Virage of tuberculin skin test in children: causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


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Breakdown of the Tuberculin skin test is called a diagnostic method of determining the sensitivity of the person to the TB bacteria. The test allows to determine whether the organism of tuberculous infection. The most common variant testing — Mantoux test.

Virage of tuberculin skin test in children

What is called the Virage of tuberculin skin test

Many parents, for the first time, hearing the diagnosis "tuberculous bend test", ask what it is. The Virage of tuberculin skin test, referred to as the first positive result of samples, provided that prior to this, the results were negative. The reason for the bend may be, or vaccination against tuberculosis, or infection with disease. In any case, upon hearing the term, do not panic: for final confirmation of the diagnosis the child should pass some additional tests. And only after a full examination, the doctor can make a definitive diagnosis.


PPD is called the organism's response to contact with tuberculin. In the area of injection with a characteristic inflammation caused by blood cells responsible for immunity. If the human body has the bacteria of tuberculosis, the body's reaction to a shot will be harder and the test will show a positive result. Measuring with a ruler the so-called a papule (in simple terms, “button” test), determine the degree of response of human immunity to tuberculosis bacteria. Staging Mantoux test forbidden in case of skin or infectious diseases, as well as patients suffering from exacerbation of Allergy.

Virage of tuberculin skin test in children treatment

Response sample children

In most cases, the child's reaction at injection is negative. The remaining 30% of children in the sample gives a positive or doubtful result.

The child's Body collides with the TB bacteria at an early age. A distinctive property of Koch's Bacillus is the rate of penetration in the human body. With a weak immune system the infection rapidly enters the body and stays in it for life. The causative agent of tuberculosis may not manifest itself until favorable conditions for distribution. The process of contacting the tuberculosis bacteria a child is very difficult. High-risk children under the age of 3 years. At this age in 90% of cases of infection in the body leads to the disease.


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All vaccinated against tuberculosis children each year undergo tuberculin check.

Virage of tuberculin skin test in children is transmitted

Tested Positive

Virage of tuberculin skin test in children — is a dynamic change of negative to positive over time. The process consists of these steps:

  1. The result of the initial test was diagnosed with questionable or negative result.
  2. Secondary survey showed an increase in inflammation up to 15 mm.
  3. Follow-up audit showed an increase in papules of 5 mm compared to second stage.

Diagnosis “Virage of tuberculin skin test,” in children does not mean that the child has tuberculosis. The increase in papules can sometimes be the result of allergic reactions to the injection. But, as a rule, the curve indicates the presence of bacteria of the disease in the body of the child. For definitive diagnosis of the doctor prescribes additional examinations.

Virage of tuberculin skin test in children Komorowski

Opinion of Dr. Komarovsky

Interesting to know the opinion of the famous pediatrician Eugene O. Komorowski on the Virage of tuberculin skin test in children. The doctor said that the positive result of Mantoux test indicates the presence in the body of the child of tubercle bacilli. The process of increasing papules tells about the development of immunity. Komorowski further advised to conduct additional examination: undergo a thorough examination, blood tests, do x-rays. If these measures confirmed the preliminary diagnosis, you need to start treatment of tuberculosis. If the suspicion is not confirmed, the child is considered healthy and additional measures for the diagnosis and treatment it is not required.

Sometimes your doctor there is doubt regarding the diagnosis. This often happens when the x-ray cannot be interpreted unambiguously. In this case, Eugene advises to carry out preventive treatment, "Isoniazid". Virage of tuberculin skin test has a chance to develop into a real TB over time. It may take 5, sometimes even 10 years, and untreated at the time, the beginnings of the disease will turn into a terrible disease.

The Probability of such a process is 0.5 %, but nevertheless in most cases, doctors are reinsured, and administered children antibiotic. In this situation, Dr. Komarovsky advises parents not to trust doctors who are often incompetent and make the decision yourself.

Virage of tuberculin skin test and treatment with isoniazid

The Use of "Isoniazid"

The Process of treatment of tuberculosis is prolonged, especially at the end of the patient need additional courserehabilitation. Therefore, prevention of TB has higher priority than the process of treatment. Treatment superelevation tuberculin tests in children with "Isoniazid" — an important component of TB control activities. Studies prove that the use of "Isoniazid" to reduce by 90% the probability of developing TB among people who were previously infected.

The Drug has an effect on the TB bacteria that are in the stage of reproduction, but also destroys the microorganisms of disease in the resting phase. High efficacy of a drug is celebrated not only in the treatment of tuberculosis, but also in prevention. It is important to understand that the use of "Isoniazid" should be undertaken only in situations where the diagnosis showed clear risk factors for the development of this disease. The drug is indicated only for patients, a diagnosis that allows infection by bacteria tuberculosis or suggests the probability of development of active forms of the disease.

"TB" is prescribed to children who had contact with carriers of the disease. After 3 months of treatment the child shows a Mantoux test. Prophylactic administration of the drug for children is 2 months. "Isoniazid" take up to 10 mg per kilogram of body weight of the patient per day.

Virage of tuberculin skin test what is it

The Risk of infection of the child

Numerous studies conducted by epidemiologists show that the classical course of TB children rarely infect other children or adults. Children's cough contains virtually no phlegm and the cough weak push, the child is not able to spray the bacteria particles in the air. The teenagers with large outbreaks of the disease, transmit the disease is capable of. The detection of pulmonary tuberculosis in a child, many doctors recommended to isolate young patient. However, it is proved that such a measure is unnecessary: Virage of tuberculin skin test in children is transmitted very rarely.

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