What is the follicle, or the Difficulties of sex education


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What is the follicleWhy is this necessary?

The Difficulties associated with sex education of their own child, especially daughters, are familiar to every parent. The confusion experienced by both sides of the "straight talk", makes, sometimes, to postpone it to a later date. The main justification in this situation is the school, because there is so lessons of sex education, which explains: what is the follicle, and how is menstruation, and what products you need to use during "critical" days.

Yes, these lessons are taught in schools, but, as it happens in most cases, once children learn that will be a lesson not on the schedule - it successfully walks. And all the necessary knowledge relating to this issue, the child receives on the street, in the vulgar and rough form, from older "comrades". And parents then you have to wonder where the child was "picked up" as rude. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you should definitely take the situation into their own hands.

Difficulty understand

How to explain to the child what is the follicle and why would he need to know all these "indecent" details? Well, first, we should clarify one thing: her body is developing much faster, and the time of occurrence of the first menstruation (about 14-15 years) he is almost fully ready to conceive. This legislation does not specify such an age, but "mother Nature" and "lady Physiology" of everything, so the "vulgarity" and "indecency" need to be learned at this age.


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Second: much better, if the child is ready in advance it is not prepared and gets into a nasty situation of fright from the sight of blood and shame from the fact that this blood will see everyone else. Another thing - what words need to carry out a conversation. And whether the child to understand them?

the release of an egg from the follicleScience help

The easiest way to explain to the child what is the follicle - recourse to scientific terminology. Only explanation must be done in a simple and understandable language for all. It may sound something like this:

Follicle - a bubble in which the egg Matures (the parent cell from which a baby grows). He is in a special organ, the ovary, which is present only in women (aunt, mom, etc.) and is located inside the abdomen, in the lower part. And as soon as she grows up, is the release of an egg from the follicle, and then the woman is ready to have a baby (fertilization has occurred). If after a few days, this has not occurred, the cell is washed out with blood - menstruation occurs. And it all starts again.

This is just a rough plan of explaining the situation, but it will be enough to obtain the necessary knowledge. Alternatively, it is possible to provide the story with drawings or illustrations from a textbook. To make the story more detailed (to start with stamens and pistils, bugs, spiders, etc.), explain how to calculate menstrual cycle how to use the hygiene products. In General a lot of variants, the main thing - do not overdo it and not to deviate from the topic.

what is the follicleTo be precise...

If you look in the medical dictionary, what is the follicle, there will be a very different explanation: education in the form of a bubble in vertebrates. And it can appear in almost any organ. It is not necessary to know the child, but it is useful to know an adult. As well as the fact that the size of the follicle during ovulation should not exceed 1 see Any deviation in size (both upwards and downwards) can talk about problems with the endocrine system.

Essential guidance

From rudeness of a child to protect is impossible - it is in our world. In any case, sooner or later, the child learns the "yard" are synonyms and that such follicles, and menstruation, and everything else that is associated with the intimate (and not only) life. Even without such words the person can become defective member of our society, because in opposite case even the perfect doctor that any patient would stump him with questions. So do not blame the child for the use of such words, it is better to let him know where and in which situation they should use, and where - absolutely not. And in General, from early childhood to instill a love of classical Russian language, rich in expressions and without vulgarity. To set this "beautiful communication" is necessary in the first place, resorting not only to arguments but also to the personal example.

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