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This article will be affected by quite an important topic, and it concerns precisely the representatives of the stronger sex. As you could already understand from the title, the theme of this article is DOG free. Norm the tests, different ratios and percentages will be shown and explained to readers.

free dog NormaWill be named as the main reasons for the increase in standards in men. After all, the main one could be cancer. We all know how this disease is dangerous and where it might lead.

What is DOG

Quite a lot of men have heard about the concept of DOG. But what does it mean, almost nobody knows. The DOG is the so - called prostate specific antigen. In other words, it is a protein substance that is produced by special cells of the prostate gland men. It can be in small quantities in the blood in free form (it is seen) and in the associated. Below, you will learn what is the difference between these important parameters and how they affect men's health.

dog free malesThe Difference between free and bound PSA in the fact that in free no relationship with the squirrels. While there is in the linked compound with alpha 1 - antichymotrypsin. That's the only difference that exists between these important types.

DOG free males

As with any substance or antigen, PSA, free there is a norm. In every age, the norm is different. So, according to recent studies, the rate in men from forty to forty-nine years must be equal to 0-2,5 ng/ml PSA, free, males 60 years old, 0-4,5 ng/ml. And what people older? DOG free males over the age of 60 years is in the range 0-6,5 ng/ml. the Excess of these important numbers is dangerous. That is why you need to be screened and to get tested at least once a year. To pass this examination should immediately come to your doctor, who should prescribe the patient the desired direction.


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DOG General

In Addition to PSA, free, there common. It also has a specific rule. So, in men, whose age varies from twenty to twenty-five years, the rate is equal to 2.5 ng/ml in people who have reached fifty years of age, the normal total PSA is equal to 3.5 ng/ml. As in the case of free PSA, the rule should also not be even slightly higher than permissible levels.

tumor marker PSA total and free NormaSo, we described the ratio PSA free PSA total. Norm and specific figures were also named. Next, you will learn the process of putting themselves tests.

Preparation for delivery of tests on a DOG

You Must at least once a year to be tested for PSA free. The males named in the previous section. And how to prepare for this procedure? There are only a few simple but very important rules of preparation of this analysis:

  1. Blood seems to on an empty stomach. If the ingestion has occurred, it is necessary that at least six, and even seven hours after a meal.
  2. If the patient currently takes any medications, this should immediately warn your doctor for some time before testing. The fact that drugs can directly affect the results.
  3. If the produced procedures such as cystoscopy, urethral catheterisation, you must wait at least two weeks. If the patient receives a massage, it is necessary not later than a week before testing to give them up.

the norm of free PSA bloodThat's all the rules that are required to fulfill each patient before you take a PSA test. To ignore them is prohibited. Otherwise the results can be absolutely wrong. Normally, the content of a given substance or not, and what treatment is necessary, tell the doctor.

What is a PSA test free

The males are named. And what is the analysis? For completeness, undertakes the analysis of measurement as total PSA, and free. The norm of free PSA blood were mentioned above. The normal total PSA, as already mentioned, must be between four and ten ng/ml. in addition, the need to repeat myself again, looking at the test results, it deals with the doctor. The patient in these cases should we not intervene. Not uncommon, not understanding in the various numbers and letters patients unnecessarily create a panic.

What is the procedure? It is called "Immunochemiluminescent analysis". Due to long and hard to pronounce name is more commonly used acronym "CLIA". By itself, the analysis is a regular blood donation. Russia has enough clinics and laboratories, where success and consider taking this type of research. Doctors also sufficient. So do not put off this important event. You need to be sure that your health under control.

Symptoms that give rise to the purpose of the data analyses

In medicine There are several reasons for assigning tests to determine the level of PSA. They are guided by the doctor, examining his patient. So, what about such reasons?

  1. The First reason is the complaint of the patient often, with acute pain in urination.
  2. The Next reason - the necessary tests during and after treatment for cancer.
  3. Regular planned examination is also the reason for the appointment of this simple analysis. In addition, testing is recommended by doctor if there is a high risk of dangerous disease - cancer of the prostate.

PSA free NormaNext it's time to consider a topic such as the reasons for the increase in the number of DOG person.

What can be enhanced norm

You don't have to think that the person is not able to affect the DOG free, the norm of which can often be exceeded, depending on lifestyle. Most often, the violation of the DOG accompanies various diseases. The list is as follows:

  1. Adenoma of the prostate.
  2. Hypertrophy of the prostate.
  3. The worst reason for which exceeded the norm is cancer. The only thing to be happy about - thanks to the early definition of the rule of DOG cancer is detected even at the earliest stages. Which is another confirmation of the fact that it is necessary to pass all the tests PSA total and free, the rate of which must not be exceeded.
  4. Another cause of PSA increase is diseases, which are accompanied by various inflammatory processes.

This is the whole list of diseases for which the DOG is free, the norm of which, again, should always be specified in the framework, can be upgraded.

Next, you need to consider more carefully this time, as the relationship between the indicators of DOG cancer.

Increasing the level of PSA in cancer

Percentage of free PSA, rate of PSA have been described above. More about how doctors use the DOG can determine if a person has cancer? The question is quite simple. Normally, when a person has no cancer, the PSA percentage is ten percent. If the cancer is still there, this percentage is on the decline.

the ratio PSA free PSA total rateAnother way to determine cancer or not, is to check the so - called ratio PSA free to PSA total. This figure should be from ten to fifteen percent. In fact, this tumor marker. PSA total and free, the rate of which is specified above as a litmus test, indicates the state of the organism as a whole.

A false positive result

While getting all the test results, it is possible to hear such a formulation as a false positive result. What does it mean? In some cases, it may appear to that conclusion?

The Lack of cancer and also the diagnosis of prostatitis or adenomas, are the causes of a false positive result. Another reason for such a conclusion would be to conduct a detailed digital rectal research of a prostate less than 40-48 hours before the delivery of the blood.

What to do

A false positive result is not always good. Mainly because there is a situation when false positive result if the cancer is not found and PSA levels unstable. What to do in this case? If there is not a good situation, it is necessary to repeat the analysis after three months. Thanks to the re-examination there is a high probability of accurate diagnosis. Next, the physician should the procedure established in medicine - the treatment and monitoring of patients.

How to lower PSA levels

The PSA Level can be lowered independently. But do not think that in the case of enhanced rate of DOG you can handle it without a doctor. Still, you need to immediately go to a specialist for treatment. As a concomitant treatment, you can try to bring the indicators back to normal with the help of healthy food that should be consumed as often as possible.

dog free males over the age of 60Vegetables is the ideal product which helps to reduce...

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