When to conceive children and how to prepare for this?


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Family Planning – a reasonable choice for a couple who wants to have children. To consider all important points to prepare yourself physically and mentally is very important. Paired with good health don't have to look for ways to conceive a child, all When is the best time to conceive kids?Should happen quite quickly and naturally, but some preparation should do anyway. What and when to begin?

Preparation three months before the intended date

The Best time for conception is considered to be autumn, the season of fruits and vegetables after the summer holidays. But to sit still and wait for September shouldn't. To begin to understand how to conceive a healthy child, you need to advance. To a planned pregnancy proceeded without surprises and challenges, the first is to be examined by doctors. It is not only important to visit a gynecologist who will determine how the body is ready to bear children, but the dentist as anesthesia and x-rays during pregnancy is impossible, and the pain in the teeth may occur. Do not interfere, and a visit to the audiologist to rule out chronic infection. In the presence of any disease should consult a physician or relevant specialist. Dads will be useful to visit a urologist and be tested. If the answer to the question “when is the best time to conceive children" is received, it is necessary to abandon bad habits. Women need to reduce the consumption of caffeine and salt. Men need to forget about the sauna or the beach, tight underwear. The diet of the future parents should be healthy and varied, it is useful to take vitamin complexes, there are many colored vegetables, sea fish, red meats, eliminate meats, spicy and fried. Especially salted and smoked harms fathers – such food decreases the activity How to conceive a healthy child?Spermatozoa.

Preparing for the month before conception

If the Sep when to conceive children, is near, or you are confident in your health and good nutrition so that decided not to adhere to the calendar, you can proceed to the final stage of preparation. Stop taking hormonal contraceptives, or remove the spiral, do not take antibiotics – this is important both for women and for men. Reduce alcohol intake to minimal doses, drink only qualitative drinks. To guarantee quick results it is possible to determine the exact date of ovulation. Make it pretty easy. The menstrual cycle lasts about 28 days. In the middle and there are those five or six days when to conceive children. The most favorable day is the day of ovulation, it can be calculated with the help of a gynecologist, constantly observing the body or by measuring basal Ways to conceiveTemperature.


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What to do if conception did not happen?

To Determine the exact period when to conceive children is not enough. Nature has its own considerations on this matter. So upset if it didn't work out the first time, definitely not worth it. Do not cease to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right, enjoy the day and not think about what something might be wrong. Too nervous atmosphere and the transformation of the process of fertilization in the strategic objective will not bring pleasure neither of the future parents. Relax and enjoy the moment. Only in this case the baby will not be slow to see the light.

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