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For which diseases is the most effectively manifests itself absatarova ointment? Instructions for use and indications of this drug will be presented in this article. You will also learn about is there anything like these tools, what are the reviews of it leave patients which properties inherent in it.absatarova ointment manual

Description, packaging, and ointment composition

Absatarova ointment, the instruction which is enclosed in a cardboard box, is a natural product, active substances which are: allylisothiocyanate, bee venom and methyl salicylate.

Also part of the drug include the following additional elements: white petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, emulsified alcohol, water and cetostearyl alcohol.

In what package is available absatarova ointment? Manual, reviews patients report that the drug is easy to use, effective, made in the form of a homogeneous dense mass of yellow or white color with a distinct odor of methyl salicylate. It is sold in aluminium tubes, which are placed on colored cardboard boxes.

Pharmacological properties

What is notable absatarova ointment? Manual (photo medication presented in this article) reports that it is a natural combined product. Its ingredients have a muscle relaxant, vasodilator and local irritating action. They have a pronounced analgesic effect and stimulate nerve endings.

After applying the ointment the lumen of the vessels is greatly expanded, resulting in better blood flow to organs and tissues. This medication causes the breakdown of metabolic products, which are a major cause of discomfort.


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“We” oxygenates the damaged tissue, promoting a fast recovery.absatarova ointment manual counterparts

The Combination of all of the components in this medicine causes hyperemia and redness of the skin, which subsequently has analgesic and warming action.

Absatarova ointment, instruction which will be described below, improves the elasticity of muscles and reduces the tone of the connective. After application to the skin, the drug begins to act after about 5-6 minutes.

Indications for use ointment

Do you Know what is used absatarova ointment? Manual (description of the drug discussed above) States that the tool is well helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Especially it is often recommended for people with osteoarthritis and rheumatic pathologies of soft tissues.

Not to mention the fact that the ointment effectively manifests itself with:

  • Polyarthritis, arthralgia, neuralgia;
  • Lumbago, periarthritis, sciatica;
  • Chronic neuritis, myalgia, peripheral circulatory disorders;
  • Arthritis, tendon damage, muscle tissue, ligament;
  • Sports sprains, bruises and injuries.

By the Way, often this medication is used to warm up muscles before physical activities (such as sports).absatarova ointment user reviews

Contraindications to use ointment

For which diseases is not assigned absatarova ointment? Instruction (treatment this tool should only be performed after consultation with a doctor) said that some bans. These include:

  • Sepsis, pregnancy, oppression kostnomozgovy blood;
  • Arthritis in the acute phase of renal failure;
  • Tuberculosis, mental illness, cachexia;
  • Malignant tumors, diseases of the skin;
  • Infectious diseases, diabetes;
  • The age of 12.

Absatarova ointment: instructions

The Analogues of this drug, its cost will be presented at the end of the article.

How to use this ointment for the treatment of certain diseases? Due to the fact that this drug has a long list of contraindications, it should be used only as directed by your healthcare doctor.

Absatarova ointment is intended for topical application. For therapeutic purposes, the drug bar length of 5 inches squeezed from the tube directly over the affected area. It is uniformly applied to a skin with a thickness of 1 millimeter, and then leave for 5-7 minutes. In the process of such exposure of the skin to noticeably blush, and the patient – to feel pleasant heat.

To improve the therapeutic efficacy of the drug, it is intensively rubbed into the skin, and then closed with cotton or any breathable cloth.absatarova ointment manual photo

Apizatron to Apply the ointment to the skin, it is recommended three times a day to eliminate all signs of the disease.

Duration of therapy is 8-10 days.

Side effects

This medication rarely causes side effects. Sometimes on a background of application of ointment in patients allergic manifestations at the site of application of the drug (skin rash, itching, hives).

If you experience such reactions drug overturned.

Symptoms of overdose

When applied to a large number of ointments in patients may increase adverse reactions. The same applies to the use of the drug for a longtime.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

During pregnancy apizatron ointment must not be used. If this medication was assigned during breastfeeding, lactation should be discontinued.

Compatibility ointment with other medications

In the instructions there is no information on drug interactions of the drug with other drugs. However, experts recommend that adhere to the interval of 2 hours between applying apizatron ointment and other drugs for external use.

Also, before applying this medication be sure to inform your doctor about using other drugs.absatarova ointment manual treatment

Guidelines for using medication

Apizatron ointment should not be applied to broken or irritated skin. Also it is not recommended to use when having skin diseases.

Avoid contact with eyes after application you should wash your hands.

Considered medicine should not be used for a long time, especially for people with kidney failure. Also it must not be applied to large areas of the body.

When you contact ointment eyes, open wounds and mucous membranes, the patient may develop severe irritation. In this case, the affected organs is required, wash immediately with warm water.

Analogues of external funds and cost

Absatarova ointment is sold in all pharmacies at an affordable price. Its average cost ranges 150-190 rubles (depends on the volume of the tube).

If this drug is contraindicated for you, the doctors are obliged to replace it with a safer remedy. As it can serve as one of the following medicines: “Apirion”, “Agapion” or “Virapen”.

Patient Testimonials about ointment

Absatarova ointment-is available and cheap drug, which leave only positive feedback. Most people who use this medication report that he showed himself to be very efficient.absatarova ointment manual description

Patients argue that the use of this ointment helps to eliminate all pain associated with diseases and inflammatory processes that occur in the musculoskeletal system.

The Combination of these components, as allylisothiocyanate, bee venom and methyl salicylate, which gives the ointment a good warming properties.

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