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Joint Pain is a common ailment that bothers today even young people. However, busy family and career, many people go to the doctor rarely, preferring self-treatment. One of the most common drugs used for pain relief - tablets “Aerial”. Reviews of patients who it worked for, usually serve as a tacit recommendation for those who want to get rid of the disease without visiting a doctor. This is extremely dangerous! Aceclofenac (this is the name of the active substance and the international name of the drug) has many contraindications. Independent of its use can cause harm to the body, to correct which would be impossible.

Airtel reviews

The Drug “Aerial”. Indications for use

The Medicine on the market in the form of cream and tablets. What cream “Aerial”? Specialists suggest that it helps with bruises, sprains, dislocations. He helps in more serious cases: relieves pain in myositis, tendosynovitis, arthritis. Tablets are often prescribed for different types of arthritis. They reduce inflammation in juvenile, rheumatoid, gouty, arthritis psoriaticescom, spondylo and osteoarthritis. The drug not only reduces inflammation but also reduces the heat has an analgesic effect.

Tablets “Aerial”. Manual

The Price of the drug is another reason for some patients to buy without prescription. aerial manual price60 tablets (0,1) are in the range of five hundred rubles. But that is no reason for self-treatment! Medicine intended for symptomatic treatment, can only recommend a specialist. If the doctor does not appoint a special course, tablets are taken according to the instructions: one pill morning and evening. It should be remembered that some of aceclofenac causes nausea or vomiting, so you should drink plenty of water.


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The Cream applied to the affected area three times a day. Small pea - here is a dose for one of the affected area. What happens if I overdose of medication “Aerial”? The doctors warn that even the cream can cause nausea and vomiting, increased convulsive readiness, allergic reactions. Overdosed on pills even more dangerous.

And Overdose side effects

aartal indications

How does the drug overdose “Aerial”? The doctors warn that if the dose is a little higher than normal, can occur:

  • Disorders of the Central nervous system: dizziness, convulsions, hyperventilation, and headache.
  • Disorders of the digestive system: vomiting, nausea, sharp abdominal pain.

If after taking the medication any such deviation, the patient should be given the charcoal and call a physician immediately.

Among the side effects may occur:

  • Stomach bleeding, ulcers.
  • Stomatitis, hepatitis, pancreatitis.
  • Drowsiness or insomnia, increased agitation or lethargy, tremor, panic attack, paraesthesia.
  • Tachycardia, congestion in the heart.
  • All types of allergies.

The Drug is almost never prescribed to the elderly, adolescents, nursing mothers. It is contraindicated for people suffering from gastric problems, kidney and other internal organs.

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