The xiphoid process increased.


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xiphoid process

What is the xiphoid process, where the part of the skeleton, and what pathological phenomena associated with it? The answers to all the questions you will find in the materials of this article.

General information

The Human body – very fragile and complicated system. Absolutely all elements are linked and are in close interaction. After experiencing discomfort in any part of the body, people often start to get lost and can't understand what they are called. So, let's get together, what if sticks and sore xiphoid process.

What is?

Xiphoid process – the distal part of the sternum. Initially, it is cartilaginous, and after some time ossified. As you know, this happens to 20 years. It should be particularly noted that the xiphoid process of the sternum meets the ribs. The sizes and shapes of such parts of the skeleton in different people can vary considerably. By the way, the process is completely fused with the sternum, upon reaching the age of 30.

sore xiphoid process of the sternum

Why it hurts?

Not everyone knows for what reasons can hurt the xiphoid process. But experts say that such a pathological condition is often a symptom of a variety of diseases affecting the internal organs that are in the vicinity of the sternum. They may be:

  • Stomach;
  • Heart;
  • Gall bladder.


If the xiphoid process of the sternum hurt from diseases of any internal organs, unpleasant sensations appear not only during filling but also due to physical (even minor) load on the body, and after a meal.


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xiphoid process sticks

Other causes

If the xiphoid process is constantly sick, then it may well be the syndrome costal cartilage moving. Typically, such a pathological condition caused by severe injuries. Thus the person experiences pain in the sternum, which gradually subsides and manifests itself only during the pressing. It should be noted that such unpleasant feelings are stupid in nature.

Often, getting rid of severe pain, the patient believes that the illness has passed by itself, and he no longer needs skilled care. However, the syndrome of the sliding rib cartilage can quite easily lead to inflammatory reactions in the xiphoid process.

Diseases of the digestive tract

There Are cases when discomfort in the area of the xiphoid process is the result of abnormalities of the digestive tract. For example, in this way can be a stomach ulcer. In this regard, it is recommended to pay attention not only on pain but also on accompanying symptoms such as vomiting or nausea, heartburn, lack of appetite, etc.

the xiphoid process increased

Why is the xiphoid process sticks out?

As is known, this lower segment of the sternum has one or more holes which are closed inside a dense fibrous plate. If she is absent due to acquired or congenital causes, through the cavity begins to take place predposylka tissue or the peritoneum. That is why some people may observe that their xiphoid process sticks out.

Hernia process of the sternum

As mentioned above, such a pathological condition as a hernia of the Appendix of the sternum, often. This deviation may be hereditary in nature and emerge after a severe injury. In any case such patients should always seek the assistance of an experienced specialist.

Symptoms of a hernia

Among the main symptoms of the deviation secrete pain. But besides him, there are the following characteristics:

  • Thicken and become stiff gryzenia gate;
  • Increases bone and appears grigioperla the protrusion;
  • Palpation felt the contents of the hernial SAC;
  • The reduction of the hernia may be felt tight the edges of her gate.

All of these symptoms should be sure to give the patient the idea of the presence of hernia of the Appendix of the sternum. However, this diagnosis should only be made by a physician after a personal examination.

By the Way, if the xiphoid process increased, it is for clarification of the disease is and x-ray examination.


the xiphoid process where the

Before you get rid of the discomfort in the area of the xiphoid process, you must investigate the cause of the pain or bulging of this part of the sternum. This requires to see a doctor and undergo a medical examination.

Thus, if pain was any disease of the internal organs, should take his medication. To achieve this, patients can be assigned to complex drug therapy, and sparing diet.

If the protrusion and pain in the area of the xiphoid process was the result of a hernia, it is likely that the doctor will recommend surgery. But before surgery it is important to make a differential diagnosis, which will allow to distinguish represented a deviation from diseases with similar symptoms. After all, there are also cases when the hernia process of the sternum disguised as peptic ulcer disease, heart disease, angina and even gastritis.

xiphoid process of the sternum in a child

How is the operation?

Surgery of hernia process of the sternum is very simple. A specialist in classical technique for inguinal hernia treatment handles bag, uchiwa the entire area of her gate. Trapped inside the hole bodies amenable to resection.

Thus, during the surgical intervention is performed the incision of 6-9 inches. The doctor is very important to detach the ribcage from the xiphoid process. For this procedure sometimes use special cutters. By such action the specialist can immediately see the full picture of the deflection and to determine the nature of the hernia. If patient has gryzenia gate, then they can handle, and then sew all the layers of tissue in the area of the sternum.


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