Exercising with a hernia of the spine


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Exercises with a herniated spine is necessary for many reasons. They contribute to the normalization of various groups of muscles, strengthens the spinal cord of the corset, stretching the spastic areas, stretching of the spine. After exercise stretching increases the distance between the vertebrae and, consequently, infringed the nerves are freed and the pain becomes much less.

Such exercises should be performed daily not less than twenty minutes. Traction is performed while lying on your stomach or back, thus locking the shoulder belt straps. You can also lie down on his stomach on a small stool, directing a part of the weight on the elbows and knees, and the rest should be on a support located under the belly. Muscles with this exercise should be relaxed.

Lying on your side you can also exercise with a herniated spine. If pain is present in one side, then we must go to healthy. Well, if both sides felt discomfort, then alternately use both. Walking on all fours is very useful for stretching the spine. Hand while cranking it should not, the back should be straight. Also exercise with a herniated spine, it is advisable to do on the floor. You need to lie on your back on the floor and the toes to pull the chin in this reach due to the chest.

Useful in this disease and swimming. However, the load should be minimal. A set of exercises with a herniated spine will help to strengthen the muscle corset.

1.Lying on back hand should be positioned along the body. The legs should be bent at the knees. It is necessary to raise the pelvis, lock it in that position for a few seconds. The emphasis should fall on the feet, shoulders and shoulders. The maximum number of repetitions of this exercise – five times.


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2. Be on all fours and the emphasis is on his knees and palms. Raise opposite leg and arm, and fix this position for a few seconds. This exercise is done seven times.

3.Lie on stomach, hands to place in parallel under the chin. Then to make lifting the head, chest and arms, but not off the floor the pelvis and legs. This provision to try to keep seven seconds. Then raise the straight leg. Each of the elements of the exercise should be repeated four times.

4.Lying on his stomach, hands pull along the trunk. When you inhale the hands to direct to feet, raise your head and shoulders. Then return to the original position and exhale.

Exercises for the spine, hernia will yield tangible results only if they run it daily several times. If taken as a whole spent on gym time, it should be at least an hour. These therapeutic exercises should be done very carefully, in slow motion. If they cause acute pain, they need to stop. But a little discomfort will still be as stagnant muscles now have to work.

The Recommended exercise with a herniated spine activate the muscles, promote deeper breathing, improve immunity, improve the General condition of the patient.

However, in addition to specific therapeutic exercises you need to follow some General guidelines to improve your condition. First of all, you should not carry heavy bags in one hand, and even at great distances. The load must be distributed symmetrically. When lifting the back try not to bend, it needs to be straight. The load will want to keep closer to him. This will significantly reduce the load on the spine. The shoulders should be spread, as any curvature will affect his condition. It should be noted that lack of moisture will significantly reduce the chances of recovery, so you need to drink as much as possible.

Poor nutrition leads to the fact that the vertebrae will gradually become loose, the intervertebral discs are destroyed. Therefore, the presence in the body of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium is a must. For this we need carefully to reconsider your diet and make a list of desired products, such as fat cottage cheese, walnuts, cabbage, peas, carrots, celery, beets.

If you put effort and patience in dealing with this disease, cope with it very possible.

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