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Many people know the feeling when my teeth hurt in the cold. This happens after exposure to strong wind, the draught, the cold, swimming in cold water, walking some time in wet shoes. All of this can lead to colds, and tooth pain is a signal about the development of the disease.

Dental Problem

What to do and how to treat this disease? When it is sensitive and painful reaction to hot and cold, salty and sweet, you first need to visit the dentist. When all these symptoms appear because of a cold, the doctor will prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory pharmaceuticals.

a toothache colds

Sometimes it may happen that the dentist sends the patient on consultation to the neuropathologist. But to be afraid is not necessary. When inflamed trigeminal nerve, only this, the specialist will prescribe appropriate and effective drugs.

When my teeth hurt with a cold, what to do? To solve this problem, there are several options:

international funds;

- homeopathic;

- the methods of traditional medicine.

Time-Tested folk remedies

Earlier, people were saved from a toothache using such funds:

- place where the most pain was felt, rubbed with cut garlic tine;

- a strong infusion of ginger rinsed the sore spot or RUB it in your gums;

- eliminate toothache, you can use a piece of unsalted pork fat, which you need to put between the gum where it hurts, and cheek;

- to problem place it is possible to make a little gruel prepared from the leaves of the geranium room;

very effective in dealing with any toothache propolis: it not only relieves, but also helps to avoid festering sores.

how to treat

If you have a toothache, the common cold, can use these ways. They in most cases will have a positive effect. But only if pain is present in decayed teeth.


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And how else to help myself if my teeth hurt with a cold? Than rinsing to eliminate the discomfort? There are several recipes that it makes sense to use at home:

1. Very good to rinse your mouth with a solution of soda. It helps to relieve inflammation of tissues near the teeth. To prepare it you'll need a glass of warm water and teaspoon of baking soda.

2. Take thyme, sage, and yarrow in equal proportions. Of these plants made a decoction with which to rinse your mouth several times a day.

3. If, during the cold badly aching teeth, it is indispensable will be a hot decoction of sage. It need to dial in your mouth and keep the patient in the field until subside unpleasant sensation.


How to treat a toothache with homeopathic remedies? Self-administer is not recommended. Only after prior consultation with a specialist-a doctor-homeopath. If you do not, you can not improve health, but on the contrary, even more making things worse.

Causes health problems

Why do my teeth hurt with a cold? The reasons may be different. At first glance it seems that these two diseases among themselves are completely unrelated. Especially this time of surprise, when the teeth healthy.

teeth hurt when cold what to do

In the case of a viral infection or respiratory illness affects the respiratory tract, the mucous membrane becomes inflamed. Then there is discharge from the nose, a lot of the secret is going in the sinuses. They, in turn, put pressure on the tooth nerve endings.

Also the reason why teeth hurt when cold, can be a liquid pharmaceutical drugs that the patient takes when the disease. Mostly they contain citric acid, which thins the tooth enamel. And this contributes to greater sensitivity to external stimuli. That this did not happen, the drugs do not need a long time to hold in your mouth, and even better – to drink the liquid using a tube.

If during a cold heavily clogged nose, of cases, of course, mouth breathing that leads to drying of the mouth, and the sugar that is left after eating, affects the enamel. The sensitivity of the teeth increases, and the sensation of pain often appears. In this case it is advisable to drink plenty of warm water.

Why do my teeth hurt with a cold? Because of the stomach acid that destroys enamel. It happens that the disorder is caused by a virus or infection in the human body, provoke vomiting. And stomach acid, which ultimately remained on the enamel, destroying it. To avoid this, after the vomiting attacks should rinse your mouth with warm purified water.


How to help if my teeth hurt with a cold? Drugs, of course, there will be necessary. Most people prefer paracetamol, as it is considered to be one of the inexpensive and harmless tools. Use it to calm mild pain, decrease inflammation and lower fever.

If the pain is severe, it is better to use such drugs as "Ibuprofen" or "Nimesulide". Both the first and the second medication has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic actions.

a toothache a cold the reasons

You Can also use dental drops. The treatment process is very simple. In any pharmacy such drugs can be purchased. How to use them? You need to drop a few drops on cotton wool, which is applied to a problem location. The basis of these drugs is the Valerian or camphor, which have a sedative effect.

From colds toothache can be cured with a resolving breath mints. Until the complete disappearance of unpleasant sensations of them at a time need to eat some stuff.


In order To avoid a toothache during a cold, you should always follow the oral cavity. Do not be lazy to brush your teeth morning and evening, rinse your mouth after eating, and any pharmaceutical drugs.

teeth hurt when cold than rinsing

If sick with a cold constantly good hygiene of the oral cavity, probably with a toothache he will face.

To Carry the disease best, observing a bed, so in the end not to do it yourself is worse. It does not need to be ashamed to eat garlic and onions raw. As they are the perfect homemade antiseptics, which kill a large number of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Not long ago, scientists have concluded that in combating bacteria on the tooth enamel and cause tooth decay, good cranberry or freshly squeezed juice from it.

my teeth hurt with a cold medication

Perhaps not everyone knows that when my teeth hurt during a cold, any surgical intervention in the oral cavity are contraindicated. Because of a weakened condition of the body, even a small procedure can lead to complications.


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