Conjunctivitis in children


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Conjunctivitis in children, representing  an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes –  very rare disease. It can have bacterial, viral or allergic in nature and requires appropriate treatment. It is also found traumatic conjunctivitis, which occurs when damage to the mucosa of the eyes (bruises, scratches, contact with a foreign body).

Regardless of its cause, conjunctivitis in children has many common symptoms:

  • Burning sensation, itching, sensation “sand in the eyes”. Kids who can't describe their feelings, just try to RUB your eyes with your hands, whining, capricious, and older children complain of pain and discomfort;
  • Redness of the eyes and lacrimation;
  • Violation of General well-being (although sometimes the child feels absolutely normally).

Parents, it is important to remember this simple rule – if Chad appeared in at least one of these symptoms (except for violations of General well-being), you should immediately consult a pediatric ophthalmologist. Conjunctivitis in children in most cases be treated quite easily, but if you do not take timely action, it can move in the subacute and chronic form, get rid of them would be much more difficult. Untreated or improperly treated conjunctivitis may be complicated by keratitis, which, in turn, can lead to loss of vision.

Of Course, parents are very concerned about the question of how to treat conjunctivitis in children. It mainly depends on what caused the disease (virus, some microbe, allergies).  most Often to make a diagnosis and determine the type of conjunctivitis ophthalmologist enough visual inspection of the child and medical history, but in some cases, special studies are needed, for example, inoculation of ocular contents.

Bacterial conjunctivitis  can be caused by a number of bacteria, mostly staphylococci and streptococci. Newborns sometimes found gonococcal conjunctivitis, by which they become infected with gonorrhea from the mother during childbirth. In bacterial conjunctivitis can not do without anti-bacterial ointments and drops.


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Agents Such as adenoviral infection and herpes (and others),  can cause viral conjunctivitis in children. Treatment in this case is aimed at eliminating the causes and provides a comprehensive antiviral therapy. However, sometimes you have to resort to antibiotics (ointments, drops) in order to avoid complications and additional bacterial infection. One of the most dangerous viral conjunctivitis are diseases caused by herpes viruses.

In General, bacterial conjunctivitis is different from viral because if it from the very beginning of the eye separates purulent contents, which lashes child can stick together after sleep. Also in case of bacterial conjunctivitis the inflammation is most often  affects both eyes, while viral disease usually affects only one eye, and on the other the infection passes after a while (in the absence of competent treatment).

Allergic conjunctivitis occurs in children when exposed to certain allergic factors: pollens, hair, dust. This type of conjunctivitis is often accompanied by severe itching, the child shed tears and red eyes. For treatment it is necessary to find the cause of the allergic reaction and eliminate it. This is hardest in the case of allergic conjunctivitis in children develops as a reaction to pollen, because to remove the provoking factor is impossible. In this case, when the walks recommended for the child to wear sunglasses, upon returning home, thoroughly wash with water the face and hands. Walk with the child early in the morning and late in the evening, the Windows in the house need to tighten fine mesh, which will prevent the penetration of allergens into the room. In addition, the child is assigned Allergy medications and special antiallergic eye drops, which should start to apply a few weeks before the expected flowering period.

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