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With winter approaching on the shelves gives a decoration – bright tasty juicy persimmon. It definitely sets itself apart from other berries and fruits. And not only the color of the sun. It is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, fructose and glucose, which makes it desirable on the table of any home.

The Gift of the East

what vitamins in persimmons

The Birthplace of persimmon consider China. From there it spread throughout East Asia, and then well-settled in Japan. The world about this fruit is found in the late 19th century, how useful persimmons, what vitamins it contains. In China it was called the food of the gods. It was believed that the first this fruit partook of the ancient deities. There persimmon acted as a symbol of joy. In Japan it symbolized victory. Europeans could not understand why the persimmons this increased respect, she seemed inedible, not yet opened an important secret – the fruits you need to eat when fully ripe. Only then can the sweetness and incredible taste are disclosed in full and allow you to get real pleasure from eating this amazing fruit.

Persimmon is a tree-like evergreen plant of the Ebony family. It grows in the tropics and subtropics, can easily cross the five hundred mark. Hundreds of species of plants (some sources claim that about 500 of them) have large fruits with bright fleshy pulp. Although a small proportion of species are grown solely for the sake of valuable breeds of wood, yet the main goal of everyone who cultivates this plant – juicy core of fruit. Knowing what vitamins in persimmons, they are easy to understand!


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Composition of persimmon

persimmon what vitamins containsThe fruit of the plant can reach a weight of about a pound, depending on the types of persimmon. Their most people know a few – Wren, Caucasian and Japanese persimmon (mixed with Apple). The composition of any of the fruit unique. It has a large number of dietary fiber, minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, iodine, copper, sodium. Many are not even aware how full of their favorite type of persimmon, which vitamins in persimmon Wren, for example. And a wide range of vitamins C, P, provitamin A. However, no matter what kind of a fruit, it is rich in antioxidants, tannins, organic acids, cellulose. It is a storehouse of glucose and fructose. No wonder the Japanese persimmon is called “fruit of the Sun” due to its richness nutrients.

Useful properties

The Composition of persimmon offers undeniable benefits from its use for human body. Vitamin a improves eyesight and skin, serves as an excellent protection against carcinogens. Vitamins P and C enhance immunity, reduce free radicals, reduce the permeability of blood vessels. Also they are perfectly strengthen the nervous system, help with insomnia, depression, stress transferred. Knowing what vitamins contained in the persimmon, it's easy to cure SARS because its flesh has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

what vitamins in persimmon Wren

The Calcium and magnesium contained in the persimmon, increase efficiency, stimulate the process of ridding the body of toxins. Potassium salts well support the cardiovascular system. Glucose nourishes the heart muscle.

Tannins of persimmon “fix” the bowels, if he's upset. High iodine content this fruit has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland. Pectins and speed up digestion.

In addition, persimmon improves the urinary system, acts as a barrier to the development of hypertension.

Here's a very small amount of fruit is a real champion on the content of nutrients.

How to remove the astringency

So, what are the vitamins in persimmons, we learned how useful it is, too. Now quite a bit of flaws, though to some they may seem a virtue. A distinctive feature of persimmon is the tartness. In different species it is expressed more or less. More when the fruit is not quite ripe. But there are some tricks that will help you to remove it. The most common way – freeze fruits in the freezer, and shortly before use to get it to unfreeze. Also, the tartness goes away, if persimmons to put in water heated to 40 degrees and keep it there for twelve hours. Another way – place the fruit in the package along with tomatoes and apples and tie tightly. Gas emitted by vegetables and fruit will help the persimmon in ripening.

Persimmon is contraindicated

what are vitamins contained in the persimmon

Knowing what a useful fruit and what vitamins in persimmons, some people still need to limit yourself to this treat. Persimmon has a high tannin content, so it is not recommended to use during the recovery period after operations on the abdominal organs. Also it is contraindicated in people who have as a result of such operations was formed adhesions in the intestine. It is known that persimmon is good establishes the intestines, so constipation, it is also recommended to use extreme caution, even if the fetus has reached the maximum maturation. People suffering from diabetes, due to the highsugar in the persimmon, it is better not to saturate your diet with this nutritious fruit.

How to grow persimmon homes

what vitamins in persimmon Sharon

Many home gardeners love a separate variety of this plant, and knowing, for example, what vitamins in persimmon, Sharon, want to grow it on his land. In the South of Russia to do it is not difficult – persimmon loves the warm climate. If you create favorable conditions, well-trimmed, a fruit tree can reach 15 meters. But those who live in a harsher climate, do not despair – persimmon can be grown at home. For this you need to place the bone in the pot about 2 cm deep, cover with film and send the battery to warm for 2 weeks. That appears, shoots the groom and ventilate in summer the grown-up Bush to make the balcony. With proper care, 5 years on your Desk may appear appetizing persimmons from their own home garden. And when would knock winter, in the frosty season, knowing what vitamins in persimmons and how it is valuable, you'll be happy to eat this wonderful fruit. And persimmons, in turn, will help to cope with depression, colds and beriberi!

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