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Seizures, epilepsy, various forms of neuralgia — the threat of problems which, unfortunately, is faced by many people, regardless of gender and age. Fortunately, modern pharmacological market offers a wide selection of medicines, capable to cope with these diseases. One of them is “Gabantin 300”. Instructions for use, medical opinions and recommendations, reviews of patients, the principal indications presented in this article.gabantin 300 instruction manual

Features of the composition and a description of the forms of release

This medicine comes in the form of hard capsules. The main active ingredient of the drug is gabapentin. Each capsule contains 300 mg of this substance, that, in fact, indicated on the package. With regard to the excipients, their list includes talc, microcrystalline cellulose and corn starch. In the composition of the capsule contains titanium dioxide and gelatin.

What are the properties of medicine and how affects the body?

pills gabantin 300 reviews of physicians

Many are interested in more information about the drug “Gabantin 300”. Instruction manual, reviews, testimonies and recommendations — this is the information that is interesting and useful for every person, faced with the need to take such pills. Nevertheless to start is to learn about how the drug affects the body.

Gabapentin is a cyclic analogue of GABA. Today it is quite a new tool with anticonvulsant activity, because the exact mechanism of its effects could not be established. It is known that this component binds to a specific protein centers of the Central nervous system, providing therapeutic effect. The drug not only relieves cramps, but also helps with neuropathic pain.


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Main indications for treatment

gabantin 300 usage instructions reviews

Of Course, first and foremost, people are asking the question, in what cases it is possible to take the pill “Gabantin 300”. Indications for its application — they are different forms of epilepsy. It should be noted that the drug can be a major component of therapy for partial seizures or is taken in combination with other drugs.

This is not the only situation in which modern medicine used tablets “Gabantin 300”. What else do they help? The preparation allows to cope with the pain in postherpetic neuralgia. There is also indications include neuropathy that occurs in patients with diabetes mellitus.

The Drug “Gabantin 300”: application manual

gabantin 300 reviews

In Any case, you cannot use the drug illegally — only a doctor after a thorough examination can determine the most effective dose to make proper schedule of. Immediately it should say that the capsules need to be taken orally with water, and the effect does not depend on food intake.

As a rule, first patients are prescribed 300 mg of active substance. Dose every day a little increase. It is believed that the maximum effective daily dose is 900-1800 mg which should be divided into three stages. If for some reason, the therapeutic results do not exist, the dose can be increased by another — the maximum number of active component is 3600 mg per day. Between doses of tablets should not exceed twelve hours.

If we are talking about patients with kidney disease, then reduce the daily dose of 300 mg 1-2 times a day. In the most severe cases, doctors recommend taking one capsule twice a day.

Features of the treatment children

tablets of testimony gabantin 300

Naturally, the scheme of therapy for children aged 8 to 12 years is slightly different. There are several schemes by which the doctor can calculate daily intake of medication. In any case, much depends on the body weight of the child. For example, the daily amount for children weighing 26-36 kg is 900 mg. body weight 37-50 kg the daily dose is 1200 mg, and when 51-72 kg — 1800 mg active ingredient. As with adult patients, the daily dose should be divided into three doses.

Are There any contraindications to receive?

In many cases, patients are interested in the question of whether all categories of patients can take the drug “Gabantin 300”. Instruction for use contains information about the presence of contraindications, the list of which include the following situations:

  • Hypersensitivity to any present in the drug substance;
  • Contraindications include children's age: the capsules are not indicated for children under the age of eight years;
  • Drug should not appoint women during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, because it can negatively affect the body condition of women and the development of the child. On the other hand, in some cases, the doctor may prescribe the patient such drugs, but only if there is an urgent need. Therapy must take place under constant supervision of medical staff.

Adverse reactions that canarise on the background of treatment

pills gabantin 300

Are There any side effects that can occur if you take pills “Gabantin 300”? The doctors say that complications of the therapy are recorded rarely. However they are possible:

  • Increased susceptibility to infections, private, respiratory and viral diseases, otitis, inflammation of the urinary system;
  • Thrombocytopenia, leukopenia;
  • Lymphadenopathy, eosinophilia;
  • Allergic reactions, which can manifest itself in different ways — redness and rash on the skin urticaria, swelling, itching;
  • Can be observed reactions of metabolism, in particular the sharp increase in body weight, increased appetite, fluctuations in the level of glucose in the blood, anorexia;
  • The part of the nervous system may manifest symptoms such as headaches, paresthesia, amnesia, convulsions, increased sleepiness, impaired coordination, ataxia, tremor, sleep problems, changes in the intensity of reflexes, movement disorders;
  • There may be some mental disorders, for example, depression, emotional lability, confusion, irritability, problems with thinking, hallucinations;
  • Sometimes a medicine may cause disorders in the digestive system, which are manifested by nausea and vomiting, problems with stool, abdominal pain, dyspeptic phenomena, gingivitis, increased levels of bilirubin; in the most severe cases develop hepatitis, pancreatitis;
  • The drug can affect the functioning of the excretory and reproductive system, leading to urinary incontinence, impotence, hypertrophy of the mammary glands, acute renal failure;
  • Among the other side effects include tinnitus, myalgia, muscle spasms, fever, fatigue, malaise, disturbances of walking, peripheral or generalized oedema, chest pain, increased likelihood of fractures and other injuries.


What happens if you take too large doses of the drug “Gabantin 300”? Instruction manual contains information about possible overdose. Single dose, equal to 49 g (or more) of the active substance, may lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, impaired speech, severe dizziness. Some patients experience severe drowsiness up to lethargy.

As a rule, symptomatic treatment allows you to quickly eliminate signs of overdose. However, the patient who took an overdose of medication as soon as possible to get to a hospital.

Interaction with other medications additional information

It is Worth noting that gabapentin not bound to plasma proteins, is not metabolized in the liver, but because he almost does not interact with other drugs. For example, it is often prescribed in combination with other antiepileptic drugs.

However, if you take the ‘Gabantin” along with antacids, the bioavailability is reduced by about 20 %. Therefore, if the treatment consists of both these funds, gabapentin capsules recommended to be taken no earlier than two hours after antacids.

It is Worth noting that this drug is not effective for absence epileptic seizures. It is not recommended for patients with galactose intolerance. Removal of the drug is gradually reduce the dose over the weeks. In the case of abrupt cancellation possible acceleration and increased intensity of seizures.

Tablets “Gabantin 300": models and prices

gabantin 300 analogues

For one reason or another medicine may not suit the patient. What to do in such cases? Is it possible to replace it with something the drug “Gabantin 300”? Analogues of it exist on pharmacological market, with quite a lot. For example, a good effect such as “Gabaix”, “Gabagamma” and “Medical”, “Neuralgin”, “Nupentin”, “Epigen” and “Tebantin”.

Another Important point is the cost of the drug. Pack of 30 capsules will cost about 220-260 rubles, depending on the pharmacy, whose services you use, the city and other factors. A package containing 60 capsules, costs about 440-480 rubles. By the way, many analogs of drugs will cost much more.

Testimonials from patients and professionals

What you say about medicinal drugs ‘Gabantin 300”? The reviews are mostly positive, both from doctors and from patients. The drug really helps to deal with seizures, reduces their number and intensity, and also quickly relieves the pain of neuralgia. The advantages include the low number of contraindications (can be therapy even in adolescence), as well as quite affordable cost. Pills easy to get as they are sold in many pharmacies. In modern medicine it is used quite often.

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