Pinworms: treatment and prevention


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Statistics show that the morbidity associated with the appearance in the body of the worms, very high around the world, regardless of the level of living in the country. In the case of children, this frequency is comparable to the flu. The greatest risk of infection has a child attending childcare. Helminth infection here can reach 80%.

Pinworm (pinworms) and roundworms (ascariasis) - the two most common types of parasites that affect the human body.

Enterobiasis (pinworms)

Pinworms - the least dangerous baby worms. However, the damage that pinworms can inflict a little person, can be significant. The disease creates serious difficulties in the formation of the immune system, especially if it occurs repeatedly. Therefore enterobiasis treatment though and has an unpleasant, but very necessary, which is not urgent. The disturbed balance of the intestinal microflora is quite often leads to serious gastrointestinal disorders. Exacerbated chronic diseases. In girls, the infection with worms can cause diseases of the genitourinary system, in the event the pinworm manages to penetrate in a sexual way.

Pinworms - white, thin, small (from 2 to 12 mm) worms. They are distributed in the lower intestine. Each female can lay up to 15 thousand eggs, with a very high maturity. For this night, usually around midnight, she is chosen from the anus and within the folds near it. It is these movement of worms and cause a person discomfort - itching.

Due to the very small weight, babies easily latch onto the skin around the anus, hands, underwear, creating a vast environment for the infection.


To Get enterobiasis children through water, food, soil, dirty hands, insects, contact with sick people and animals, swimming in open water. Especially often diagnosed enterobiasis, treatment should be given to those children who have been on vacation in camps with open reservoirs.


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Complaints of itching in the anal area and the anus, restless sleep, diarrhea, bloating, unstable appetite, bad breath, scratching - evidence that the child's body was subjected to the disease, as enterobiasis treatment which must appoint a physician-infectious disease. The baby becomes irritable because the worms are thrown into the blood of toxic substances. He gets tired quickly, it weakens. May cause allergic skin reactions.


At the first sign of worm infestation the patient should immediately seek help from a doctor. Specialists in this area are infectious disease physicians, Parasitologists and gastroenterologists. The task of the doctor is detection of the disease enterobiasis treatment which is aimed at the destruction of pinworms, as well as the maximum reduction caused by worms harm children.

The Process of treatment and recovery takes place sequentially. At the initial stage of diseases such as enterobiasis in children, treatment is reduced to the removal of parasites. To this end, the child is given Flaxseed or pumpkin seed oil. This is followed by the receive de-worming of funds. The third stage of healing is the use of drugs, normalizing and regenerating the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines. These drugs are also aimed at strengthening the immune system and restore metabolism.

Among the drugs that are effectively fighting with enterobiasis in children are proven drugs derived from the substance of carbonatesilicate (e.g., mebendazole, Madamin) as well as derivatives of tetrahydropyrimidine (well known to all Pyrantel).

Unfortunately, when drug efficacy and cause some damage to your child's body. Therefore, if the disease is not running, then an alternative solution in the fight against enterobiasis can become eating foods with anthelmintic action. These include carrots, pomegranate, strawberries, walnuts, garlic. A decoction of St. John's wort is also able to give a positive result. But in the case of choosing a treatment option, be sure to consult a specialist in this field.


Infection with parasites is often called the disease of dirty hands. Given that children are all pulling in the mouth, including unwashed hands, toddlers requires constant monitoring. Water for drinking should be used only filtered and boiled. All raw foods - greens, fruits, vegetables, berries - it is important to carefully wash. Linens the infected child must be changed frequently, and after washing carefully ironed. As under the fingernails accumulates dirt, then it is better to briefly cut off. It is necessary not to allow children to kiss Pets and engage in tactile contact with stray dogs and cats.

Responsibility for the health of children are adults, parents, babysitters, caregivers, teachers. By the way, the treatment of enterobiasis in adults carries out almost the same way as that of the children. Teaching a child the basic rules of hygiene - the first task in the prevention of infectious diseases.

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