The program "12 steps of alcoholics anonymous": features, characteristics, principles, efficiency


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Is There a recovery from alcoholism? Definitely Yes, but this path often seems too complicated. To beat addiction - it means to open a path to the true self, stop lying to yourself and to compensate for problems of alcoholic oblivion. Not an easy task, but quite feasible. On the other hand, the addict has two options: to sink lower and lower or to find the strength to break the vicious circle, you glance in the person's life and starting your journey again. Very well for these purposes the system works "the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous”.

the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous

History of alcoholics anonymous

This system did not appear today. Since ancient times man has sought to find in society those who suffer the same ailment. However, it is easier to endure all the hardships of treatment, and to recognize themselves as part of a mini-society is also much easier than alone and abandoned by all. If to speak about the ‘the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous”, then it works for 63 years and during that time was recognized as one of the most effective systems to combat dependency, and this trend is visible not only in Russia but throughout the world.

Basic programs

Not only specialists drug treatment centers, but the people themselves, before suffering from addiction, acknowledge that the most effective in the fight against addictions is a program called "the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous”. Count the number of people who have gone through these groups is difficult because the presence in them of anonymously. However, the main value is that man is not just undergoing withdrawal, physical dependence, and resides deep personal psychotherapy, during which the need to radically change his view of the world. It gives the possibility of finding a completely new quality of life. It is very important to understand and, most importantly, to accept.


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alcoholics anonymous 12 steps book

Theoretical platform

Like all the rest programs for treatment of dependence, "the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous" has a certain base. It is a coherent theory, which is based on a complex, biopsychosocial models of the disease. All these approaches are extremely important, and each of them carries its load. Not trezvij person, it is impossible to go further, then the struggle for a healthy lifestyle become psychologists. They can find those stress points, those pain points that are the trigger mechanisms leading to addiction. Gestalt therapy is an essential tool for such work. It is based on its principles, share their experiences and feelings alcoholics anonymous. The program "12 steps" carries the key values, love and kindness, and faith. It is these strongholds that helped people to survive in any life situations long before there was organized the first group of AA. Nothing new, they did not invent, but simply based on what helps people to stay and stay sober.

alcoholics anonymous 12 step program

Faith and religion: these are the same concepts?

Actually no, maybe that's why between people all over the world, of different views and faiths, there is no controversy. They all alcoholics anonymous. "12 steps" is a book that reveals all the subtleties of this approach. The understanding of spirituality is much broader than in a particular religion. That's why she easily perceived and Catholics and Muslims and atheists. Despite the fact that it is called spiritual oriented, it does not carry any specific religious content. If that happened, the program would not have received universal importance. That is, God in the "12 steps” is a kind of higher power, which in the understanding of every man is his own. It is a source of resources accessed by the patient. And he will be called Jesus, Buddha, your ancestors, or the collective consciousness, it does not matter, the main thing that people felt in it support.

Freedom of choice

This is the main difference between a program "alcoholics Anonymous, 12 steps”. Patient feedback suggests that they decided to join the ranks of the members of this organization precisely because they had nothing forced. They are free to come to the meetings or not to. The program truly universal, it leaves each end the right choice. Just insert the words "alcohol" and "drug" name your problem and get a solution.

the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous reviews

Active position of the patient

It is absolutely necessary. Only having passed deeply through each of its steps, it is possible to achieve a good result. Any problem can be solved by these classes, that's why a group of alcoholics anonymous "12 steps" is the best assistant for each of you. This is a clear and well-structured model that describes the programme of action, which include activity both within themselves and outside. That is, work is conducted simultaneously and within themselves and in society. This is a very good help to reorient the person to move away from fruitless philosophizing. You must not only think, but to start doing. Theory is very useful, but you will never learn to swim by reading a book on swimming technique breaststroke. You cannot help yourself, just by examining the contents of the "12 steps”.

group of alcoholics anonymous 12 steps

Quick algorithm, or That you will have to do

In fact, all intuitively is simple and clear, it is due to this it becomes a universal program “The 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous”. Reviews say that even people without secondary education can quickly navigate and start working on a no less successful than, for example, a psychologist with higher education. You can see how the current algorithm, which contributes to the correction of the person and change its quality.

The First and probably the most difficult-is to admit to the problem. This is a huge and most difficult step. Not for one day, but forever it is necessary to recognize the powerlessness before alcohol. This step causes resistance in many beginners, and only when time passes, they begin to understand its value.

Next is the search for yield. This is the second step, which is to come to believe that only a power greater can restore you to sanity.

The Third step is again the test decision. And realized it is simple and complex thesis: I entrust my life to God as I understand him. And at this stage are very helpful prayer. In the morning, a patient asks strength from God to stay sober, and in the evening thanks for giving day. This is both a recognition of a higher power, more great and powerful than yourself, and knowing that you care about her.

Then start the practical classes is introspection. The fourth step is to evaluate your life from a moral point of view. Group classes help the alcoholic who sees only the bad to find the good traits in his personality. So there is a restoration of the soul, as the man returned to his abandoned house and began to make repairs.

The Fifth step is a confession, that is, the recognition of the true nature of his errors before God and people. This purification. It is necessary to break with the past. Study their own flaws and the establishment of healthy social relations.

The Sixth step is the preparation of oneself for freedom from all faults. This is the way grow in life, the recognition that all the way alcoholism is a compensation for his low self-esteem. The patient group understands that you just need to love yourself and that it's nothing anyone should not. Each patient must acknowledge that he acted still as impulsive child.
alcoholics anonymous 12 steps

The Seventh step is humility. A patient asks a higher power to fix his flaws. You must learn how to humbly tell you about the worst and most unpleasant moments of your life to other people. It's another brick that lay not so simple.

Step eight - now the patient is ready to return to society, to his old connections that are important to him. The difficult task is to make a list of people you have wronged. At this stage, the group members had a strong desire to make amends.

The Ninth step is a continuation of the work on the return to the familiar society. Alcoholic personally reimburse all of those people, a list of which is made in the previous step.

On the tenth step, the band continued self-examination and immediately recognize their mistakes, if you allow them.

The Eleventh step - the desire through prayer and meditation to become closer to God.

Finally, the final step, which can last indefinitely – the transfer of experience and assistance to other alcoholics.

Working with drug addicts in Saint-Petersburg

This organization has been working for many years in a row, the first center was founded 14 years ago. Today it has branches in all the major cities of Russia. As the main method using the program "12 steps alcoholic anonymous...

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