is a low temperature, dampen the skin and can various corrosive chemicals, the impact of which should not be discounted.

This means that you need to protect your skin while washing, clean the plumbing or washing dishes. Good protection for hands during these procedures will be rubber gloves.

Do Not forget that in a variety of creams, moisturizing the skin and protecting it from exposure to low temperatures, can also contain chemical elements that may have a negative impact. So before purchased at the drugstore creams, you should carefully study their composition and to take the opportunity of the consultation.

How disease manifests itself in children

You Should know that the symptoms of such diseases as cold dermatitis, may occur in different ages. If we talk about children, it should be noted that in this disease their skin is covered with red spots, which in most cases start to peel off.

Localized symptoms of dermatitis in the area of hands, face, neck, ears and even behind the knees. When a child is on the street at low temperature, can be observed also a rash of whitish color. However when getting into a warm room it disappears.cold dermatitis in a child

How to protect your child's skin

To avoid the development of cold dermatitis in baby, is to pay attention to nutrition Chad. Keep in the diet was not products that can provoke an allergic reaction.

It is Also important periodically to ventilate the room. It is necessary not to forget a nutritious gel that can be applied to hands. It will be useful both as a prophylactic and to neutralize the appeared spots. Corn meal is another product that can help in this situation, it promotes rapid healing of eczema and soothes the itching. To obtain the desired effect it treat the affected areas.

Do Not forget about the beneficial effects of literacy training. We are talking about contrast baths for hands and feet. But they should not last more than 30 seconds.

The Importance of treatment

Enough time to look at the symptoms, which is characterized by cold dermatitis (photos presented to your attention, show not all the "charms" of the disease - they are unable to transmit sensations, such as pain and itching), to realize that to delay treatment when this diagnosis is not necessary.

In addition, any Allergy to the cold, especially in children, according to qualified pediatricians, deserves a serious approach. That is, parents who noticed on the child's body symptoms of dermatitis, it is not necessary to hope that this problem will disappear by itself, they say, children will outgrow it.

The point is that often the above-described reaction in the cold is nothing other than a manifestation of another disease. And if you run the situation, hoping for a natural resolution to the problem, it is possible to encounter unpleasant for the child and parents complications.

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