How to treat eczema on hands at home? How to treat eczema on hands?


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Eczema – one of the most common skin diseases. About 40% of patients who consist on the account at the dermatologist suffer from this disease. The disease is divided into several types. The true origin of eczema can be set only doctor. Proper and timely treatment will help to deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

What is eczema?

Chronic inflammation of the upper layers of the skin called eczema. The disease can manifest itself in various forms. Out professional, seborrheic microbial, allergic eczema. All these diseases differ from other manifestations and complications. Any individual case requires an individual approach. Sometimes treatment of an illness can take place only in hospital settings.

Eczema on the hands, feet may be characterized by extensive lesions, weeping lesions, or even bleeding. The psychological discomfort of the patient also in most cases accompanies the disease. This is because the rash most often localized on the exposed parts of the body.

how to treat eczema on hands

The Disease is also characterized by cycles. After a little healing is usually, a period of exacerbation. Therefore before to treat eczema on hands at home, you should consult with a specialist. Incorrect therapy may cause irreparable harm.

What causes this disease?

Many experts now attribute the eczema to the group of idiopathic diseases. The exact cause is still unknown. This problem is studied with luminaries of medical science since ancient times. Scientists managed to identify a number of factors that in varying degrees affect the development of a certain kind of eczema.


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The Least studied to date is idiopathic eczema on the hands. How and what to treat the disease, it is quite difficult to solve. It all depends on the manifestation of certain symptoms. Some experts believe that the disease in this form occurs due to excessive emotional and psychological stress of the patient. Depression and anxiety in the first place can cause the development of eczema. The risk group also includes people who suffer from thyroid disease, digestive disorders and diabetes.

Atopic eczema

People with a high propensity for allergic reactions are at risk. The first manifestations of the disease can be noted after contact with the plant pollen, animal dander, or detergents (shampoo, gel for washing dishes, washing powder).

how to treat eczema on hands at home

Problems can arise in patients with hereditary predisposition to atopic diseases such as bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, asthmatic bronchitis, etc. to prevent the development of eczema, patients included in the risk group, should regularly visit a dermatologist and try not to contact with objects that cause allergies.

Microbial and seborrheic dermatitis

This type of eczema occurs as a consequence of prolonged exposure on the skin of harmful bacteria or fungal microorganisms. Most often, the patient may initially notice the hands or feet rash. Delayed treatment of skin lesions in the future will lead to the development of eczema.

Seborrhoeic eczema, symptoms, treatment similar to those used in microbial form, deserves special attention. The disease develops due to the presence of the skin fungus Malassezia furfur. Characterized by this form of the disease need long-term treatment. The fungus stains are difficult to remove from the body. Skin lesions only slightly heal, after which the eczema is back.

Other types of eczema

Rare, but still sometimes encountered disease, is eczema on the hands. Symptoms, treatment of the disease depends on the time a patient on a particular production. Skin lesions are caused by exposure to certain chemicals. It may be formaldehyde, Nickel, benzene, a variety of coating materials.

Occupational eczema can be quite dangerous. The problem is that initially it appears at the site of contact with chemical substance. If time does not begin treatment, the disease can spread to other areas of the skin.

treatment for eczema on hands symptoms and causes

Baby eczema – this is another version of this skin ailment. The disease can develop due to excessive consumption of the baby certain foods. The reaction appears most often in chocolate, honey and dairy products. Eczema in children may be localized on the forehead, chin and cheeks. The skin lesions in babies are rare.


There are a number of factors that can give impetus to the development of the disease in children and adults. In the first place is malnutrition. The lack in the diet of sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals can lead to lowered immunity. As a consequence, the risk of developing eczema increases several times.

Patients prone to allergic reactions on the skin, it is necessary to follow the work of the kidneys. Disruption of the normal functioning of the body can trigger the development of skin diseases. In this case, before you treat eczema on the hands, it is necessary to normalize the functioning of internal organs. Therapy should be complete and comprehensive.

The risk groups are patients affected by worms. Waste products of these organisms can cause intoxication, which provoke the development of skin diseases. To pay attention to their health needs and patients suffering from dysbiosis and intestinal disorders. These unpleasant symptoms may indicate the presence of parasites in the body. To identify them, a simple laboratory analysis.


The symptoms of the disease depend on its type. So, idiopathic eczema is characterized by symmetrical lesions that may be erythematous or bubble character. The patient may experience severe itching. To comb the defeat in any case impossible. These effects can provoke the spread of the disease to other parts of the body.

eczema on hands treatment causes folk remedies

Atopic eczema is characterized by red areas on the skin. With the development of the disease may appear vesicular rash, which open and cause oozing. The patient's skin becomes dry and starts to peel off. In the period of exacerbation of illness can disturb the strongest itch.

The Most severe symptoms of microbic eczema on hands. Treatment, ointments, drugs, popular tools will offer the doctor only after an accurate diagnosis and identify the cause of the disease. Initial symptoms may be similar to the atopic form of the disease. Incorrect or delayed treatment can lead to the appearance of pustular skin lesions, characterized by severe pain and fever. Itching this form of eczema in most cases.

How to treat eczema on your hands?

Principles of treatment of the disease depends on the forms of its manifestation and symptoms. In some cases, the conventional local treatment. But microbial eczema cannot be eliminated without the use of antibiotics. The medicines your doctor may prescribe only after a series of tests.

In allergic eczema, you must first find out what the patient there is a reaction. Treatment should be complex. It is necessary not only to limit the contact with the allergen, but also to ensure that the patient rest and proper nutrition. Crucial is correct selection of ointments to eliminate the consequences of the disease.

Treatment of eczema ointments

Special tools with corticosteroids are considered the most effective against this disease. Hormones with anti-inflammatory properties promote early recovery of the skin and prevent further progression of the disease.

eczema on hands treatment ointment drugs folk remedies

The Best ointment for severe eczema on hands, according to many dermatologists, is "Advantan". The medicine is available in different forms. Most convenient to use a fatty cream. It absorbs quickly and as such relieves the symptoms of eczema like redness and itching. Moist areas dry quickly and start to peel off. "Advantan" should be applied on the affected area of skin no more than once a day. Contraindications to the use of the drug are almost there. If necessary, therapy may continue for several months.

Only a doctor can prescribe the right treatment for eczema on hands. Symptoms and causes must be clarified first. An integrated approach will allow to quickly get rid of the problem and prevent the development of disease in the future. Treatment ointments can also be supplemented and folk remedies.

General medication

Eczema, occurring in severe form, may not always be resolved only with the help of the ointment. If local treatment does not give positive results, the doctor may prescribe additional drugs for internal use. Good impact okazyvat...

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