Yarrow: useful properties and contraindications of this wonderful herb


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The Beneficial properties of herbs have long been used by people for treatment and prevention of many diseases and also for cosmetic purposes. Despite the development of pharmaceutical and synthetic drugs, the plant material is still effective and in many cases much more preferable. One of the most common and frequently used herbs is yarrow.

tysyacelistnik useful properties and contraindications

Useful properties and contraindications of this herb has long been known to healers, it possesses very valuable qualities. In its composition there is a special tanning agent (also called tannins), which this plant has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect, and also tones and soothes the skin, removes irritation. Products containing in its composition yarrow, good for skin with blackheads and wide pores, treats oily seborrhea of the face, recommended for sweating and is also used to treat and strengthen the hair. Yarrow - the herb is very valuable, contains a substance fillohinon (this is the vitamin K) and thanks to them affects the strength of capillaries, various stops bleeding, disperses bruises, helps heal wounds and ulcers. A wonderful and beautiful plant, it has a quickening effect on the human body, gives strength and vigor.

yarrow grass

Yarrow, useful properties and contraindications which are widely known, and also contains carotene (i.e. vitamin a), the lack of which causes early graying, brittle and dry hair, peeling skin, brittle nails. If its too low, wrinkles, acne. In this plant are essential oils, flavonoids, vitamin C, amines, esters, acid. As a result, the grass has anti-inflammatory, powerful antibacterial effect and hemostatic effect. In addition, it strengthens the separation of bile.


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This medicinal herb used as a styptic, when you need to deal with local bleeding. This sores in the nose, mouth, small wounds, abrasions and scratches. Yarrow is used to treat uterine and pulmonary bleeding, fibroids, various inflammations, bleeding hemorrhoids. It is good and in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (it is colitis, gastritis, ulcers), inflammation in the urinary tract and to improve appetite, absorption of nutrients and liver protection.

Yarrow, useful properties and contraindications which made him one of the most commonly used plant is a universal remedy to protect the body, the anti-inflammatory properties and antiseptic action. It is used in the treatment of colds, fever, as well as to improve circulation and reduce pressure, thrombosis and varicose veins, eliminates water and toxins, treats cystitis, helps with the presence of stones and deposits, joint problems, stimulates the nervous system.

Yarrow, useful properties and contraindications which are well known, may be harmful. First of all, you need to remember that the treatment for a long time them is impossible, as it may cause rashes and even slightly inebriated. Therefore, taking this herb includes breaks up to two weeks. Yarrow is contraindicated in pregnant women because it can cause uterine contractions and miscarriage. It should not be used when the propensity to thrombosis, increased blood clotting and allergies to this herb.

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